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    music What you felt when you listened X for the first time

    This happened to me with the full album. Just when I thought I had already heard my favorite song, the next one made me stand up and dance much more. I remember I Wanna Go was an instant click on my brain. It's been the only one britney album I have immediately fallen in love with.
  2. Million Billion

    socialney (RUMOR) IT'S MARIAH! the feature is Mariah!!

    Now imagine if Mariah had Xtuna's manager, she would be just starting off her career right. One or two years more and she would be on her prime.
  3. Million Billion

    other THIS Is what i am afraid of

    Don't worry, this has happened before when she first started they said she was to young to be sexy and it wasn't something girls her age should do. Then, she became a woman and she did things like Gimme More, Womanizer, Oh La La and Pretty Girls and they said she was too old to act that way, so she never wins. I mean, if it were up to me, she could come up dressed up as a toddler but as long as the music is great and she does it justice either in a music video or a live performance AT LEAST ONCE! I don't care.
  4. Million Billion

    rumor (RUMOR) IT'S MARIAH! the feature is Mariah!!

    Is this account ran by Chrisnay? They might have been right before but in Brinti's world nothing is reliable after it actually happens. I choose to wait.
  5. Million Billion

    other Something that always bothered me with POM

    It brothers me that such recycled show upstaged her music to her. It always came first, even her new music. I can't stand the fact 2 full albums were ignored to keep performing the same show for 4 years. If at least she did it with full passion but it's not the case
  6. Ignoring the album in interviews to talk about pointless issues no one cares like blind dates instead, is it RCA's fault? We know there are many factors when releasing and promoting an album but let's not act like Britney doesn't have enough authority to say "I want this" or "I want that" if she actually had the will to do so.
  7. Million Billion

    music What you felt when you listened X for the first time

    The first time I listen to HIAM I immediately fell in love with the chorus "if I said my heart was beating loud" Then the song went on and when the final chorus came on to explode, my ears couldn't resist the slayage
  8. Million Billion

    other Do you think Brit is collaborating with Madonna?

    I would love something like to happen again but I don't think so. Madonna always look for trending popular acts at the moment to gain popularity (just as she did in 03) so I don't think Britney will bring her what she wants. In terms of status, it would be great. Now the two of them are pop music legends, that would be like a confirmation of their status as the Queen and Princess of pop.
  9. That's precisely why she should be a pro a deliver performances and music as the big A-list pop star she is. I hate when people say she has nothing to prove when, given her constant playback allegations (which are facts) and her poor performing skills after her comeback, she DOES actually have so much to prove. I love her but that's the truth.
  10. "Mom, Dad, Lizzie's talking about dressing like Britney Spears"
  11. Million Billion

    tour These costumes for POM please

    Pants (blackout POM section) Catsuits (Onyx black leather one) Dresses (the Hook Up - OHT) Skirts (iHeart Radio) Coats (outrageous OHT) Corsets (MATM & Toxic performance on the ITZ DVD) Suits (MATM) Crop tops (Boys on DWAD Tour) Jackets (ILR&R on the DWAD) Sport pants (Sometimes & Boom Boom OHT) I mean, a female has a larger variety of wardrobe than men, yet she uses the same leotard template for her entire show.
  12. Million Billion

    tour These costumes for POM please

    I'd love she worked with a designer on something that isn't leotards. One is more than enough.
  13. Million Billion

    other The desert performance is so underrated

    Yaaaas! We have been so BLIND all this time
  14. Don't put in the same level PG and Oh La La. Oh la la is a kids movie soundtrack, the melody is great, it could even fit in a Britney song if it wasn't for the childish lyrics (due to the movie theme) and it's so well produced by Dr Luke. I mean, it doesn't deserve a Grammy of course but it's a good fun song we can bop to it. PG is a shameless copy of Fancy. It's a little fun but it sounds horrible because it's supposed to be a serious Britney single, plus, the MV is an embarrasing mess.
  15. Guys, prepare your vaginas. This will straight be a Pretty Girls 2.0 or even cheaper. Uh, Brinti sweetie.
  16. Million Billion

    tour Let's Argue

    It's a little tricky because the last reference we had at the time was the Onyx Hotel Tour and the whole massive ITZ era. Even though the Circus tour was a huge production, it doesn't compare to anything from her prime in terms of dancing. Radar, Get Naked and some random Toxic performances were the highlights from the entire show in which she just walks and does everything we know Currentney does.