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  1. Janet Jackson liked Britney post on Instagram

    I wish Britney did a choreo for All Nite, that would be insane
  2. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    I gotchu, gotchu, gotchu, gotchu, gotchu, gotchu, chuuuuuuuu I effin love jazzney
  3. OMG! Did u all realised...

    Brian was kind of hot during 00's Columbus Short was great Leo Moctezuma was on fire That one blonde dancer who also appears in the Crossroads movie (the night club scene and tries to flirt with Lucy) was effin HOT ... So what are you talking ?
  4. Why can't she experiment with sounds like this?

    just an unpopular opinion
  5. Exhale, we love making assumptions so this question has been on my head for a little time lately, have you ever wondered the same?
  6. Maybe the Diamond choker is what gives you the over the top classic Mariah vibes. Queen of hints
  7. .........Don't hate me, I had a flashback with so much denim
  8. She said in the Vogue interview it was in Paris, yet she posted the famous "secret project" pic tagging the Universal Studios or someone else did so: plus, no one saw any paparazzi pic of her in France so, who knows.
  9. Why can't she experiment with sounds like this?

    In terms of style I'm really open to anything AS LONG AS she embraces it in its 200% I have always disliked Glory because it sounds boring and too slow to me mainly because she DOESN'T DO IT any justice in a 100% live performance. If she sat in a chair with only a microphone and a guitar (I mean someone else playing it) and started singing JUST LIKE ME I would be DOOOOOOOOOOOOWN for it but she does everything in its 50% or less My point is, whatever she does, she needs to FULLY do it. If she released a chill and melodic album, go and sing freaking LIVE. If she released a trend-following album, go and release the most generic song (BETTER) in it and make sure a worldwide hit. If she released a so called "my baby" album go a release more singles, talk about it, make it stand out, do whatever you wanna do but DO effin SOMETHING!!! In a more personal point of view, I'd like her to incorporate jazz, 50's rock or blues styles. Something different, catchy but still artistic and attractive on her own standars. I'm still waiting for THAT powerhouse ballad of hers ala "I Will Always Love You". If she's not willing to do it, I'd rather she does classic poppy catchy Max Martin hit songs.
  10. This is the best so far tbh. She looks great on the other pics but particularly on this, she actually looks like Britney herself. This should be the cover of the entire campaign. Looks like a well edited candid
  11. She's not used to portray haute couture fashion brands either, it could have been anything but we have been let down so many times that we refused to get our hopes up
  12. Teacher Dancing To Britney

    He must have been working bitch
  13. When will she release the first single off B10?

    I hope this next fall. It will be fun to get a new hit single right after 20 years of BOMT. Having a hit after 20 years in the industry would be like "it's been two decades and Im still slaying this"
  14. I know right, she went to France and no one spotted her at least on one paparazzi pic