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  1. Funny POM documentary names?

    POM: Pots of Mangos, a Vegas Experience
  2. Random POM show next Tuesday?

    They will film a POM special for Netflix or HBO. Larry told me everything in a pool party, that's what the secret project is about They gonna put not the entire show, but the best performances in it. Britney will cry cause she's leaving Vegas while telling her memories about things that happen on backstage and such. All the things about Vegasney will be there: Vegas key, Britney Day, the charity events, Zapos and the kids in the Zoo, the new facility of the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, the mayor of Las Vegas will tell how she saved the city, and the owners of Planet Hollywood will cry their eyes out cause she's leaving and also because they will go broke with just Jlo's show Love Me Down is gonna be released as single to promote this special, lovely choreo by Brian & Wade and the video is gonna be directed by Ray Kay & Chris Marrs Pilliero because they are lovers and love to make love listening to Love Me Down But in a serious note, didnt those replacement shows happened already? I think they did, but I'm not sure You got me on this one
  3. Vegas became Britney's, thats why But serious, she was the only that brought something new to vegas, her show doesnt have that Vegas formula like JLo's and Mariah's for example. Its a pop show on its core and vegas wont have that with any other artist but Madonna. But since M hates Vegas, that will never happen. The last boxscore showed us Britney had more than 90% of attendance after 4 years, 4 F*CKING YEARS of the same show. If she wanted to, she could still be there for more 2 years and she would do good But thank God this sh*t is over. She need to do new and exciting things ASAP, the Army is dying fast
  4. Taylor Swift working on a Slave 4 U remake

    Why did I watch it?! Godamm I'm gonna have nightmares for weeks
  5. Paris being shady bout Lindsay The day those pictures ware taken Paris and Britney didn't leave until Lindsay get in the car, so how she wasnt invited? I would drag Paris for that but Lindsay throwed shade to her and Britney a lot after that day so why bother... scalp that bitch Paris I'll help ya