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  1. My point was just she’s not forced to work under the conservatorship. And contracts don’t mean anything, people break them all the time. She just wouldn’t get paid for the remainder of it.
  2. Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s physically impossible to sing perfectly like that when being suspended from a skyscraper. But Britney can most definitely retire, a conservatorship doesn’t give conservators the right to force you to work.
  3. A deep cut is a non-single that isn’t known by the general public, but is popular among hardcore fans.
  4. Headline doesn’t make sense, why would Taylor have made a ton of money in this time period?
  5. And having meltdowns on her kitchen floor One big hot mess
  6. This lawsuit will certainly be dismissed.
  7. Chrissy Teigen working out to If I'm dancing

    And now she’s preggers. Congrats! http://people.com/babies/chrissy-teigen-pregnant-john-legend-expecting-second-child/
  8. I would’ve picked those two songs also. And then Breathe On Me.
  9. her hand D:

    It’s very likely a nervous twitch
  10. Fair point. So let’s compare TV performances from her prime to today. 2001: 2011: I rest my case