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  1. 3 minutes ago, HAUNTED said:

    Everyone experiences bullying differently. It depends on how strong emotionally, and psychologically one is. People can only take so much before breaking down. 

    Personally, I decided to drop out of school because of some really nasty bullying, although a couple of weeks later child protection forced me to go back (something I'm extremely thankful for since I wouldn't have my college degree, and career right now). I look back and feel really frustrated with myself that I did't stand up for myself. I would take none of that crap if it were today. But, at that time, I found myself completely broken by it. 

    The point is, this is why - in my opinion - this video came to be. This poor child probably couldn't take it anymore, and wanted to send out this message. I like that people are reacting to it, and admitting is is not okay to drive anyone to this point. 

    I honestly will never understand why some people find pleasure in making others feel miserable. And, it's only getting worse with the internet; people take advantage of its anonymity to spread hate, and be mean to each other. It sad, really... 

    You make good points. I agree, I don’t understand it either. Unfortunately, bullying just seems like one of those things that are never going to go away and we just have to do our best to cope with it. Also schools need to make it easy to report incidents so they can contact the parents.

  2. 16 minutes ago, zxcvb said:

    Well as long as Kim Kardashian stays in the spotlight in making her living, nobody can really call out Britney for getting richer.  That's not to say Britney should't be a better performer.

    Well I’m not necessarily saying I blame her. It’s unfortunate, but I’d probably get lazy too if I could get away with it. 

    17 minutes ago, zxcvb said:

    And people should  probably stop mentioning her face (outside of M&G's of course).  She mostly looks like an older version of her younger herself.  How is that bad?  That IG post yesterday is a perfect example.


    I agree, and even if she does look different it shouldn’t matter.

  3. Just now, Chris343 said:

    Omg I've heard it all :imok:

    Btw did you see TIME including Taylor in their 'Silence Breakers' thing but not Kesha. Mess. 

    Eh, that’s a tricky legal situation. Dr Luke was found not guilty, so it could be defamation (or assassination as Taylor would say lol) of character. Taylor on the other hand won her lawsuit.