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  1. Can someone destroy me please? I want you to spit in my asshole and make me ooh
  2. I want you to f**k me like a bitch
  3. She's a god and everything in your life happens for a reason. I went through something very similar last year. It changed me as a person so much I barely recognize who I was now but the change was for the better and I'm so much happier of a person than I used to be <3 Britney went through something like that and she's a god to me because I can relate to everything. I wish I could talk to her and tell her how much she's inspired me through the years and that she basically saved my life because of her existence <3 Anyway, to answer your question. She is over it and probably feels grateful for it because although it might have been rough at the time, it made her the wonderful and inspiring human being she is today.
  4. Does it hurt? Is it euphoric? ??????????????????????? ?