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  1. She does a high note on her oreo advertisements. Heard her fans count that as part of the Lotus Tour
  2. Yeah, everyone would love to hear something live from her. I love her voice, I love when it cracks sometimes too because it adds some realness This side of Britney is pure gold
  3. Lame excuse, it doesn't matter how she started. Britney Spears is well known for her dance moves, videos, POP songs and shows. That's how she and her team made her brand, and is a good thing that made she lasts till today. If people here don't see that then they need to review their stan pass and drink some reality tea.
  4. Sis, there's no hate.. I simply love Madonna and Michael and I know everything Madonna does on stage.. I follow Madonna for years. The main subject is, why judge Britney for something she does for such a long time that now it feels quite natural for her? Tell me you wouldn't want to go to a Britney show because of the lipsynch? M sings the balads, this I experienced myself. But what's the diference when you have 3min of vocals and then everything goes to playback again? It doesn't make any diference for me and I couldn't care less about it. They are performers, and what they provide is the experience of their shows, they are not vocalists. If it was a Milli Vanilli case than we should go crazy about it.
  5. Expect Britney to sing live? Nobody expects her to sing live, if someone wants to hear a vocalist they should try Adele or Christina. These people are performes and so is Britney. She may not be dancing like she used to, but still she has to be on stage for like 2 hours walking, running, going up and down and doing her zumba moves. These people get tired, they go out of breath, the swet too.. so before talking about what Britney serves or not, try to go there and do the exactly same thing and don't miss a note on your singing... it's impossible. I get you though, I would die to here some live vocals, but at this point it's something that nobody gives a damm. I bet that her asian fans didn't complain one bit... they were satisfied with what they got.
  6. General public treats Britney's playback as taboo but meanwhile: The fans don't care if she uses, but my only advice for Britney is: record the vocals again to not sound like a teenager, use them on the shows and you're good.
  7. If she gets a nomination y'all can bet it's her team preparing to change her image for the next era, and if she wins something people will be like "which video is this?!" Slumber may not be as popular as other videos released this year, but it totally deserves a nomination. Photography, choreography and the feat are on point though plus, this scene is priceless and no other video has something like it Expecting those 15 millions views for Slumber the next day like ps: nobody deserves to see Kunty Peruanita wins with Bad Appetit. Although I think Ed is gonna win video of the year with Shape Of You. It's better if they nominate Slumber for best collab and best pop video