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  1. Will she move to London or NYC in 2023?

    This is a lie. London is known for bad weather, and I hate it so much. It was snowing few weeks ago.
  2. SHe pulled through. Hot 100 #1 next week, and very possible Billboard 200 #1 as well
  3. Will she move to London or NYC in 2023?

    London is more possible than NYC. Many celebs like London better because the people there don't care as much about celebs
  4. The user has been restricted, so I think they can't remove their stuff or tweet anymore
  5. same person claimed many times Nicki Minaj was dropping an album on 19th Jan. Now we all know it's just whispers in their dreams
  6. That Twitter account user literally disappeared and ran away like a bitch
  7. Maybe OP is this Temptation person bringing up an obviously fake rumor