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  1. She explained why there was the thing on her nipple, he was supposed to rip the black part leaving a red cloth covering her breast but I guess Justin pulled too hard and ripped off the whole thing.
  2. So he's having his ''I'm a mom now'' phase
  3. Fiebre Britney is going to Las Vegas

    Once he comes back from Vegas he will have exclusives from Fe, Jamie, Willie and Britney herself. Expect Superbowl and a world tour at least And B10 will be called Blackout 2.0 [2007] and it will have the full version of Rebellion
  4. Did Make Me mv ruin Glory era?

    It's not that it ruined the era, but that it didn't bring interest. Some of you think the original would have made MM a hit but in reality, that video was shitty too. It was tacky, all over the place, almost desperate (let's not even talk about the scene were Britney and G-Eazy are ''having sex'' ). It would have been a better video but the era wouldn't have been successful with it either, it's all about promoting and Britney likes to treat her singles and albums like sh!t, all the promo she did was a couple of interviews where they talked about her kids and mentioned glory for 5 seconds then move on to a date with a lizard. It's embarrasing. And as much as I like Slumber Party, it had no chance of being a hit as she never performed it for promo, insted she performed DYWCO. That was smart.
  5. You've got one of the best FFT meet and greet photos I've seen Have fun and enjoy it, I hope you get a good photo again
  6. Find out your Blackout rank

    justice for why should I be sad, most underrated track on the album RANK SONG 1 Gimme More 2 Break the Ice 3 Why Should I Be Sad 4 Outta This World 5 Heaven On Earth 6 Perfect Lover 7 Piece of Me 8 Get Back 9 Ooh Ooh Baby 10 Get Naked (I Got a Plan) 11 Freakshow 12 Toy Soldier 13 Hot As Ice 14 Radar 15 Everybody