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  1. Jamie Spears vs Kevin Federline

    I never thought I would stan for Papa Spears
  2. Anyone else worried about her face?

    I'm actually happy to see wrinkles on her face, proof that she hasn't done botox in a while. But she could take proper care of her skin tho.
  3. Celebrity Gone Wrong

    I hate these things because they talk about her as if she was dead
  4. I love clumsy

    Clumsy really stands out in Glory, it has always been one of my favourites. I never understood the hate, but anyway it's the same people who hype Love Me Down and If I'm Dancing
  5. You said it very well, men that have LOW PAYING JOBS. Kevin doesn't have a job and won't have one for the rest of his life, that's the difference. He has been able to provide the kids a good life for the past 11 years but now that Britney has made more money he needs it too hm interesting
  6. It's still very alive in our hearts