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  1. its funny how everytime kevin is the subject in this forum a specific profile shows up and start to downvote people. K-s--t is it you? Is it your wife? Or anyone else related to you? This doesnt make people here upset, its just funny as hell
  2. I can't believe how powerful Britney is.

    OMG I really want this do they ship to Brazil?
  3. What I want for this year: Kenzo campaing (late march ) Glaad Awards + Speech (mid april) new summer single (may) performance of the new song at EUROVISION since she's gonna tour EU (may) a music video premiere at Billboards (late may) POM tour with some new stuff (june) lots of talk show interviews the premiere of a new fragance with a new commercial (august) a SP Halftime Show confirmation (octuber) a collab with some DJ ( late octuber) a performance with the DJ at EMA (noember) win/buy lots of People's Choice Awards and making a performance (november) news about the new Vegas residency (november) news about the new album (december) magazine photoshoots througout the year B10 only at the week of Super Bowl with the first single in january with lots of promotion and explosive video VMA out
  4. Child support is a delicate thing, specially when involves that much money. The law is the law, but still how will he justify that that amount of money is not enough to fulfill the kids needs? Everything needs to be pretty damm analized before you make a move about it, and in his case, make it *public* like he did which is even worse. Britney is probably the one who pays their school, the one who pays for the majority of clothes they wear, the one who buy toys in general, pay for medicines and doctors and so on. So why does he need more money? Cant he feed two kids when they're with him? Cant he buy enough gas to take them to school? The first thing you need to do when you ask for more money is to point everything and bring receipts to the table to prove that thats not enough *specially* when you receive an already big amount of money. If he has 127472948281 other kids to feed thats not Britney's responsabiltiy, the money she gives to him is for their kids alone. If he's spending that money on things that are not specifically for them he shouldnt be asking for more in the first place A simple hack os his bank accounts can do wonders to see where that money goes, Papa Spears just needs to pay the right person.
  5. Her team made a deal with Candies and the Circus Tour got sponsored by them, but since Kenzo does not appear as a sponsor for POM Tour I wonder if the deal was for them to make the costumes or even help with a music video Pepsi appears as a sponsor cause Britney is on that pepsi commercial, even tho its old footage that must be a image rights kinda of thing, Kenzo must be the same, her image in trade for a whole wardrobe for the tour (britney + dancers). Please God let it be it
  6. Slay La La on the way to be VeVo Cert.

    Lol at yall talking bout certification when such a thing its not a thing anymore But OK, now its Everytime, Slave and Slay LaLa to reach +100kk views we can do it I have a strong feeling Britney's next lead single will provide her a solid +500kk video, but thats just a feelling