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  1. It's just the same link that was posted earlier and then debunked by Gossip Cop. This wouldn't be the first time there was a rumored sex tape of Britney.
  2. And think about it, if radaronline was telling the truth the would've at least posted a screenshot from the video to prove they have it.
  3. Simple, he probably had a smart watch that could record audio.
  4. Already debunked by Gossip Cop http://www.gossipcop.com/britney-spears-sex-tape-nude-video-not-real/
  5. Britney sounds so nice and flattered. I'd drive 4 hours to see her too
  6. Linkin Park still exists? Seriously, I thought they broke up or something.
  7. Nothing But if they did continue it, Love Me Down
  8. That's what it looks like, lol
  9. Who Knew didn't really flop, at least in the US it didn't. Edit: nevermind, I didn't read the whole thread
  10. She looks great in the M&Gs, but it looks like she didn't even move between photos, lol
  11. If you're idea of a comeback is for her to be as big as 1998-2004, keep dreaming. It'll never happen. But she's never left, she's just not as big as she used to be.
  12. No one's saying we got a bad album. And no one's complaining about the promo we got when Make Me was a single. What we're complaining about it that Slumber Party got literally ZERO promo and Britney's team just gave up.
  13. That video of her trying to open the car door is iconic, lol