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  1. 34 minutes ago, LostInAnImage said:

    I was so bummed to see how many people rated Britney really low, often as her second worst album, and only like 1/2 a star better than Britney Jean.:wyd: 

    That makes no sense to me! I mean, I know it's not her most cohesive album, but it has some of her best songs, IMO. "Slave," "Overprotected," "Lonely," "I Run Away," "What It's Like To Be Me," and "Before the Goodbye" are all amazing. And I know a lot of people consider them childish, but I also love "Cinderella" and "Anticipating." :makesomenoise:

    It's just really underrated, because without her having done this record that was essentially a mixture of her previous teenybopper sound, in concert with her new mature, urban-influenced sound, she wouldn't have set the foundation for her best, fully mature and artistically involved albums (ITZ and BO) to come into fruition.:lessons:

    Preach, I rated it 4/5

  2. 1 hour ago, Shadow. said:

    why is it your concern? its not like she is in her professional setting, if she wants to look a hot mess let her, i do agree to a certain extent for example when she is on stage she should be styled professionally but this was just her going out with her bf & sons, she doesn't need to dress to please her fans in this instance.

    I generally would agree, but courtside at a Lakers game is pretty high profile. She’s guaranteed to be on TV and have her picture taken. It’s not like she’s at her kids’ little league games.

    Either way, her outfit and hair look good so at least she put effort into that.

  3. 6 minutes ago, really really cool guy said:

    You're dragging her for her appereance. I thought you disliked people who did that. That was the only decent thing from you but now you've got nothing :ineedthetruth:

    I’m not dragging her for her facial procedures, I’m dragging her for her bad makeup and bad care for her skin. Skip the tan booth and put on some good foundation Britney cm.gif

    And you just critiqued her appearance above so whatever

  4. 4 minutes ago, Juano said:

    So she went to a game with her boyfriend and sons midweek, why the hell does he have to look red carpet worthy? :wyd:

    Just because she is a celeb that doesnt mean she has to be ready for everyone to say hi to her and be make up and hair perfect. I think she looks ok and happy. 

    A Lakers game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles is a bit different, you’re being watched by everyone and there’s tons of paparazzi taking your picture.