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  1. 1 minute ago, satanic cheri candy lotion said:


    i dont get how it translates into bashing. people on here think it's shameful or some sh!t for donations to be publicized, truth is most of if not all of britney's donations are publicized to some degree, some a lot more than others. for example not many ppl know she donated to a rehab in 2011, or to habitat for humanity in 07. everything is on record. :mj:

    i agree, that's a great suggestion. maybe she'll do that or something similar whether it's money focused or not once this leg concludes? :mj:

    I ageee, I think it’s better to donate and spread awareness than to do nothing at all. Maybe in some cases people do it just for positive publicity, but as long as they’re helping out at the same time I don’t really care :mj:

  2. 1 minute ago, satanic cheri candy lotion said:

    she should throw that red sh!t into the audience. no one would bother fighting over that one :mj:

    You know what would be very cool? And she doesn’t have to do this, just a suggestion. She should auction off a few of the #VegasStrong hats and donate the proceeds to families affected by the shootings. :mj:

  3. 1 hour ago, Yukisenpi28 said:

     Its so people dont target and fight someone for it , also it prvents from ppl taking it home and try selling it for 5,000$ on Ebay .  You rlly need to think before opening your mouth sweetheart. :foh:

    Wouldn’t people be fighting if she throws the hat in the crowd in the first place? :tiffcackle:

    If she doesn’t want people to fight, don’t throw it in the audience. Or throw a few extras into the crowd and let them keep it.


    On a side note, thank god she got rid of that red fruit roll-up she was wearing, it was embarrassing :tiffcackle:

  4. 1 minute ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    M&G incoming, I swear if a 50 year old woman ends up looking better than Britney :meltdown: 

    You’re probably right, I was hoping for a performance but who am I kidding :tiffcackle:

  5. 6 minutes ago, Shadow. said:

    @vnisverx doesn't mind bashing britney's appearance but u can bet he would be crying himself to sleep at night if anyone said stuff about his appearance :tiffcackle:

    You’re probably right, he’s hiding behind that “V” in his avi:tiffcackle:

    I understand staying anonymous, but if you’re going to bash someone’s looks you shouldn’t be afraid to show yourself on here.

  6. 36 minutes ago, vnisverx said:

    Yes, it does allow us to bash someone's appearance, and it allows you to tell us that you don't agree. That's what forums are for—the exchange of ideas and thoughts. What's the problem here? They're called opinions, get over it. Also, we're fans who support Britney, so why are you crying? I said I like her new face; some people don't. We're allowed to disagree. Get over yourself, it's not about you and your feelings :triggered:

    It’s literally not allowed, it’s in the rules :tiffcackle:


    • The discussion of Britney herself is welcomed, but threads/posts that harshly scrutinise her appearance will be removed.