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  1. I messaged Sam Asghari

    Ikr, an iconic mess. I feel bad for the op, it must have been embarrassing for him. Oh wait sorry
  2. Krystyna Hutchinson is not a fan.

    A lot of people don’t like Britney. In fact, every celebrity has people that don’t like them. Get over it
  3. I hate how Slumber Party is underrated

    You can look at my past posts, I thought it was weak from the start
  4. I hate how Slumber Party is underrated

    Maybe it just isn’t good
  5. Then how come albums don’t go diamond anymore? Adele is an exception of course
  6. Actually a Fiebre wannabe Not even linking to their Hollywood Reporter source
  7. Lol are you kidding, it’s easy if you know how to use a computer
  8. Pandorasound isn’t a reliable source
  9. No I mean if the sales climate was better. People didn’t illegally download albums in 2000 as much as they do today.
  10. Wonder how many it would’ve sold in 2000, a lot more I bet.
  11. Chrissy Teigen working out to If I'm dancing

    To be fair, Demi is better than Britney but that isn’t hard to pull off But yeah, Demi has one of the most overrated voices in the industry.
  12. I love how that thread somehow made it’s way to BSN, lol
  13. Chrissy Teigen working out to If I'm dancing

    She probably has one, but she goes to public gyms too. Celebrities like going to public gyms for some reason, I guess they like being seen as active.
  14. Chrissy Teigen working out to If I'm dancing

    It’s on a lot of gym’s playlists. That doesn’t mean she likes it. She’s expressed her dislike of Britney in the past.
  15. Who's gonna name her next album?

    None. She’ll write a bunch of names on index cards and lay them out on the floor, and whichever one her dog Hannah puts her paw over will be the one the album is named.
  16. What is Britney's 3rd influence?

    Glory became 10x less appealing when she said she was inspired by Selena
  17. I thought it was good. Not her best performance obviously, but I’m just glad she didn’t over-sing it. I was afraid of a lot of belting, but she did a good job.
  18. What is Britney's 3rd influence?

    Michael Jackson probably
  19. Uh she’s insane. She better have some safety nets down below.
  20. You have no proof that she had a different vision or that they made an album she didn’t want.
  21. She has such an overrated voice. I’m making so many typos, ugh. That’s what I get for taking an opening shift today
  22. I think it reached #1 on mainstream radio. It was overplayed on my station