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    treytrey reacted to Chaoscontrol in This Reddit post though [Britney related]   
    I was scrolling Reddit and saw in the conspiracy theory subreddit, someone made a post about celebrity breakdowns, Britney was included in the OP. Some user posted this, and thought exhale might enjoy the read through:
    Here’s the conspiracy- and you might not like it.
    It takes an incredibly empathetic or imaginative person to try and understand what it’s like being a celebrity- much less being in that industry (if you aren’t already).
    There’s a lot of people, who, even if they see what’s going on as wrong, still see the situation with stars in their eyes.
    The truth is, a lot of what goes on is just not that glamourous.
    When you’re a huge celebrity, it’s very easy to lose grasp on your humanity, as well as your humility. Everyone around you sees you as an idea first and person second. Executives see you as a dollar sign. The public sees you as a slut. Or a demon-possessed illuminati member. Or a bad influence to children. Fans can sometimes be extremely overwhelming because they’re take on your reality- who you are as a person, is so skewed, if they see you as a person at all.
    Every single human being in the world knows how being misunderstood feels. No one is ever going to be truly misunderstood. But we’re shaped by our circumstances. Do you think having voices in your head suck? The people without celebrity don’t have to worry about thousands- and millions of actual other human beings. Sure there are fans who appreciate them and tell them how they love them. But for every fan is another person who  tells them to kill themselves. Says how nappy their hair is. How gay they’re acting. How fake they are. Judging your life freely- and feeling entitled to it. It’s not easy to just “shut it off” because it’s everywhere. It’s on the internet, on television screen, even on the racks before the cash register at your local pharmacy. The entire world chiming in on who they think you are and who they think you should be. 
    And in a cutthroat industry, it’s hard to trust anyone. As your life changes and your celebrity increases it’s hard to keep a level head.
    Especially when nothing is truly real- you’ve got your publicist telling you who to hang out with, who to date, etc. You’ve got your agent suggesting that you sleep with an executive for a deal. You’re working a seven hour shoot overnight only to do a morning show right after, so after spilling to entourage how busy your schedule is- they tell you they can help you- by dropping some pills into your hands that’ll keep you up and energized. You don’t know who to trust, if there is anyone at all.
    it’s easy for anyone else to say what they’d do if they were in that position. Except, they’ll never be in your position. They’ll never be in your shoes, have your past and your present. Have your knowledge in the moment. Your level of discernment. Your maturity. It’s so, SO easy for people to say what they would do, when they don’t have to do sh!t.
    It’s why this industry is so horrible for children, because they grow up being groomed by everyone around them.
    And the thing is, this is how reality is- because outside of your celebrity, there are still people sleeping for promotions in the corporate world. People still pushing drugs to balance college and two part-time jobs. Users on reddit who feel entitled to call you love, retarded, a horrible person- based on something as frivolous as a comment you made on the internet. It’s world we live in.
    And now increasingly in a social media world that grants everyone a feeling of celebrity, with a culture of chasing fame and actually wanting eyes on you- invading your privacy, I’m so so so worried about the mental health of the youth growing up today.
    Anyway... this probably going to get lost. It's easy for everyone here on Reddit to say, "Down with Hollywood, _they're_* the problem," when it's the everyday person that takes part in culture that keeps the ball rolling. But, whatever....
    They're right, and I don't even know why I'm posting this. 
    I may get dragged for it, but whatever. After the 13 page thread about her face, I think we all sometimes we forget that this is another person were talking about. This is not some God like figure who promised us or owes us anything. 
    I guess my point is, can we try not to be so hard on her for every little thing we don't like? Having opinions on her career is one thing, but poking at her for every little thing? Come on now

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    treytrey reacted to FocusOnMe in Britmas Is Coming! Someone Tricked RCA Into Uploading Dozens Of Unreleased Britney Tracks   
    49 songs!!!!!
    They betta share with the rest of the class!
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    treytrey reacted to prettylittleliar_2214 in Reasons why the 3rd Glory single did NOT happen!   
    Well she seemed to love Make Me and didn't do her best to promote it either. I think what really happened is that they all got pissed Make Me underperformed and they just didn't want to do anything else. They expect instant gratification without the effort. She's not at her peak and radio was never her strong suit but they did nothing to help her streaming power. They choose to live in 2008 or 1998 then they'll fail every single time. 
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    treytrey reacted to PokemonSpears in Reasons why the 3rd Glory single did NOT happen!   
    Because her fans wanted Slumber Party but it charted lower than Perfume
    In Slumber Party's defense, it wasn't even properly released as a single, they just released the videoclip, replaced the original version with Tinashe's in all the digital platforms, and much later they released that Remixes EP that didn't even include the standard version. So it was all very messy, but still, that "sleeper hit" never woke up, because it was a very bad choice.
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    treytrey got a reaction from PokemonSpears in Britney's Winter Talent Show   
    So I got bored last night and threw this together for my Twitter header & I wanted to share it with y'all too... 

    Gretchen is Onyx Hotelney, Regina is Currentney, Cady is Toxicney, & Karen is Neyde (because, duh). 
    plz don't drag me for my terrible editing 
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    treytrey reacted to Tig in Britney Performing at the Latin Grammys? (Dancers Rehearsal Pic)   
    nnnnnnnnnnnnnn mess at chu, sis! 
    said you don't wanna cross the line, but imma make you change your mind 
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    treytrey reacted to mauureee in Britney Performing at the Latin Grammys? (Dancers Rehearsal Pic)   
    Change your mind is finally happening 
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    treytrey reacted to BritintheZone in Pop Emergency! Britney Spears Teases Secret Project   
    Thats the only way I will accept a new residency 
    cause I live in nyc 

    lol honestly I just hope its a pom netflix special or a new perfume not a residency 
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    treytrey reacted to SwaggedyAndy in Pop Emergency! Britney Spears Teases Secret Project   
    We keep talking about the apples but what about the flower? The painting that Robin Leach bought was of flowers, and she said"The flowers in my painting represent a new beginning, and it's in that spirit that we move forward." in the video message at the auction. 
    Im trying not to have another desert performance meltdown, but this gets me excited!
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    treytrey reacted to Ryan Godspeed in Pop Emergency! Britney Spears Teases Secret Project   
    My only wish this year MV is coming 
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    treytrey reacted to Tetris in My M&G Oct 27   
    I loved reading your story! Brought back a lot of memories. (I totally know what you mean about the boob squish! HAHA I had completely forgotten that.) I'm really glad you were able to pull it together and be cool and calm. That was my headspace too - because there's too much money spent and such a little amount of time ruin it by fucking up. Your bf sounds like a great rallying coach too!!
    Was it a conscious decision to wear that lace top as a call out to the kind of clothes/Make Me dress that we know Brit Brit likes, or just a total coincidence? Either way, super cute!
    Also, the dress she's wearing is from the night Jamie Lynn got that award or whatever at the Grand Ole Opry:

    Thanks again for sharing!
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    treytrey reacted to iamsodramatic in My M&G Oct 27   
    Okay! I am back from Vegas...what a whirlwind! I want to share a detailed story of my M&G because I would've loved to read something this detailed before I went!
    So! My boyfriend bought my this M&G package for my birthday present! I have seen POM 4x now and was excited to be able to take my boyfriend for the first time. He isn't really a fan so just bought me the M&G and also because he wanted it to be about me and not get me distracted.
    I was so frickin nervous you guys. I was shaking and sweating. I honestly felt disgusting and wanted to just meet her already! My boyfriend and I had practiced what I wanted to say and I wanted to do a fun pose with her like the hugging ones! My boyfriend told me to go in and take everything in. This is my one opportunity. He wanted me to remember every detail and tell him EXACTLY how everything was afterwards.
    So I went and got my wristband and we lined up and were escorted inside. We checked our bags inside and waited for everyone to get inside. I didn't really understand how there were some people on the backstage tour that did not have the meet & greet? Not sure how it works. I had started talking with some people and felt way more relaxed. I felt totally prepared. There were some people who had no plan on what to say and some people who didn't really even seem like fans.
    Felicia started the tour and that was fun! I honestly did not realize that she used to be the one who helped dress and undress Britney during her shows...Felicia was extremely nice and approachable. Saw the wings, which everyone knows was made by the VS fashion show guy. I thought it'd be way cooler but Brit's spray tan was smudged ALL OVER it and I noticed there were feathers that were safety pinned on. The wings looked like they needed an upgrade.
    We learned a lot about the lights, the stage, the band etc. She said that Britney now has 8 personal body guards compared to the 4 she had before after the guy came up on stage recently.
    Up in the dressing room. Wow everything just looked so cheap and  not prepared. All of her shoes and boots were just thrown in a pile. Felicia picked up her VMA boots and then literally just chucked them back. I couldn't believe it. I am wondering how frequently they wash/clean her outfits. Can you imagine how bad they smell after a while? She was holding up her "kisses" panties and was telling us the story on how she chops up all of her outfits. I'm staring at these panties and noticing a weird dark colored stain on the crotch. WTF... then Felicia hollers at the seamstress and goes "Britney is wearing these tonight right?!" the seamstress goes "YEP". Also, there was some chips and queso near a sewing machine and Felicia was so dangerously close to dipping a bra strap in that queso  She told us about the inside of Britney's dressing room. Soft pinks and whites, cds, dvds, boy toys. Then she clarified that Britney wanted to tell her that she means her KIDS toys...trucks, skateboards etc. Then Felicia goes, oh but you know she does have that HOT BOY TOY now you guys! OOOH he's so hot. hahaha!
    Then we went back down and Felicia gave us a full biography of a lot of the people who work behind the scenes. I started to get a little distracted and tired of being there but, I believe in karma and didn't want to be ungrateful so I kept telling myself to enjoy the experience.
    Then we got a 30 min break and I didn't want to drink and I didn't have anyone with me so I kept wandering around just ready to do this! I really wanted to go first so I went back to the spot early. Side note, there was this mother-daughter who were there who were obnoxious and chain smoking. Randomly they came up to me "OMG a familiar face!" I'm thinking WTF. Then they kept going on and on about how horrible the backstage tour was and this and that about Felicia. I'm just sitting there like  They keep like getting near me and telling me I am so pretty blah blah blah. I'm just praying they leave me alone TBH.
    When it was time they brought us outside lol it was so creepy I felt like I was about to get murdered outside. I was first in line and the security guard was like making small talk with me. Felicia and the security guard did the good cop bad cop speeches. Felicia told us to TELL HER what we want to tell her, if we are too afraid to tell her Felicia will tell her for us. She told us Brit will feed off your energy. She goes, I know you know what I'm talkin about you've seen those pics on the internet  The security guard told us absolutely do not ask for hugs, kisses etc. If you put two hands around her you will be kicked out and won't get to see the show. Ugh, I decided I would just do a normal pic at this point. I did not want to risk it.
    So we went into this room...best way I can describe it is a large utility closet? Put our bags in TSA bins and waited. We had to wait in lines 2 by 2 and I was somewhat in the middle of the line. We waited for what seemed like forever. The mother daughter was in front of us just non stop talking peoples heads off annoying literally EVERYONE. At that moment I noticed a bunch of coke residue under the daughter and moms nose. Makes sense now. I felt like they were either about to get kicked out or scare the sh!t out of Britney.
    We waited for what seemed like forever. The girl next to me goes, how are you so calm. I said I just feel prepared I just feel ready to meet her. When they finally opened the door it seemed like the line was going WAY TOO FAST. This is when the guy I talked about came in and talked about the middle finger thing. I got nervous she wasn't in a good mood but decided to go in confident. When it was time I literally felt like cattle being herded. I saw Larry in the corner watching Brit and then security pushes you "Go!" You're then with Felicia, I tried telling her everything I wanted to say but was cut off and told to "Go!" again to another guard. I saw Britney's silhouette and got so excited.
    When it was my turn, I turned the corner. She looked like a goddess! I did notice her black eye make up right away. I always thought it was eyeliner but it is just black eyeshadow lol. I noticed her dress, I recognize it from somewhere but I am not sure where. Maybe a pic she took with her brother once? IDK! I said "Hi Britney" told her my name. I kept my distance, actually stood way back because I didn't wanna get pulled in for a pic too soon. I said "I just want to tell you I've been your fan since I was 6 years old" She's lookin at me like  I noticed then that her lips are starting to look more normal. Then I said "Now I have a 6 year old son who is also a huge fan. He calls you Britney Spirit" Britney goes "Aww that's so cute! Your shirt is so cute too!" I wanted to ask her for a piece of life advice (LOL) but she had her arm out and said come here and pulled me in close for the picture. I remember feeling how squishy her boobs were on my shoulder.
    I went outside and it sounds like not everyone had a positive experience. One girl said she was worried because Britney didn't pull her in close like she did for my pic.
    POM was amazing. It was the best time that I've been! She looked energetic and the eye makeup doesn't look as bad on stage. My boyfriend said after that he has a whole new respect for Britney but that her lip synching was really distracting.
    After the show I was so eager to get my pic. As soon as I got it I started BAWLING.  I was so happy that SHE looked genuinely happy during mine. I think it was because I was respectful and made her feel comfortable. I am really happy with my M&G but I do think there were a few who weren't happy with theirs unfortunately.
    Let me know if you have any other questions about the experience!
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    treytrey reacted to ShowdownITZ in My M&G Oct 27   
    You and Britney look beautiful 
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    treytrey reacted to iamsodramatic in My M&G Oct 27   
    I'm gonna write a full write up when I get home because it's just so much information and I'm so thankful for this opportunity.
    the person who had the negative experience... I recognized him right away because I've seen pics of him in other m&g with brit. I think he goes a lot idk how! 
    When he was done I said "how was it? Was she pretty?" He goes "omg ya she was gorgeous but I asked if we could do that middle finger photo that she sometimes does ya know and she goes "ummmm...no. Can we please just do a smile" LOL so I'm like sh!t she's not in a good mood. However her and I had a great experiencr and I didn't make her uncomfortable. He said he's met her before and the rules have gotten stricter with her. They did tell us she now has 8 personal body guards at the show ever since that guy jumped the stage recently
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    treytrey reacted to iamsodramatic in My M&G Oct 27   
    Thank you. But for real the lighting is horrible!! I don't really like the picture of me I feel like I look weird. 
    Britneys eye makeup was way too much I'm not gonna lie. It was definitely the first thing I noticed. But you guys when I first saw her I swear she looked like an angel. She is so so pretty!!
    there was someone in my group who had a semi negative experience with her so I'm considering myself lucky we got to talk and she really listened to what I was saying. And when I picked up my picture I literally BROKE DOWN. I was worried sick with how my pic would turn out. My bf who bought me this package for my birthday said my reaction made this whole thing worth every penny. 
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    treytrey reacted to BoyToySoldier in Is Britney really getting rid of CHARM for the next era tho?   
    This is the same person who choreo’s Meghan Trainor though.  I agree Britney’s a lazy mess but I think a change of pace with someone that will push her is for the better.
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    treytrey reacted to WootsWow in Do Y'all Remember That "Time Traveler" Who Said All The Pop Stars And Celebrities Would Engage In A World War?   
    More importantly, did Make Me video leaked by 2030?
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    treytrey reacted to Slayde in Do Y'all Remember That "Time Traveler" Who Said All The Pop Stars And Celebrities Would Engage In A World War?   
    i remember Yumjael and that iconic thread! He kept mentioning colours like a white side and a black side in the war didn't he? and when questioned about why he couldn't search google he said the internet was destroyed and the only website he could find was exhale  
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    treytrey reacted to BrittonJeanSpears in Do Y'all Remember That "Time Traveler" Who Said All The Pop Stars And Celebrities Would Engage In A World War?   
    He had a hit 70 page thread about his claims in either 2015 or 2016.  But as is the case with pretty much any thread pre-2017 in the Britney section, it's likely been DELETED.  
    It was about how Taylor Swift and Beyoncé used their power and influence to cause a Third World War. Taylor Swift was an internationally wanted war criminal and Beyoncé had been beheaded for her crimes.  Meanwhile, Britney and Katy (of all people) were the leaders of the rebellion. Britney's 10th album was known as Album X, released in 2021 and revolutionized the world. Made Britney one of music's most powerful figures again. Meanwhile Katy had bared her soul and gone acoustic and whatnot and also became one of music's most powerful figures alongside Britney and Rihanna.
    Meanwhile, Madonna and Gaga were extremely powerful political figures advocating for less war and more peace and whatnot.
    Literally like 20+ pages were of us users asking this guy what different celebrities were doing during the war.  It was actually extremely entertaining.
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    treytrey reacted to Chaoscontrol in Britney needs her suicide song   
    As much as I would love to hear her thoughts in the form of a song, I absolutely agree. Maybe she doesn't want to even touch that, because she feels like she's just in a totally different place right now
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    treytrey reacted to danny1994 in Britney needs her suicide song   
    That’s none of our business, if she feels like delving into that topic that’s her decision.
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    treytrey reacted to PokemonSpears in I MET BRITNEY! + Photo & Video   
    When I saw the picture I was like, wow it's cool, and then agreed with everyone else about how smart it was, because that way people can't complain about her makeup or her smile, but I didn't think until now about the fact you have to stare at each other's eyes til they took the picture. That really was the smartest thing of it all.
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    treytrey reacted to Alexanda in New Britney Shirt   
    shut up and take my money
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    treytrey reacted to RedBloodedWoman in Britney recorded two other songs: "Stay" & "Strip" during the same sessions as Touch of my Hand...   
    I interviewed Jimmy Harry (the producer of TOMH) last year and this is what he had to say about the songs:

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    treytrey reacted to BoyToySoldier in Would you be here for a 10th anniversary edition of Blackout   
    @Brat2017 It's only 10 years old and was recorded with modern tech, a remaster isn't necessary.