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  1. Nicky? Sorry, this is not for you sis, is for everyone out there, but I just don't know what people find attractive on that "singer/rapper" She's so cheap, her music is garbage, her talent is having a enormous plastic ass, her "songs" are as stupid as a drunk man, her lyrics are so tacky, I cant deal with so much bad taste. I just can't seriously...
  2. Maybe "Don't let me be..." not because it's bad but because the Oops album had greater tracks she could have taken advantage of at the time that smashing/bubblegum/futuristic style was the trend. What you see, Cant make you love me, One kiss from you and even Where are you now with those amazing vocals.
  3. Your comment made me change my mind DYWCO or BETTER are such wasted tracks, I don't even know how Britney is so heartless to ignore them, I just don't
  4. Sure, I almost confused the Glory album cover with the In the zone album cover, looks like the same shoot
  5. She also said she does sing live so her reliability is under 0. However, this rumor sounds as true as the SP performance.
  6. She will gain 100 million more when she releases B10's lead single and it tops the BB #100 as well as the album with 3 billion views on youtube simultaneously Nothing to worry about
  7. I can't with you voting for anyone else but Britney, I know she's a mess but guys, this fanbase/forum deserves some loyalty
  8. Maybe, I mean good music will always be good music no matter when it is released but only as long as she really promotes it well, there's no point in releasing something at this time (almost after 1 year) and just let it die as the past singles. Make me is the one which had major exposure with the Vma's and the festivals she was on, even when they weren't as big as many award shows they helped to keep Make me in the charts, a top 20 isn't that bad ofc but we know that Britney is still able to put a top 10 or even a #1 single. So, I'd say yes as long as she and her team does something similar to what I said but I know they won't so, NO Let's go straight to B10's smashing club banger, I'm done with chill-relaxing Glory songs
  9. gurl, you have too much free time. Who knows ask his wife, anyways but he doesn't work for me, so...
  10. WTF was that? I love the original, he destroyed the song tbh, however the entire Glory album needs to be speeded up
  11. I know nothing about it but he was only seen on the rehearsals for the GMA's performance and ofc he must have been rehearsing for the HIAM music video but I guess he wasn't part of the FF tour staff. The tour was great but you can clearly see the difference between his dancing style (HIAM & TTWE) and the rest of the show.
  12. Yes, he did, but it's not like it has a big influence on her. Brian Friedman was her choreographer on her golden days as well as on her FF and well, the dancing was QUITE DIFFERENT!
  13. Britney's performing skills have been a mess since she came back in 2008. He has nothing to do with it
  14. Because they were asked face to face, they couldn't avoid the question. They acknowledge this year by year rumor but it was never questioned to anyone, it has always been a media rumor. It's not like they did a public announcement/statement specifically to make it clear, someone who attended to the conference witnessed it and tweeted about it so that we all knew.