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  1. 2001 AMAney performing TTWE

    Yes, check these if you want this looks better I guess
  2. 2001 AMAney performing TTWE

    If they audio had some echo effect this would look more reliable
  3. As well as you, in no particular order: -Oops from the DWAD Tour - Breathe On Me from the Onyx Hotel Tour - Toxic from the Onyx Hotel Tour
  4. Britney on new REACT video

    Just like those Dylan reactions where he says he doesn't know Britney stuff but he still does reactions about her Sure dylan, sure.
  5. I would be more hyped if she gets a Pepsi contract again. Do you remember those times where Pepsi used to have music videos as commercials? B10's smashing up tempo lead single used in the Pepsi commercial
  6. Which one do you hate/love?

    I have only smelled Curious, Fantasy (classic edition) and Fantasy Twist, Believe and Radiance. My favorite: Curious, it smells very sweet but still fresh. You can wear it at any season, by the day or night. The bottle design is so classy and Artsy Fartsy and let's not even get into the commercial Fantasy Twist was also great, as sweet as the original Fantasy: extremely girly, as sweet as a chewing gum My least favorite, maybe Radiance. It reminded me of the Paris Hilton fragrance, I remember it was very fresh but not so pleasant to smell, like one of those strong smells you can't stand after 3 or 5 mins
  7. So, her POM outfits are ACTUALLY lingerie...

    I know Don't even bring it up, I mean as an actual Vegas show it has ended. I know she will be back with another mess show but, yes I will wait Britney: very Artsy Fartsy!
  8. So, her POM outfits are ACTUALLY lingerie...

    POM outfits ARE? POM outfits WERE, remember that mess of show fortunately ended last December
  9. Slave is closer to the 100 million views!!!!

    Yep, that works better I guess
  10. Britney should ask BF Kim K to help with her style...

    Ew, hell no Maybe the Kim from 2010 but current Kim is cheap as f**k. She needs to join Kate Hudson more and share beauty tips. Britney's world has no logic at all, she scrapps her music, degrades her legacy and wears designer dresses at home but looks like a mess in public
  11. It seems like her latest appearances and performances have helped Slave to increase its views, I honestly never realized it increased so much and so fast. I don't know if Vevo still gives certifications for the 100 million views since our current standars have been changing these last years. But anyway, play it: OMG! I was scrolling down the comment section and this comment: Gustavo Colocho Todas la mujeres quieren ese cuerpo ,Todos los hombre también para diferentes usos XD Translation: All women wanted that body as well as men, for different purposes XD Surprisingly after almost 20 years, she got back that fit and toned body. Can't believe we haven't had any proper music video where she shows in it's 100% her new fit body.
  12. How could you not be prepared? We have been seeing the same 4 years, isn't it enough? This new leotard looks so different
  13. At this point, they are so so so cheap that she may perform the same setlist Sorry Britney I love you but you tought me expect less than nothing
  14. Is it Britney singing in coupure electrique?

    Well, as I said Im not french but I speak french in a 40 or 50% (not that good at it) but I can easily recognize when a native speaker is talking and Coupure Electrique doesn't sound so accurate in terms of pronunciation but anyway, as you said, she took the risk to do a 100% french song and that's worth admiring I do think she just follow the trend with Glory and even on her own standars it was a risk, but my problem is that she doesn't do any justice to her work. For example: I never liked Make me as a lead because it was a slow song, why would you release a slow song if you are not willing to sing live? Make me doesn't require that much of dancing so, if she's not gonna dance or sing live either, what's the point in releasing Make me? You see my point?