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  1. Maybe her voice was already starting getting damaged because of her singing technique
  2. The colors and lighting are exactly how I imagined the video for invitation to be like. Bright and dreamy
  3. How can you plan a music video and then afterwards decide it doesn't make sense?
  4. See the strong lights we ain't stoppin' Keep on dancing till this show ends
  5. Wasn't she on Ellen with K-fed in 2005?
  6. I do agree with the world being much better off without religon It has ruined so much
  7. Well I do agree with the world being much better off without religion, it ruins so much
  8. Well yes their beliefs is rooted in the Quran but I think it's important to not put extreme muslims in the same category as the ones who aren't
  9. ALL terrorists are definitely not Muslim
  10. These people are sick I honestly get so scared for the entire world