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  1. HELL NO! I cant stand another slow boring and lazy track as a lead. My heart and my mind need a HIAM, Womanizer, Toxic smashing level. Maybe as a second or a third but anyway, back to the thread, it would be amazing if she incorporates this talent to her performances. I have said this many times, her music as a whole is great but (at least these last 3 eras ) it hasn't get enough attention or exposure for it to be well recognized. Just imagine: - Inside Out as a 4th single off Femme Fatale - Songs like Hold on tight or Perfume being performed 100% live at any award show ot even at her Vegas residency. - The initial concepts/directions she wants for her albums not being changed by other producers, we could have had higher quality in albums like FF or even the very hated BJ. - Her current management really sucks but it partially has to do with Britney not wanting to promote. She really doesn't care, that's her problem. She doesn't care , so do I? I do support as much as I can.
  2. strange collabs you think would work/dream collabs

    Britney with a rock star like Aerosmith. They are COMPLETELY the opposite of her style. That would be fucking amazing. They could make her bring that natural deep 90's vocals she still has instead of that typical baby voice.
  3. That was the time she started NOT BEING cool tbh, he wasn't lying. Right after the Britney era ended in 2002 her personal life started upstaging her music. By 2003 the Madonna kiss + her break up with JT + her always partyin and media overreacting about it (as if she was the only one person who goes at nightclubs) and her Vegas marriage helped to picture her as a celebrity in trouble. She had always been hated but now she was giving them reasons to do it. BTW, he's always defending her on Twitter, I don't think he was trying to be mean or something, unlike Larry and Adam, he's really connected with social media, he knows what he's saying. The only thing I disagree with him is about pop videos not being cool back then. I mean, MTV was the sh!t back in the day mainly because of the MUSIC VIDEO, regardless if they were pop, rock, hip-hop, etc. Nowadays music videos are about HOW MANY VIEWS they gain, not really about what they have as a content.
  4. Pop Emergency! Britney Spears Teases Secret Project

    They never do. My only hope for her to be focused on her music career is to end that Vegas show or any other residency. She needs to focus on her CURRENT material. Two albums have been ignored so far, I cant stand another great album to be just wasted as BJ and Glory.
  5. POM songs: What would you add/drop?

    Tbh, I'm done with all of her hits, I mean all of them. For her next tour, if there's one in the future, I'd like it to be 100 % focused on B10. Ofc it is impossible but the less old songs she adds THE F****** BETTER!
  6. Pop Emergency! Britney Spears Teases Secret Project

    I kind of remember someting but I just can't really say what it was Forcing myself to remember I am not sure if it comes from the period before Pretty Girls where many things were rumored? Someone educate me pls
  7. Pop Emergency! Britney Spears Teases Secret Project

    I have been a fan since 1999, sometimes too much is hard to remember, what was the famous surpise 1.0?
  8. Pop Emergency! Britney Spears Teases Secret Project

    WHAT? Where are you taking this from? What did I miss?
  9. Pop Emergency! Britney Spears Teases Secret Project

    Not being dramatic but this fanbase has undergone disaster after disaster for so long that our expectations can't be any lower.
  10. POM NYE show

    You know, I have a weird desire and it is about her bringing back the old performances BUT with the initial outfits to see the difference between now and then, specially these ones They were great but Britney's body WASN'T. Now she is so fit these outifits would look amazing on her. Ok, it's just a dumb dream don't blame me
  11. We really can't state if they want or not since they have no idea Britney is still making music. She's just ignored by them. It would be different if she released tons of singles and people complained about it. That would be an indicative THEY DONT want to hear more Britney music.
  12. She's from Cuba which is an island and the song Havana addresses the capital city of her country.
  13. Willie and that other guy Lake Smiths or something like that, I cant remember his name, he's one of the few straight dancers she has I have seen some of them with Selena Gomez, Jlo and Mariah
  14. OMG I FUCKING CANT WITH THIS?!!! This reminds me of that episode of Friends where Joey is trying to speak French and so far I haven't seen or heard anyone offended for that