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  1. Pink Comments on Britney

    And this is exactly why some artists choose not to talk about politics. Their words get twisted and the meanings of what they say are distorted. P!nk saying “there’s still hope for trump to change and turn things around” does not mean she voted for him, it just means she wants him to do well. It doesn’t matter who she voted for anyway
  2. I wouldn’t call Gloey a return to the top I love the Switch though.
  3. Omg and some people praise their performances? This actually makes some of Britney’s POM performances look good
  4. This era seems like it might be the beginning of her decline. I can only hope.
  5. Oh so true, they could be breaking trademark laws. You can’t use Britney’s name for profit. I give them 3 months tops of staying open
  6. Xtina has Oreo, Britney has a random noodle shop in the Philippines
  7. Work Bitch Lyrics?

    Definitely, a master of lyrics and production. He uses autotune like Bob Dylan uses harmonica