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  1. It is Myah. Read the description.
  2. Yes, I mean, didn't she say ''I put God first, then my family, then my career''?
  3. The onlt Britney vocals in Work Bitch are the ones she uses for Vegas and the tour Although there are like 3 different voices lmao, I guess Myah, Britney (the ones different from the album) and an autotuned version of Myah's.
  4. It's just such a good song and it fits perfectly as an album opener. Invitation is a good opener too but just that you know, I don't ever listen to it unless I'm playing the whole album. It's kind of a filler Meanwhile I can't play Mood Ring on Spotify Do you ever listen to Invitation?
  5. Not after last year's boycott. BBMAs>VMAs
  6. You should change this thread title to ''Fans delusional wishes''
  7. I don't think there will be a big meltdown *IF* she doesn't announce it like next year, because then the meltdowns will be huge If there's good choreo, nice costumes, Britney is into it and looks good, why not? I mean we know it will happen at some point in the future lol.
  8. this is pure art. Better than anything she has worn over the last decade
  9. What does the basket ball have to do with the video/filter