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  1. You are never satisfied, are you? She looks amazing, her ass is there and looks amazing, ask Hesam what he thinks
  2. I guess his point is to state that Primeney is very overrated. But yes, she hardly criticized since her debut ( the BOMT drama) so for us, her fans since 1998-98 that's not a secret, she has always taken controversy for her benefit (it worked sometimes). In my opinion, yes she was criticized BUT: -She used to do justice to her work - She delivered amazing performances and had people talking about it. -To me, charts meant nothing back then cause I was so young and I had no idea what it was. Just the excitement of seeing her at #1 in my local/country music channel, was amazing. -Promotion was everything, at the end she was also an entertainer, and she kept entertaining us with these appearances, magazines covers, music videos, etc. Combine all the aspects above and that's what we miss from her. We want her to be OUT THERE. Now she doesn't even try it. We are fans but we cant be fans from someone who barely does her work. That's what I'd add.
  3. If she ever tours around the world I prefer she waits for the next album tbh. This era was fucked up since the Make me mess, and now this Asian tour, and the rest of the world? Europe? Her native country USA? Latin America? Her strongest and most loyal fans are here un middle and South America
  4. But Britney copied the VMA yellow outfit from Miley Cyrus too so... Didn't the BBMA'S outfit become a bit iconic among gay fans? I kinda feel it that way
  5. She doesn't look bad to me, I mean, her character wasn't supposed to be a pop diva, she was supposed to look like an average person, she doesn't look bad even without that much make up, well I guess.