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  1. Crazy as second single? better but it wouldn't have mattered too much since the attention was still on BOMT. Toxic as first single? - Could have been a HUGE opening to the new more mature Britney phase. It would have differenciated much more the Britney teen bubblegum era to the new sexual In the zone era, plus the hype for her little come back at the time would have been greater than what it was. Overprotected as first single? - I think it would have stayed the same. Lead singles are supposed to create a difference between your past work and the new one. It sounded more similar to the Oops album, plus the gap between both albums was pretty small so, for most of people would have been like another Oops - single. I wanna go as first single? - HIAM was great but in terms of sells and popularity IWG could have been a bigger single. Since I first listened to it I was like: this is a summer song. TTWE as first single? Almost the same as IWG, both catchy, repetitive and radio friendly. Stronger as second single? - Bigger. Britney's strenght are uptempo tracks. Ballads should be left at the end of an era as a last resource, unless they are as great as Everytime, Someday, I Run Away. No seas cortes>better>do you wanna come over as second single? When talking about Currentney NOTHING would make any significant difference if she and her team don´t make a smart promotional plan. Her problem is not the music, IT'S HER AND HER MANAGEMENT. No matter how great the music is, if she doesn´t want to expose it, it would just stay there. But, just to make a possible assumption: - Change your mind, maybe the same as SP or even worse, some initial hype but it would have faded pretty soon as SP did. - Better: even when it is my favorite Glory track, it's like the IWG from Glory, it could have peak bigger but without promotion would be nothing. - DYWCO: the same, a great classic Britney track, it could have been better as a lead, but as a second? Maybe better than SP but not that different. Slumber party with a well-planned marketing advertising? Maybe not a huge top 10 but a well memorable Britney song as Overprotected, Lucky, Boys. WB with promo? - A huge hit. I always call it the Gagnam Style 2.0 (sorry but she just copied the pattern). It was barely promoted and yet, it reached an OK position, it sold well, it somehow became a contemporary Britney trademark song. It had the potential but they let it die to focus on the Vegas thing at the time instead.
  2. Wouldn't it be incredible if....

    No, I pass. She can save all the desire to dance for the B10's World Tour. Vegas stuff should ends ASAP!!! and she must leave it there, where it belongs, I'm done with Baby, Oops, Slave, Toxic, etc. Whatever promotion she does for her next album (if there's one on the way) I hope it features 90% new material and maybe 1 or 2 classic hits, no more.

    It really was, it could have been a great 2nd or even a way better lead single than Make me. But I'm sure she would have found the way to turn it into a feature and include whatever nobody in it as she did with SP. We really can never have anything at its 100%

    The first four are on that position because they came up at a time where streaming music has come a stronger source for music to be played. It's the same effect when talking about views on Youtube, huge hits before used to reach around 200-500 views, nowadays huge hits can reach 1 or 2 billion views, standards keep changing, it's just that. Well, I think it is because of that and as @Brichney. says, they were release as a teaser of what the album was gonna be like. Except Change your mind.

    I hadn't seen any POM video lately and I realize that: -Yes, her performances are 70% bad but not because she CAN´T dance but because the moves she's told to do are stupid and ridiculous. - Her execution at the chorus of this performance was great, she's doing THAT! it's just that the rest of the choreo is just ridiculous. Moving an arms here, moving the other there. The Glory album is not an album to perform on stage, most songs are chill and pleasing to hear with your headphones at full volume, not to stand up and dance like a crazy as her other albums. So it doesn´t help that much, that's why Make me and SP are boring AF to watch "live".
  6. Would you rather

    I never said she has been, I just stated I'm done with that. She can incorporate other genres and styles before doing doing what she's done before. Yes, Blackout is great but it should stay there, as a great album. When Glory came on, it took me some time (like 2 or 3 months) to fully appreciate it as it is. At first I didn't like it as a whole but the fact it was DIFFERENT from what she had done before made me appreciate its uniqueness and how good uptempo tracks suit Britney's style because there wasn't any. It really made me miss Work Bitch, HIAM, Womanizer. The same way I don't want another Blackout or another In the zone. They are special because they can't be duplicated. I choose Max just because I love how great combination he does with Britney, his work is pure plastic bubblegum pop and I know I will end up loving what he does with Britney but I do admit he's as plastic as a chewing gum. So, urban? No, she's been and done that. We can move on with something new. Maybe some rock influences, she says she loves old school rock, some funk glimpses, her swag at her prime was insane, or IDK, there are many other options she could take before going urban again.
  7. Premiere both single and music video at the same time. Music videos play a huge role in having a perspective about a song. I remember myself not loving that much BOYS, I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL, CIRCUS, but after watching their music videos I became obssesed with them. Even recently, Taylor's LWYMMD as a song is sh!t, but the music video is great. She moved real fast 1 week after the song was released she released the music video. Remember when there was no Facebook, Twitter and singles reached people through music videos. I fell in love with Crazy because the song was catchy and the music video was insane. The same with Oops and even Womanizer (the song) I didn´t like it that much but when the MV came on I was SLAAAAYED! This is the way music used to impact people before this digital era, everything was a surprise, no one expected nothing. But I don´t know what you guys think?
  8. Would you rather

    Max Im done with urbaney. I'm here another club smash but it doesn't exclude Pharrell, they both were included in the Britney album so they can be together, it's just matter of timing.
  9. Ideas for B10

    Lead single produced my Danja/Max or Dr. Luke, they always come up with magic when working with Britney. Lead music video directed by either Joseph Khan or Jonas Akerlund, there is no other option. It MUST be one of them, no one else. Album photoshoot by Mario Testino, do I need to explain the why? It will be EXCELLENCE at its best. Premiere her new single at a HUGE music event, Grammy, Billboard, AMA's or VMA's. A new documentary, maybe not as long as I AM BJ or FTR, but maybe as the I AM THE FF or the In the zone DVD. 1 freaking LIVE performance at any award show, tv show, special concert or even straight from her basement but A 100% LIVE perfomance. 1 quality interview as the Ophra or Diane Sawyer style, not with these basic and pointless questions she's always asked about. Real and deep questions about EVERYTHING, motherhood, rumors, music, etc. 1 (more than one would be too much) KILLER choreo ala Primeney. Maybe not an entire show but at least one choreo that states SHE STILL CAN dance as she used to. After all these years she's become fearless about performing at Award shows so maybe 1 or 2 performances at any award show would be great.
  10. FUN irrelevant FACT!

    Well I was listening to this bubblegum gem "When I found you" and the opening sound reminded me of another Britney song but I couldn't figure out which song it was. Then I remembered and it was the chorus of "Better". I have no idea what instrument/sound effect they use to create this sound but it sounds a bit similar, don't you think? FROM 00:02 to 00:09 FROM 00:51 to 01:10
  11. FUN irrelevant FACT!

    I know right!!! I thought I was the only one who felt that it sounded similar but I guess, I'm not. I hadn't heard WIFY in a while and when I did I was in my mind like "I have heard this but I can't say where on when" then I played Glory on shuffle and Better is my fave from the album and I was like "wait, this is the WIFY effect" then, I compared both songs and I realize they do sound very similar, I mean, in terms of sound effects, about the rest they are completely different songs. And yes, WIFY is such a sweet and angelical bop, as sweet as a candy.
  12. FUN irrelevant FACT!

    That's what a forum is for, to educate those uneducated It was me, Im the OP and I was looking back at my own threads and I found out I didn't reply to some comments so I did it. Don't make drama, just join us if you want to
  13. Should Britney be the executive producer of B10?

    She doesn't necessarily have to be, as long as she takes the time to select and create good quality music to the point her input feels/looks it is THERE! and she feels proud of that work. She could create a whole freaking masterpiece but it's gonna be ignored the way Blackout, Glory, it would be pointless. I don't care if she's the producer or not. I just want a good feedback from her. To know about her recording process, the making of the music videos, etc. That's what I want, I don't care about #1's and I want her to speak up and let us know all those things we're not able to see.
  14. FUN irrelevant FACT!

  15. Can you identify the SARCASM in all these articles, twitter/Facebook posts and comments? Ofc, her music videos can't make headlines right now because she IS NOT releasing any music video, everytime she releases MV, she does more relevant headlines as well, this is just for fun.
  16. Expectations for the last POM show?

    I love nostalgia so I'd love her to perform the same setlist as day 1, with the same original outfits and the first choreographies. Bit being realistic, she will maybe bring a cake on stage + a brief speech or something like that.
  17. Bloodshy & Avant >>> Max Martin...

    2011 wasn't 2000's anymore and he did a great job in Femme Fatale. The fact he worked with her mostly in her first three albums doesn't mean a new collaboration will sound the same. "I wanna go" sounds nothing like 00's. Dr. Luke (the Max Martin 2.0) also did a great job in HIAM, she does have a connection with the two of them for some reason. I'm not saying I'd like an album fully produced by them but let's not act like they are sh!t cause every Britney/Max/Dr. Luke song slaaaaaays.
  18. Currently, yes, but she's been requested for almost an entire decade.