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  1. It's not that it ruined the era, but that it didn't bring interest. Some of you think the original would have made MM a hit but in reality, that video was shitty too. It was tacky, all over the place, almost desperate (let's not even talk about the scene were Britney and G-Eazy are ''having sex'' :gross:). It would have been a better video but the era wouldn't have been successful with it either, it's all about promoting and Britney likes to treat her singles and albums like sh!t, all the promo she did was a couple of interviews where they talked about her kids and mentioned glory for 5 seconds then move on to a date with a lizard. It's embarrasing. :tiffdrink:
    And as much as I like Slumber Party, it had no chance of being a hit as she never performed it for promo, insted she performed DYWCO. That was smart. :byebitch:

  2. justice for why should I be sad, most underrated track on the album :lemmetellu:

    1 Gimme More
    2 Break the Ice
    3 Why Should I Be Sad
    4 Outta This World
    5 Heaven On Earth
    6 Perfect Lover
    7 Piece of Me
    8 Get Back
    9 Ooh Ooh Baby
    10 Get Naked (I Got a Plan)
    11 Freakshow
    12 Toy Soldier
    13 Hot As Ice
    14 Radar
    15 Everybody

  3. 29 minutes ago, Anita d*ck said:

    Is that move part of the choreo? https://giphy.com/gifs/cringey-danceney-3ov9k4399JE9LryuLC


    I'd almost rather she just stands still :thinkney:

    omg I love you so much for making this I'm literally screaming:tiffcackle:
    I think she started doing it when she got bored of the slumber party second chorus choreo and did something like that but slower. I think she still does it now.  Oh Brit, you are such a hard worker :tiffcackle:

  4. 35 minutes ago, SchatarSapphira said:

    I don't think so. You can see it in her eyes that she's so OVER being on that particular stage. She seemed much more excited and radiant in Asia. 

    A new album + a little tour to spice it up a little bit, would definitely do wonders to her. She's obviously still very flexible, fast and capable. She just needs to be excited about a show in order to deliver. :urite:


    I know girl I'm just playing :snapney:

  5. 6 minutes ago, danny1994 said:

    Omg, I didn’t even realize she wore it in the BOMT section. What did she wear in the toxic section that night? :hahaha: 

    They are different outfits, and they both look horrible :NYcackle:
    What's the point of having different outfits anyway if you could have THE SAME ugly design with slight differences in the fabric :NYcackle:

  6. 8 hours ago, Brichney. said:

    Don't try to make me look like a hater and quit trying to lecture me on self-love and all of that politically correct BS. My point was that she's naturally gorgeous she didn't need that. Besides you make it sound like she's 50. 


    I'm not trying to make you look like nothing, all I'm saying is it's not your place to speak, not anyone's, when it comes to deciding if she looks good or not. SHE chose to have plastic surgery, and I do strongly believe that she looks way younger now than 4 years ago.

    And also, would you say right in front of her "you ruined your face"? No you wouldn't.

    You can critize her job decisions, but what you said is not only mean but hurtful to someone who is insecure. Remember that instagram post of her son's drawing where she said that he knew she liked her face covered and he drew her with her hair in front of her face?