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  1. 5 hours ago, The Greatest Show said:

    no. no worrying on my part will change anything. She has stopped messing with it and hasnt done anything in a while.

    This site is so predictable tbh. during FF almost everyone here was whining and saying she needed to get surgery, she got surgery and then started getting dragged, now she stopped again and people are complaining that she looks old af. Sure she fucked up her mouth but the woman is turning 40 in a couple of years she will never look like primeney again. Even in all of the edits you guys make or what she would look like if she never had surgery you remove all her wrinkles and set unrealistic standards,  Im just happy that she is happy and that she is fit and healthy.

    I'm actually happy to see wrinkles on her face, proof that she hasn't done botox in a while. But she could take proper care of her skin tho.

  2. 53 minutes ago, The Greatest Show said:

    In normal income families this happens all the time. So many men have low paying jobs and have to pay for their kids and when they earn more they have to pay more. How is this any different?? how is it a shameless money grab when legally he could have dont this years ago?? Dont get me wrong I hate Kfed but this is not a lot of money for Britney and legally he is in the right.

    You said it very well, men that have LOW PAYING JOBS. Kevin doesn't have a job and won't have one for the rest of his life, that's the difference. :unbothered:  He has been able to provide the kids a good life for the past 11 years but now that Britney has made more money he needs it too hm interesting :selena: 

  3. 3 hours ago, IF-U-C-K-ME said:

    The teeth :(  the gap is visible in a medium-far shot now? Sweet baby pickles, looks aren’t everything I know...but what’s really going on?!! 

    Omg I just figured it out she is turning into Madonna :pleaseshhh:

  4. 6 minutes ago, hey over there said:

    Yes she is pretty but is it really that hard to wear your hair nice and do your makeup properly.

    it looks like after her workout she took out the ponytail put on a dress and thought I look so nice let me put this on Instagram.

    No Britney please :pleaseshhh::yasqueen:

    she's at home wtf let the girl live :rlynow:

  5. 1 hour ago, The Greatest Show said:

    lmao all the people here pretending they wouldnt do exactly the same thing he is doing. If you were uneducated, untalented and had 50 kids and your ex wife is a millionaire and you know that you have the right to request more money because she is earning more ... are you seriously telling me you wouldnt?? No sure you would do the noble thing and go work at a effin McDonalds to provide for your kids.... sure. Im actually suprised it took him so long to do this. I was expecting this in 2011.

    yes, I wouldn't. 20k for each kid (I think) a month is an absurd amount of money that should be more than enough, I bet he doesn't even spend one forth of that money on them. It's not like he's buying them a gaming console and a smartphone every week, and even if he did it he'd still have like 30k left each month :cackling: He's using his own kids for his benefit, just saving up as much money as possible while he can to not move a single finger the rest of his life, I bet when Sean and Jayden grow up and realize all this they will be so proud of their father for it :cackling: and he's supposed to be the ''better parent'' :cackling: what an asshole

  6. 20 minutes ago, Lilith said:

    oh yes exactly what I talked about, nudity. it was about nudity/adult content which gets flagged by Google. I was looking to find in the archives some pic with his post thank you for posting it :cackling: We can post pics of hot guys/girls just not in a sexual setting (making out gifs, or gifs/pics from porn sites even if they are "cencored" to not show genitals they are still considered adult content). Thats what jordan is talking about here, not restricting hot ppl pics. he doesn't want hot ppl displayed in a sexual setting. Simple.   :cackling:

    I mean it's funny because exhale had pornography everywhere back then before the statemenet, members even wanted a subforum called ''sextion'' :cackling:. I agree with the points you have made about not turning POM into a gay erotica :rlynow:which is what Make Me original video was lol

  7. 41 minutes ago, billyjb26 said:

    I was here in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Most of the problems with her appearance were due to poor hair, makeup, and style choices.

    No one said her nose was too big and needed to be shaved down and reshaped. No one said she had too many wrinkles and needed botox. No one said her lips were too thin and needed more fillers.

    There's a difference between minor cosmetic procedures used to preserve an appearance of youth (such as maybe a facial chemical peel), and permanently, drastically altering the facial features that the world had fallen in love with. She has literally surgically changed every single feature on her face, except for maybe her ears. She at times does not even resemble her former self at all:



    You're comparing a picture of her aged 17 with her at 34 tho. It's the insecurities that make a person get those procedures, she wasn't comfortable or happy with the way she looked and if she's happier now with a thinner nose and new lips, good for her. We are no one to judge, it's her personal choice and as I said if she feels more confident now we should be happy for her. She won't look 17 forever. 

  8. 4 hours ago, Goku said:

    i miss her old face :yasqueen:

    now she has those weird surprised eyes all the time, and the lips ugh why??? :yasqueen:




    She looks gorgeous on these, stfu. It's almost as if y'all forget 2013 happened where EVERYONE said she looked 60, that she needed surgery, that her eyes were dead, let's not even get into the FF M&G threads about how her smile looked too forced. She looks young, fresh and hot as f**k now and she has confidence which is what matters. Y'all are a bunch of hyprocrites.

  9. 15 minutes ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

    No shade, but her nose is so not doing it for me. I wonder if she’ll ever publicly talk ab it and the work she had done?  In 2006 around, I think she said in a magazine but she would never ever do it. That she couldn’t do that to her body, or something like that.