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  1. I can't believe some people complain because she is being goofy in the clothing video. She is literally having fun at her house, not in a real red carpet lmao let her live her life. I'm sure these people are the same that said during 2011 that she was dead inside and had no personality. Britney can NEVER win :magicjohnson:

  2. 23 minutes ago, ralphynno said:

    This was just too much. Honestly I see no real flaws in this Britney, just about Primeney level except for shitty choreo she's given to work with (specially 4:32 onwards, whoever is responsible for that mess should be tied up for stoning at a public square). Circusney and FFney could NEVER!

    The fucking energy during MATM in 1:33 kills me every damn time. She performs way better with short hair 

  3. I started being a fan in 2011 and all I did was watch her old performances as watching the Femme Fatale Tour was painful :anxiety: Then Work Bitch was released and I hated it at first, I was like "this sounds horrible it doesn't even sound like Britney" so I was done with Britney, even her music. I hated the Vegas residency and I honestly thought she would retire soon. Then I started stanning again in 2015 and here I am :bop: I don't see myself leaving any time soon tbh I'm trapped in the Britney hole :tiffcackle: