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  1. Positive drug tests stay in your hair a lot longer than blood and urine. It’s the most accurate form of testing for long term drug use. And she admitted she’s dabbled in drugs, let’s be real. Of course she’s not going to admit she uses cocaine, but a lot of people in Hollywood do it unfortunately.
  2. How about a country collab? I think a song with Carrie Underwood would sound nice.
  3. I think the drug theory makes sense. Think about it, she got divorced shortly before that and if they discovered her taking drugs, she’s less likely to get custody. So she literally cut the evidence from her head. Of course if that was her plan it backfired Also, I think you need to take a drug test for custody cases.
  4. They were inspired, but artists steal ideas all the time. Look at all the stuff Britney copied form Janet.
  5. Yeah he confirmed it to MTV in 2007. The article says “cold as fire” because that’s what the demo was called at the time http://www.mtv.com/news/1568538/t-pain-talks-about-recording-with-britney-spears-she-was-about-her-business/
  6. I think the main problem is that the top is super unflattering. It’s way too big.
  7. He recorded 3 songs with her. One was Hot As Ice, and the other 2 were Boyfriend and One of a Kind, both unreleased.
  8. Mood Ring

    Yeah I guess, lol
  9. Mood Ring

    Buy the Japan edition of glory on amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071JHNH4Y/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_di0dAbNY52EMJ
  10. Britney made 3 songs with T-Pain?

    Yep, “Hot as Ice”, “Boyfriend”, and “One of a Kind”
  11. As long as the Grammy picture doesn’t go viral...
  12. That’s not that bad. She just looks tired and annoyed lol. It’s pretty funny and relatable.
  13. Glory's album sales are embarrassing

    Too much blame is being put on Britney’s team. They got her a VMA performance, carpool karaoke, iheartmusic performance, Apple Music festival Ellen, Kimmel, and more. Other artists would dream for that type of promo. The issue is that Britney put in little to no effort and no one took her seriously.
  14. I don’t see them being successful in the US at all. Maybe they’ll enjoy 5 minutes of fame, but they’ll fade rather quickly
  15. Glory's album sales are embarrassing

    Those pressed downvotes though
  16. Why Doesn't Brit Do Much Press?

    You were literally saying last week that Britney did a lot of press during Glory and did “her part”, make up your mind
  17. Wait a second, the magazine, which includes a copy of the album, is the same price as the album. This is actually genius marketing
  18. Good list. The idea of her working with Trent Reznor is really intriguing, I’ve always wanted her to dabble in rock and roll.
  19. Did James Corden Avoid Shading Britney?

    Would you blame him? Britney was an uninteresting guest who lip synced half the time BOMT was the only part worth watching.
  20. The old Taylor has died 3 times already. Is she a cat or something smh
  21. Not that I think it's a huge deal, but Britney's done it too