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  1. I am not Brazilian but I can totally state they are the (quoting brit herself) freaking best and most loyal fans ever. My god, that guy with white tshirt in the front if you are logged in this forum, pls marry me. JK JK Me too, the few gay friends (not even friends, just known people) I have usually throw shade at her and her playback, lack of dancing, etc. I wish a have a Britney stan as a friend. We could lip sync to her songs together ...just like her
  2. They remain unbothered because they don't even know Britney is still performing. The only people bored with her are us ourselves her fans who check every date of the POM but we find nothing new to get excited for.
  3. Selling out arenas after 20 years into music. When will others? She could have ended up promoting Oreo cookies but she didnt. That's the attitude sis Preach it
  4. I can't talk for everyone of you but in my case I am no longer excited for these things: - After so so so many disappointments I have come to the point where whatever comes it's good. I won't expect anything over the top cause it wont happen so that I can avoid unecessary meltdowns. - When I was younger I had less thing to care about. Britney has always been part of my life but the percentage of the "Britney-fever" isnt the same as it once was when I was a child or a teenager. I will always love her but in a different way. - Being realistic, she does little few new things. There is no feedback from her. POM show has been 70% the same since 2013. 4.5 music videos in 4 years (let's say 1 each year) is not enough as a fan, not even as a stan. Out of those singles, only one of them outstands from the rest. I could go on and on but I dont want to be negative. We can follow other artist if we are thirsty and we cant get enough of her. Loving other's music doesnt mean I dont love Britney's so I will always stick to Britney. She will always be my #1.
  5. She is a pop singer, she should be ablr to come up with countless thing in her music. You all say you want Blackout, Glory or ITZ 2.0. I dont want any of those albums again. As well as with Glory, it was a different style in her own standars so I'd like the same for B10, something new in her career, something she's never done. Of course it should include Britney's classic touch in it. I'd like a thematic album, maybe 70's disco sound as Madonna in Confessions, or old style as Xtune in Back to basics, I mean it's an example, it doesnt mean I want Britney to copy those albums.
  6. The opening verses and the pre-chorus is AMAZING! It screams 90's pop ..."Since I tasted you I got a craving" ...but then "there's something bout cha, about cha about cha" that chorus sounds silly, stupid, childish and annoying AF! It kills the song completely, it's as annoying as listening to Body Ache It's like heaven and hell in one single song.
  7. A big d*ck os a big d*ck no matter what
  8. 1. That's not a red carpet outfit, it looks more like a magazine cover outfit. 2. Britney has no sense of fashion style and I really doubt she has a team as Beyoncé or any other A-list celebrity that tells her what to wear.
  9. And it's not even awake Just imagine