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    7 minutes ago, BrittonJeanSpears said:

    Well, technically I'm 1/3 black, so... I can use them. :myjam: 

    Somewhat's an understatement. :gloria: It caused everyone and their mother on here (thousands of us at that point) to freak the f**k out. The usual drama queens and trolls took it to the extreme and called her racist and homophobic. :grimace: 

    Calling gays cute is homophobic now? :calculating:

    People are so offended by everything these days. But maybe she should’ve chosen her words more carefully when she called them “somewhat girls” :tiffcackle:

  2. On 10/9/2017 at 2:08 AM, BrittonJeanSpears said:

    I've never understood the whole "mansplaining" sh!t. It's called "talking down to people" and literally everyone does it. WTF is manspreading and digital blackface, though?

    Catcalling is definitely not a trivial issue, however. Some women are scared to leave their homes because of it.

    Omg ikr, apparently white people can’t use gifs of black people now :tiffcackle:

    Oops, sorry I just did it I’m racist I guess :tiffcackle:

  3. 7 minutes ago, Isla. said:

    True though! When Pink started out I always thought she didn't want to be seen as the 'new Britney' or whatever... maybe why she dyed her hair pink to begin with? :mattafact: 

    Although Pink's career right now is pretty successful and What About Us (her new single) is doing well. The Truth About Love and its singles were massive too. I'd say she's bigger than Xtina atm, maybe even Britney as Britney hasn't had a top 10 hit for a while... (but Glory did still go top 10 lol)

    Yeah exactly, I don’t know why she’s complaining that she felt left out. She purposefully distanced herself from those people :tiffcackle:

    And you’re right, she is successful atm. It’s like she’s begging to be recognized more, but she has plenty of recognition already.