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  1. 22 hours ago, For Your Entertainment said:

    I can not begin to laugh with you about this. Shakes my head and it's supposed to be "We" with a capital "W." Again the Millenials and their own language and how to properly type a tweet. It's not the fact I am old or know better. It's the fact that your generation and the youth are destroying the very fabric of what is sometimes or somethings good. 


    22 hours ago, Shadow. said:

    u can't even spell millennial right :tiffcackle:


  2. Just now, Shadow. said:

    calling it now, one hit wonder :tiffcackle: idg how its done so well, i don't think its catchy at all. i think im having a @For Your Entertainment moment, wishing i could time travel to when music was better :tiffcackle:

    @BoyToySoldier did u read his latest meltdown? apparently we were disrespecting him :tiffcackle:

    Is that the one who went on the rant about millennials? :tiffcackle:

    Reminds me of those grumpy old men who complain about how much better things were in the “good old days” :tiffcackle:

  3. 6 minutes ago, Shadow. said:

    but u can't even comprehend lilith's post. she isn't calling britney stupid, she's saying her ACTIONS were stupid. 2 very different things. we've all done stupid things in the past but does that makes us unintelligent? no it does not. @In Britney's Zone on the other hand straight up called britney dumb, why are u not focusing your attention on her shitty post? instead u took the time to argue with lilith

    makes sense


    I’ll help you understand @really really sh!t guy

    I sideswiped someone’s care a few months ago. Stupid mistake, it should’ve never happened. But just because it was a stupid mistake, does that make me unintelligent? I’m sure you’ve gotten into an accident before.


  4. Just now, Lilith's Sister Nicci said:

    You should read again the dumb sh!t YOU said :tiffcackle:

    I never called her unintelligent. You are trying hard to make it like what I said is worse than calling her "unintelligent" like you put it here :tiffcackle: Your words not mine sweetie :tiffcackle:

    her actions were STUPID and i will keep saying it and you will fucking deal :whitney: calling out her STUPID mistakes which she herself admitted was wrong and stupid, is not the same with calling her unintelligent. :whitney:


    It’s not even the same as calling her stupid, someone can make stupid actions and still be smart. Her actions were stupid at the time, but it doesn’t make her a stupid person :tiffcackle:

  5. 5 minutes ago, really really cool guy said:

    lmao nooo. that's really a bad idea :tiffcackle:
    no one gives a f**k why Britney went nuts and shaved her head.:tiffcackle: They just think it's funny :tiffcackle: besides there isn't anything good in talking about the incidents in 2007 because they were her own fault. Make songs about how stupidly she was behaving? that won't be good for her or her career, it will just bring attention to her stupid sh!t she did :tiffcackle:

    She was simply stating a fact of how the public perceives her. And she said she was behaving stupidly, she wasn’t calling her stupid, there’s a difference.

    Once again, she was saying Britney had poor judgement. Like I said :whitney: