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  1. 2.5: What could have been 3.0 if Make Me was released during the BBMA's and the original video came out and she actually promoted Slumber Party Again...I'm super convinced that she saw the slayage of the original video and her BBMA performance and said "K I have to kill this hype now or else I'll become huge again and I don't feel like dealing with that right now"
  2. 1.0 - Original Prime 2.0 - Circus Era 3.0 - We'll have to wait and see.
  3. THIS...I mean we know it's gonna happen... all the "FEMME FATALE SLAYED" thread are proof of it hahah.
  4. After seeing the fucking red boobies again...I'm convinced that Britney saw this video and said "f**k...If I release this I'll be fucking huge again...and I'm just not ready for that." So we got the Disney Channel Original Movie: Make Me... (Oops!)
  5. He was probably in the original MM video OR she met him in rehearsals.
  6. I mean I started listening to Tinasha because of Britney so there's a few of us.