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  1. Yas! Cleopatraney

    Say wut?
  2. Is it Britney speaking in "Change Your Mind"?

    OMG I never saw these tweets. So she basically invented her own language by saying whatever s--t that came to her mind just because?
  3. Is it Britney speaking in "Change Your Mind"?

    I dont think so. The pronunciation sounds quite good (almost native or even native) and honestly, Britney sucks at speaking other languages with a good pronunciation.
  4. top most random rumors

    Around 06 or 07 there's was this rumor claiming some random girl called Emma something was the real voice in Toxic song and britney never sang in her albums. Ironically, the Myah mess came like 7 years later so I don't know what to think but it is still a mess of a rumor.
  5. Much needed appreciation thread for....

    Funny it's written and produced by the same person who did the highly hated Brave New Girl But yes, it's a gem. It sticks to the classical Britney sound despite the fact Blackout was intended to be a darker album. This song does justice to its name, it does feel like heaven when listening to it.
  6. Now That I Found You could be a hit single

    It COULD HAVE BEEN, EDM it's not that big these days. But, yes it could have been a great single and even a better lead single than WB.
  7. It's a combination of both. If she wanted to talk about some juicy things she would have done it before. She has the power and the resources to make big headlines but (I assume) she's done talking about her private life after the huge (out control) exposure during her 20's. But on the other, it's not a secret this is a whole industry/business and ofc everything we know that has come from Britney's mouth has been previously approved by either her team, publicist, label or management. She's a public figure bit it doesn't mean what she says it's false or she isn't genuine.
  8. I love them all and I enjoy listen to them as if I were still 10 But my favorite from them all has to be OVERPROTECTED. It's my #1 ultimate Britney song EVER. It involves a smashing uptempo sound, meaningful lyrics, bubblegum-ish sound, catchy chorus, amazing vocals from Britney herself as well as the back up vocals, it has the essence of what pop was like in early 00's. It simply has everything I want in a Britney Spears song. Time passes by and Overprotected remains as my favorite Britney song ever. All of this is only regarding to the track itself so let's not get into the flawless music video cause I could write an entire essay about it. ...ACTION! Give it a well deserved listen biatches
  9. Britney's best look this decade?

    1. It's not basic, it's simple. Don't know whoe designed that dress but Calvin Klein makes this type of minimalist designs, simple but classy. 2. This proves that simplicity works well for her ofc done by the right professional people. She's naturally beautiful so she must leave the professionals do their job.
  10. Do you think she still loves Kevin?

    Imagine if she gets to collaborate with Kfuck since he's (or he intended to be) a DJ and now she's so likely to work with anyone but serious musicians. I WOULD BE DEAD!!! Who's here for Crazy 2.0??