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  1. Call it what you like, act innocent and dumb all you want. You know you come here to do nothing but insult Britney and her fans. Anyone who has spent enough time on this forum knows that you and the other one do nothing but hate on Britney, and it's just so tiring and pathetic at this point. Anways sorry OP for getting off topic, Britney looks beautiful and stylish. I need her to wear clothes like this from now on.
  2. Or simply, stop being so disrespectful and respect the OP's wishes to keep this thread positive. I don't know how you dare sit there and criticise the photoshop and say she doesn't need it, when every other thread is just you insulting every single thing about Britney. Get off your high horse and stop acting like you're anything but a troll. It's clear from your constant negativity about everything that you're not a Britney fan, so I don't know why you continue to waste everyone's time by posting in a Britney fan forum. OT: She looks beautiful, I need more high-end fashion shoots from now on.
  3. She looks wonderful and these pictures are amazing! I might need to start checking out Kenzo too, I am loving some of these outfits.