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  1. Next Album/Era Concept: Post Yours

    A screenshot of a music video
  2. Oh my god, can this prediction be anymore safe and vague January is the most common month to announce tours, and Friday is the most common day of the week to announce them. I guarantee there will be 2 tour announcements next Friday too
  3. New shirt @ Spencer? (Sorry if AP)

    It’s nostalgia marketing. 90s is all the rage now.
  4. Is it Britney singing in coupure electrique?

    The ever reliable Goldsoundz- http://forum.popjustice.com/threads/britney-spears-glory.39120/page-2389#post-4750384 Also the adlibs on Liar are apparently not her.
  5. New shirt @ Spencer? (Sorry if AP)

    I assume they mean “Spencer’s”. Either way, it’s a odd design choice.
  6. Yeah if it were 2007, I would understand. But they've gotten some huge scoops the past several years.
  7. “It’s TMZ, I don’t know how reliable it is” Preemptive damage control, omg. TMZ would’ve posted about it by now if it were real
  8. Rumour - Uk tour dates

    I have no doubt she will tour, but these dates are probably made up.
  9. And it’s common sense anyway. Residency is ending, so she’ll bring the show to other countries.
  10. Yep, and she apparently has a world tour beginning in March in Berlin