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  1. Holy s--t, whether that’s from her or her team it’s clearly a response to some of the comments after last night @SlaymeMore
  2. Balletney strikes again

    The knee is fine I see @CJMCH
  3. Why didn’t she shave her head at home? (2007)

    It’s not that complicated. She asked the hairstylist to shave it, she refused, so Britney took the clippers and did it herself.
  4. Shot in the dark interview?

    Also interesting that britney’s “daddy issues” comment was edited out in the extra interview a couple years ago
  5. Well he’s literally the last person she followed, lol. If she was really a fan she probably would’ve been following him by now. This is all for PR definitely
  6. Balletney strikes again

    For Christ’s sake, she’s playing around in her living room. It was just a fun little Instagram post, she’s not trying to impress anybody
  7. Balletney strikes again

    Like when George Costanza faked being in a wheelchair to get special treatment at work Britney is the female George Costanza
  8. 331k likes isn’t really “breaking the internet”...
  9. Massive slayage right here

    She stepped it up for that performance compared to what she usually does. It still could’ve been a LOT better...
  10. Massive slayage right here

    Anyone can whip their hair and put their hands on their knees, come on The moves in the first gif are more intricate