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  1. Why is everybody here so anti Vegas residency?

    Yes, I like those too and there are more POM costumes that i like but her body wasn't as fit as it is now so they didn't look great on her.
  2. I never liked the song neither the MV so I agree with her. It was embarrassing to see her acting like a 5 year old attention w**** (you know). I have honestly never been a fan of her or her music but she used to have cool music like in 2009. The Climb, Look at You and even Party in USA were good bops, after she went crazy everything I knew about her was about people complaining for her cheap behavior but I really never paid attention to her music.
  3. Why is everybody here so anti Vegas residency?

    TBH I find these leotards horrible AF as well No matter what the design is like, I just can't stand any more leotard at this point and Britney seems to love them, she wears them for everything. I mean, for a male performer there isn't that much of variety of wardrobe but for a female there you have pants, dresses, skirts, shorts, leotards, heels, boots, sneakers, coats, lingerie, catsuits, crop tops and Britney just wears ugly leotards which have nothing to do with the theme The only one custome I have liked is the one she used at the iHeart Radio Fest
  4. What If B10's lead single

    Well honestly I wouldn't mind if she doesn't even chart on the Hot #100 AS LONG AS she does quality music, as long as we can truly say "this is Britney the artist", as long as her willingness and passion for her music shows up. If she's not willing to do this in its 200% she better go by the safe zone and release a smashing hit to dance to at a club. At least it would bring more spotlight, more chances to get more singles, actual choreography, and who wouldn't love a classic Britney empowering party anthem?
  5. What If B10's lead single

    1. Slow / ballad songs won't work as lead singles. Make me did kind of well, now imagine a ballad. 2. Ok, let's pretend it actually ends up being a great ballad. It would be embarrassing AF to see Britney doing playback at a song that requires no choreography and just her vocal talent. Unless she decides to do 100% live performances, it would be a great idea for her artistry to come out, not pre recorded vocals, no back up vocalists, 100% pure Britney voice, if not, she can keep it as a 3rd or 4th single if the era goes well enough to reach that amount of singles from one era. 3. It is not a bad idea though, she could release 2 simultaneous singles to reach different audiences, one uptempo smashing song to dance to and a heart breaking ballad, even the same single song could be arranged to be both styles. Back in 2011 there was a ballad version of HIAM and they both sounded great. I remember when I got the deluxe version of the GH: MP and I lived for the Everytime remix, it really felt as something I could be dancing to at a party, but we're talking about team Britney you know?
  6. Career regrets?

    Shooting Outrageous, that's changes it all in its 500%
  7. Next album major smash or artist driven?

    As long as she puts emotion and passion to it I don't care if it's another BJ album or an ITZ album. I want her to embrace her current music material, that she shows she cares about it, to deeply talk about as if it actually were her baby. But just to answer your question, maybe a deep album because: - Come on, it's Britney, it's not like she will become a boring singer just because she releases a deeper album. She will obviously adapt the direction and the theme to her style. It will always have her Britney touch. -Being a deep album doesn't mean it can't be a good pop album. It depends on the producers, writers and the direction they take. Back to basics of Xtina is a good example, she sticked to the pop style while combining great lyrics and of course an amazing jazz/R&B ingredient. - Quality will ultimately speak for itself. Her artistry needs to come out for people to see her as a true artist. Nowadays having a number one song is just a temporary fact which will only last for a while unless it is an actual smash hit like Despacito, Sorry or Lean On (which I really doubt Britney does it again). I want her music to be quality and memorable, not just a product you hear one day and then no one remembers the next year.
  8. Underrated Performance From Each Other

    Yes, as from she came back her performing skills need to be balanced with these resources. I loved the FFT precisely because of this, the themes were all of them well produced and portrayed on stage, from the interludes, to the props and the remixes. I loved the entire concept but it sadly wasn't well executed by Britney.
  9. An underrated performance

    Well, I never said it was a bad performance, actually, it a great one. My point is, that since it does sound obvious to me that it is live because had it been pre-recorded the audio would sound perfectly clean enough to say it was either live or pre-recorded. The FFT vocals were 80% pre-recorded and you can tell they were since they were clearly done that way. They flawless and by flawless I mean her voice was very clean.
  10. An underrated performance

    This isn't pre-recorded. It's obvious because she sounds horrrible at some moments, like she's breatheless
  11. Britney Is such a positive influence

    Is this the scrapped idea for the DYWCO music video??
  12. Underrated Performance From Each Other

    Well, to me this is very underrated, many claim she was stiff during this tour (which she was) but this performance outstands to me: -The egipcian theme - The wardrobe - The props - The breakdown
  13. What if the new project is

    We'll need sunglasses I think
  14. What if the new project is

    As long as they are Michael Stein, Chase and Willie naked in the changing rooms I have no problem
  15. Perfume can be so relatable because of this line:

    Perfume is a great ballad. Don't know why fans love dragginf that song when it is actually a good song. Since the BJ album was intended to be a full EDM album they could have chosen other up tempo tracks as the 2nd single and leave Perfume as a 3rd or 4th single but it doesn´t mean it is a bad track. The MV is boring but that's another story.
  16. What if the new project is

    Prepare your eyes to be slayed by those +1000000000000 light exposure cuts
  17. What are your favorite Britney lyrics?

    THIS Do I need to say why? Give it a listen.
  18. If U Seek Amy or Up N Down?

    OMG! It does sound very similar at the beginning. Is it credited on the booklet? Too lazy to look at it? Is not so surprising since Will.I.am was involved in the album and he samples everything but we never know.
  19. If U Seek Amy or Up N Down?

    I set the timing wrong in the 1st comment so I fixed it. Tell me I am not a freak
  20. If U Seek Amy or Up N Down?

    UP & DOWN ALL THE WAY!!! It's catchy AF! and the beat drops and the room actually get sexy When I first listened to it I was insanely obssesed with it, it was as if I had the album playing in my brain. It's curious but I remember that I thought it sampled Vogue somehow during the opening of the song FROM 00:10 TO 00:17 FROM 00:52 TO 01:07
  21. Britney Spears | Britney 2001 | Brave Graphics©

    The original is great but you did it great as well. Good job! When you said it was more familiar to the Britney album artwork I thought this could have been a great idea as well, include this colorful pattern:
  22. Choose the best flop fan moment

    I never knew about this FTR Countdown. Being out of the US this wasn't aired in my country for some reason but what it is rare to me is that Britney was all over the world at the time and Internet was already a thing so, it is weird to me that I never realized about this appearance until 2011 or 2012 even when I was a stan since 1999.
  23. Choose the best flop fan moment

    It actually is part of the Femme Fatale project. It was recorded at the same time I wanna go was recorded so I guess it was intended to be part of the (at the time) Britney's upcoming album, so you are not so wrong
  24. Choose the best flop fan moment

    This is a joke, right? Well, you are not the only one. Britney opened the door for many other pop girls who tried to be her (Jessica, Mandy, Hilary, etc) some of them succeded like Xtuna but most of them where just what Austin Mahone is to Justin Beaver
  25. Im completely here for EDMney and a classic Britney powerfull banger as a lead single. Gosh, it really needs to erase that boring Pretty Girls - Glory - endless features phase from my mind. We can leave the artistry and deep cuts as the 2nd or 3rd single once she gains the attention from the GP and new audiences.