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  1. Britney Overworked in her Prime

    If I make a claim and someone asks me to prove it, I comply. It’s very simple
  2. Britney Overworked in her Prime

    So you’re a liar until you prove it then. I’m not forcing you, but you’re a liar in my view
  3. Britney Overworked in her Prime

    @Margaery Don’t leave yet, prove your dance skills. Are you there?
  4. Britney Overworked in her Prime

    Very creepy that Jive didn’t like her voice but they signed her for her looks at 15. Just gross.
  5. Britney Overworked in her Prime

    Thank god that shitty song didn’t become the theme song for that shitty catwoman movie. Possibly the worst superhero movie of all time
  6. Britney Overworked in her Prime

    I’m not denying she didn’t have talent and didn’t work hard to perfect her dance routines. There’s a difference between saying that and saying she was overworked for doing four 2 hour shows a week
  7. Britney Overworked in her Prime

    Not to mention he’s a pedophile, he secretly married Aaliyah when she was 15. And he apparently had a stash of child porn too.
  8. Uh she’s insane. She better have some safety nets down below.
  9. Britney Overworked in her Prime

    Yes she co-wrote some of the tracks on ITZ. But let’s look at the setlist for the OHT: Toxic- No writing credits Overprotected- No writing credits Boys- No writing credits Showdown- Britney was one of five writers credited Baby One More Time- No writing credits Oops I Did It Again- No writing credits You Drive Me Crazy- No writing credits Everytime- She co-wrote this one! Finally! The Hook Up- Britney was one of four writers credited I’m A Slave 4 U- No Writing Credits Shadow- Britney was one of five writers credited Touch of My Hand- Britney was one of four writers credited Breathe On Me- No writing credits Outrageous- No writing credits (I Got That) Boom Boom- No writing credits Me Against the Music- Britney was one of SEVEN writers credited So as you can see, she wasn’t credited with most of the songs she performed. And when she was credited, she received a lot of help. The only exception is Everytime where maybe she did half of the work
  10. That’s photoshopped tho
  11. Britney Overworked in her Prime

    I want her job too, it sounds like a walk in the park compared to working a 60 hour work week She probably gets to sleep until 2pm everyday, that sounds lovely. And she doesn’t even write the songs that she performs, others did that work for her too Even the one song she co-wrote, she doesn’t play the piano live Or sing Tragic
  12. Britney Overworked in her Prime

    She wasn’t overworked In 2004, she averaged what, four 2 hour shows per week? Even if you count rehearsals, that’s a 12 hour work week. Poor Brit
  13. You have no proof that she had a different vision or that they made an album she didn’t want.
  14. She has such an overrated voice. I’m making so many typos, ugh. That’s what I get for taking an opening shift today
  15. I think it reached #1 on mainstream radio. It was overplayed on my station
  16. Flop Zone? Sorry Not Sorry was actually a pretty big hit, and that annoys me because the song is sh!t
  17. Get over it everyone. Move on.
  18. Nope haven’t attended Hopefully Britney uses this year off wisely.
  19. merch inspired glory artwork!

    It’s not showing up for me
  20. And let’s be real, Britney wants the money. As long as she keeps making millions, she’ll keep working. Also it would be pretty embarrassing for her to retire at 35.