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  1. Discussion about Britney's articulation

    Back in the day her work and involvement use to speak for themselves. The music videos, her passion while performing, her willingness to do this, the interviews, everything made a great balance that even when it wasn't perfect she always kept us wanting more and more. Nowadays, she's become 100% predictable, she's been following a patter of actions since the Circus era and I honestly don't think it will change that much any soon. I'm still hopeful she gives us great music and material to feel excited and proud of her.
  2. If she is a seizing mime what the f**k are you doing wasting your time on someone you dislike? Delete your account asap
  3. Many of us usually make fun of her current flop career but never underestimate someone's capacity. We said Britney could never flop, that her name sells for itself, and well... Xtuna could give us a surprise and swap positions, being her the successful and Britney making Jessica Simpson numbers. I honestly don't see her doing a SB since her last average hit was like 11 years ago, plus, there are many other singers that could make great ratings. I can totally see Taylor this year.
  4. Does anyone have a version of SP without Tinashe?

    What country are you from? I'm from Mexico and the Britney solo version is the one included in the Glory album tracklist and I guess the Tinashe duet must be included in the buzz singles section or IDK, I never liked the duet so I never streamed or downloaded it. I either listen SP straight from my phone or Spotify.
  5. Top 5 | Unreleased Songs [Results on OP]

    How is it possible that OUCH just peaked at #18 when it is sexy AF! That song is a musical orgasm from the very first second to the very last little sound.