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  1. No because I don’t tell anyone about it. It’s more of a guilty pleasure for me. But I get embarrassed about some of the choices Britney makes.
  2. Why do people not like HIAM MV?

    Ooooh, controversial opinion that I agree with

    If Britney sang live, you’d have a point
  4. I think they already released all the footage they had from Outrageous on the videos dvd. But When Your Eyes Say It would be cool.
  5. Oh I didn’t even read your whole post before I posted, we have the same thoughts haha. I’m thinking director’s cut of Gimme More, Perfume, Make Me, and some unreleased demos. They can package it with a new greatest hits album eventually.
  6. Who knows, maybe they can make some money on it if you know what I mean?
  7. POM 2.0 What were your thoughts ?

  8. Sam is film and driving

    It was on his instrgram story so it disappeared.
  9. While I’d love a radio hit, I just don’t want her to sacrifice quality. Toxic is a good example of a huge hit that’s a great song as well. But I don’t want her going the Selena Gomez route like she did on Glory.
  10. Singles artist implies recording generic pop to get radio play. I just want great albums from her. I’m not here for another I Wanna Go.
  11. Sam is film and driving

    Oh sure he could shoot up a school and it wouldn’t matter to you because they’re Americans. Great logic Inherzond
  12. Random POM show next Tuesday?

    It is odd placement for a show. Maybe they’re planning on filming something, but I don’t expect a dvd. Maybe new stock footage for tv and stuff.
  13. Sam is film and driving

    So if you can be killed you shouldn’t support snapchatting and driving
  14. When I was 11, I’m sure I’ve said a bunch of things that I knew were hurtful but I didn’t really mean. Not racist things, but if I got into arguments with kids I might have said some things I would never say as an adult. I grew up. Also it’s a lot different facing backlash on a national scale.
  15. If the reports of the kid calling someone the n-word are true, good thing that it’s happening at his young age. Hopefully the backlash will make him grow up and not speak like that in the future. Also his partners are an influence for his alleged racist remarks.
  16. The kid called someone the n-word? That’s bad, but I’ll cut him a break since he’s young. Hopefully he’ll grow up and learn from it. The real story here is the mom.
  17. ... leaked tour dates?

    Weird error on Google’s part. A lot of those arenas have basketball games those nights. Also, if you click on each date it says the actual event that’s taking place.