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  1. I never said I was going on a “hiatussssss”
  2. @crazy cheri candy lotion Your new name love it
  3. It’s not a hiatus if you stay on for 6 hours upvotting and downvoting others’ posts Log off for the day and I’ll take it seriously. Hi at us!
  4. Yeah apparently we’re “bullies” for calling someone out for lying about not liking Katy Perry, but nothing is said about the hateful comments about Britney’s appearance, death threats, fat shaming posts, or offensive posts about mentally disabled people. Some people’s priorities are really messed up
  5. I never downvote people for their opinions, I don’t do that As for how I used to post, I just became a Britney fan and joined this forum in 2015. So I was a britard that wanted to make a good impression here, but I’m far past the honeymoon stage now
  6. I see you’re using the same video I posted in another thread 10 minutes ago. Glad I can inspire others
  7. I guess you’re right, I’m offended I’m on mute How will I live knowing Kevney won’t be reading my posts?
  8. I haven’t watched it yet, I’m a broke college student that can’t afford Netflix, how tragic Maybe I’ll sign up for a trial and watch it
  9. I see @BreatheOnMoi is still a fan of yours
  10. They should have released a Target exclusive of Glory with Mood Ring, I guarantee sales would’ve been stronger
  11. Stream Fergie’s New Album ‘Double Dutchess’

    I can’t forgive her after what she did to Sweet Child O Mine at the super bowl, Axl Rose and only Axl Rose should sing that song
  12. The backtracking omg @button @Shadow. @BoyToySoldier
  13. I don’t think it will beat pennywise in costume sales, but it’ll probably be popular