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  1. I always noticed that too, I mean it's weird to think they were always portrayed as rivals but they teamed up for such iconic performance, isn't it weird, like how or what? and I dont think they had to rehearse that much since there's no choreography, they were just moving from one place to another and interecting with Madonna, after the kiss it all was free style, they were just living the moment (lol) and half of the singing was a song they already knew before so, maybe they just practiced it like once or twice and that was it.
  2. What booklet? There's no booklet Oh, you mean the Youtube screen captures They could have at least chosen a good ones or do proper photoshoot with that same outfit, background in different angles, positions, lightining, etc. But no, it didnt work for Larry.
  3. I know right, if it's public it's because it is there for people to see it. Easy logic.
  4. Maybe it would have performed better on charts but in the long run, it would have been almost the same without promotion. Once again, the music is not the problem, she can release the best song of her career but without an appropriate treatment it would fail anyway, no matter how good the song is. Yas, my fave track of the album Yes, I do agree, the album IS generic since she's following the trend of what music sounds like nowadays. That's what lead singles are for, to catch people's attention and then she could have re- released "Perfume" if she wanted. Just an opinion.
  5. why should it be shocking to stalk someone's pics on Instagram? Isn't it what it is for? For everybody to see them. if you dont want people to "stalk" you and your pics, DONT CREATE AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT in first place, take your pics, print them out and keep them in a safe box.
  6. The same way we have meltdowns and complaints for negative reasons, why not being happy for such positives little achievements during this flop era? I do agree with you, it may not be a giant achievement since she herself has sold much more tickets of her own shows before but come on, she's been out of the music spotlight since 2012 + she's in her almost 20 years into the music industry and that's worth admiring. We have a lot of thing to complain, why not making the same for the opposite reasons? why not celebrate little positive things like this.
  7. She should re name the tour as "The Sold Out Tour" yet, haters say she's over.
  8. It's so cool to see such young britney fans, they can spread her music among their peers and promote her new music. You should spam them with Britney music videos for them to know what real pop IS, aside these basics ariana, Selena and Taylor I once worked as a teacher with teens around 12 -16 and showed them some britney performances and they were like: "wow, how can she do all of that?" "I have never seen anyone perform that way" and that was me educating some fetus whose closest pop reference was Taylor skeleton Swift and Katy childish Perry holding candy cottons on stage
  9. This is reliable as me coming up with pool parties with her dancers and giving you new info about B10, so...
  10. Before she announced the end of Vegas I didn't really care of what was coming after Glory if was gonna stay ignoring her projects BUUUUT now we know it is going to end I really want a whole new album and I want it to be Britney's FUCKING PRIORITY, Im done with her hits and nostalgia from 00's I dont want to hear BOMT or OOPS in the next 10 years, I love them but Im done with them. I want her to be a current singer not a 00's icon even though she actually IS.
  11. I don't expect her to make big changes. She hasn't done them for almost 4 years, why would she do them now for only some dates? However I feel happy for those asian fans who cant go to Vegas so they can have her in their cities.
  12. She's not ignoring him, she's just walking while looking front the camera, and how can you not know that ínterview? It's the biggest Britney fan meltdown.
  13. I don't care her reasons to work with him, the question is: Why do you have to throw shade at someone who doesn't even know you to sound funny?
  14. Girls, wanna have fun, girls, wanna have... ... Then what the f**k is that? A fluent and well thought song sang by Sinatra and composed by Shakespeare? Go and sing girls wanna have fun and its 20 remixes to fill your catalog while while britney remains iconic as well as your peer Madonna after 30 years with no need to stick to one successful song forever.
  15. 1. The gimme more entrance was and is still amazing compared yo whatever she does in Vegas. 2. TTWE and HIAM choreos are great too. Sometimes she didn't execute them so well but overall they were great. 3. He about to lose me & Don't let me be... Performance were live, or at least some of them, for the rest of the show we had pre recorded vocals. Vegasney could never. 4. Slave iconic choreo was still better than some of the slave current performances. 5. There was an official Dvd. ... You want me to continue? Stop throwing shade at such great show. Tour + album + singles + music videos were great. Her attitude was sh!t sometimes but it doesn't mean the rest of the era was too.