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  1. I feel like slumber party with that video and no tinashe would've done amazing as a first single. The vmas wouldn't have been about geazy and it would've been more upbeat overall. A lot of counted sales were lost with make me because even the fans refused to watch that mess. I think with the promo make me got but put to slumber party, it would've done way better
  2. Ok now I'm sure she's just faking it for attention
  3. Great she tweeted and it made everything better. now you can complain about how late it was or maybe how it was worded?
  4. So anybody who didn't tweet about it doesn't give a f**k?
  5. Is her tweeting prayers going to bring those people back to life? As if those in mourning care about a random celebrities tweet. She doesn't really have to tweet anything, instead of making useless threads, as another user said, use the time to donate and contribute to those people that need it
  6. Still don't like her but grew to like swish swish it's pretty good lol I don't get bringing this feud up till now though, it's old. Has the segment aired on tv already?