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  1. What did you think of the 55 hour marriage?

    It was messy and embarrassing Lol, as a huge fan of Seinfeld I relate.
  2. Sorryyyyy

    How did we survive 4 years of this performance?
  3. Why Piece of Me tickets are so expensive?

    They were actually reasonably priced when they first went on sale, I was surprised. There’s not many great deals anymore though.
  4. I really can’t tell if you’re serious about that stuff or just a persona you put on here
  5. I agree about Jlo and Fergie, but Beyoncé? I’m not a fan of her songs but there’s no denying she has a strong voice
  6. Nope. The only reason LWYMMD went #1 was because there was a lot of hype about Taylor’s return. But it had no lasting impact.
  7. Yeah unfortunately he cleaned the forums so the site wouldn’t crash as often. Good trade off, but it would be nice to have those threads back. I’m not sure what was cut in FTR, but here’s a link talking about Jonathan Ross- http://popcrush.com/britney-spears-reportedly-addresses-her-conservatorship-for-the-first-time-on-upcoming-episode-of-the-jonathan-ross-show/
  8. Yeah I get that, but then you have moments where Britney willingy talks about the conservatorship out of the blue unprompted, and that’s edited out.
  9. Well yeah I’m not blaming them for it, it’s just delusional to think her team doesn’t control the interviews. But yeah, the daddy issues comment could raised some questions.
  10. I only became a fan in 2014 so I’ll give moments from that time frame 1. When the Make Me video was released 2. Lip-syncing to Sia 3. This- https://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/britney-spears-lip-sync-accusations-really-pisses-me-off-w490062
  11. She’ll be up there, not quite that status tho. Let’s say Marilyn is 100, Britney is like 85. And don’t celebrate MJ, he’s a pedo.
  12. Yeah, let’s not get started on the conservatorship comments edited out. Also when her “daddy issues” comment was edited out, that was obviously by Jamie’s request.
  13. No they specifically say that her team and handlers around her tell them what not to ask.
  14. Several interviewers have commented that her team told them there were certain things they can’t ask Britney about. Her team mostly controls the content of the interviews
  15. It was a cool tour, but 95% of the vocals were prerecorded. They were convincing though, nothing like today.