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    treytrey reacted to RedBloodedWoman in Britney recorded two other songs: "Stay" & "Strip" during the same sessions as Touch of my Hand...   
    I interviewed Jimmy Harry (the producer of TOMH) last year and this is what he had to say about the songs:

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    treytrey reacted to BoyToySoldier in Would you be here for a 10th anniversary edition of Blackout   
    @Brat2017 It's only 10 years old and was recorded with modern tech, a remaster isn't necessary. 
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    treytrey reacted to I Always Sing Live in Man On The Moon Depression Thread   
    MoTM and Slumber Party were my initial favorites from Glory and still are today.  I can't help it but MoTM reminds me of classic 00s pop and classic Britney, Oops and Circus respectively. 
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    treytrey reacted to BattleBoy in Man On The Moon Depression Thread   
    I was waiting for this kind of thread, thank you.
    My first time hearing this song
    Dark mascara dripping down my face 
    Only fools could ever feel this way 
    Send my message into outer space, wonder if it's gonna float you way 
    I cant compete with the stars in the sky, i'm invisible (AND I FUCKING LOST IT HERE), there isn't a song that better represents my life, having the love of my life only in my dreams, it's too much guys 
    now there's meaning in the saddest songs, (I just cry) all I do (and cry) is cry and sing along (and cry) 
    Perfect song, if not my fave on Glory then in the top 3 for sure, and the fact that it has actual instruments especially the violin build up in the breakdown part and then the congas come in the background near the end, it gives me an island loneliness feeling at night, pure perfection.
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    treytrey reacted to Genesis. in Man On The Moon Depression Thread   
    It's one of my favorites on Glory 
    And the 2nd pre-chorus is amazing 
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    treytrey reacted to MC The Songbird Supreme in Man On The Moon Depression Thread   
    Man On The Moon is so beautiful  It's a shame she will never perform it and the GP will never know about it  One year later and I'm still addicted to this beautiful song that takes me on an outer space journey 
    It's such a different song for Britney. The production is neatly and beautifully done. It's just perfection. I don't care if the song would have flopped as a single, the video would have had beautiful visuals  My GP friends love Man On The Moon (Of course I had to play it on the car for them because they didnt know Britney released a new album). They were shocked at how different the song was compared to her previous songs. They even thought her voice sounded different. 
    She records these amazing beautiful songs just to pay them dust 
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    treytrey got a reaction from MissSpearsSaysSo in Rare Lossless songs collection   
    omg can I please get a pm with a link when this is up!? 
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    treytrey reacted to Genesis. in Rare Lossless songs collection   
    I'm making a MEGA folder with all of Britney's rare songs in FLAC then I'll do a group chat so I can send it to everybody
    Who's interested? 
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    treytrey reacted to If I'm Dancing in I listened to Man On The Moon after a long time   
    POM is more important to them! Such a shame that Glory didn't have its full time! Best songs since the circus imo. Let's cross our fingers for B10 
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    treytrey reacted to Style. in I listened to Man On The Moon after a long time   
    It's such a beautiful and underrated song. I'm pressed her team didn't post some of Glory songs on her Vevo channel... Invitation, Just Like Me, Man On The Moon, Change Your Mind, Come Over. Incredible songs with actual potential, but her team is stupid as f**k. 
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    treytrey reacted to colormefresh in This is like 12 years late but...   
    Idk her but she seems like a c*nt based off of what I'm gathering in this thread 
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    treytrey reacted to BoyToySoldier in The 2017 Video Music Awards Winners List   
    Britney would have automatically boosted the ratings. This fanbase is too thirsty.
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    treytrey reacted to Million Billion in Target are STANS   
    They promote Britney more than Britney promotes herself. 
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    treytrey reacted to patience darling in Target are STANS   
    the fact they said mood ring is amazinggggggg
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    treytrey reacted to Chris343 in Target are STANS   
    Just saw these I'm Twitter.... stanning the queen! 
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    treytrey reacted to BoyToySoldier in what happened with the slumber party original version?   
    I like both versions, I love Tinashe's second chorus after Britney's. She adds a sexier vibe, it's a plus. I rip my B CD's so the solo is what I listen to though.
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    treytrey reacted to Tetris in Glory Vinyl Pressed Beautifully   
    I bet Mood Ring would sound so special in vynil. 
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    treytrey reacted to BoyToySoldier in Has anybody asked Britney about Original Doll?   
    This x1000 
    She teases us with music, videos, choreo, etc. and then just scraps it like it was some wishful dream  
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    treytrey reacted to BoyToySoldier in Has anybody asked Britney about Original Doll?   
    I'd rather ask about the Make Me video 
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    treytrey reacted to DMVofficial in Sean and Preston ask North West a question for Interview Magazine   
    Wait why is everyone upset? Their last name is Federline, this is no shade.
    This is actually so cool. Seems like they're trying to have kids interview other kids so they aren't nervous. Imagine being a 4 year old interviewed by an adult? Kind of intimidating.
    I think this is so cool actually.
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    treytrey reacted to Itachi in Best Britney videos to watch while high?   
    Agreed with Make Me, also Petty Girls. You'll probably appreciate them when high
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    treytrey reacted to Dark.Knight in Literally how we all feel right now.   
    more like

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    treytrey reacted to jamesedward94 in The 2017 Video Music Awards Winners List   
    Every artist after Britney who has received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award has been given time to perform a lengthy melody and then they were honored with a great speech from the award presenter.....Ellen honored P!nk and Jimmy Fallon honored JT. I know Britney was not in the best place back then, but she deserved SO MUCH BETTER. 
    I honestly wish she was not given that award already because she would NAIL a big MTV melody performance now! It makes me beyond sad that she won't get her "moment" of recognition she SO truly deserves!
    She's the QUEEN of the VMAs and I still cannot believe how they did her!!! 
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    treytrey reacted to MikeMasi in Meet & Greet Review & Some Info After POM   
    You may remember my post that I shared with Exhale about a month ago. It was embedded with a video, which shared my living situation with my boyfriend and how he surprised me with meet and greet tickets for the August 23rd show. Being a fan for eighteen years, this was a dream that was about to come true, but I felt I should be prepared to know the reality of it as well, and the fact that a lot of money was spent for my thirty seconds with Britney, but all in all, it was a great experience and I got some information that many of you may be interested in hearing about. I won't tell you about what happens during the meet and greet, because the story does not differ from anyone else. However, I'll go more into detail about stories of Britney, the show itself and how Fe is simply the sweetest woman. 
    I think my boyfriend and I could agree that I may have been slightly more excited to meet Fe. We all know who she is. She was formally her assistant, but now is in charge of the whole meet and greet experience.
    Meeting Fe
    We picked up our passes at 5:30pm, and waited to enter around 6:15-6:30pm. As soon as we got to the Axis, Fe was there. I was so excited I just wanted to go up and introduce myself right away, but I figured I needed to slowly make my way over to her. It's funny because as soon as she started to conduct the backstage tour, she told us that her name is Felicia, but she prefers Fe. I was about to call her Fe before that, and I thought it might be rude, so when she said that, I felt great. I guess it's a common thing to want to call her that as we all have watched those interviews, documentaries and videos of Britney and Fe bounding together. I felt like I was meeting an old friend, even though I don't know her personally. 
    General Summary of POM
    We finally got on stage and walked across the cat walk. Fe spoke about everything from the band, the history of the theater, the dancers, and everything about the show. Interestingly enough, Fe stated over and over that the theater is the biggest in Vegas, and it fits 4500 people, plus an additional 1900 seats (around that number, I can't remember for sure), but it's used for equipment, lasers and so on. 
    Angel Wings
    As many of you know, the angel wings place Britney in a seat. That weight isn't on her. There are thousands of LED lights that they can do anything with. It's so intricate that they could write anything on the wings with the lights, but Britney wanted to keep it simple. Apparently you could light multiple Rockefeller Center trees with the lights used in the wings. The guy who designed Victoria's Secret's wings also created these wings for the show. 
    Fe said Britney wanted to push the envelope this time around with technology. That's where the decision was made to add lasers. Fe was so funny, because she explained how she was worried about the lasers hitting people's eyes, but it turns out that they're fine. The lasers give a feeling that everyone has their own laser. So you can stare at them, and nothing will happen.
    Magic for POM
    For the revamp, Britney had the idea to bring back magic like she had in the Circus Tour. Fe explained that it was all Britney's idea and brought back the guy who worked with her for Circus. He designed the opening prop for the show.
    As far as wardrobe, it's all Britney's idea. Every night she can make a switch or add anything that she wants. Fe explained that Britney had an outfit with the number 17, I believe it was the outfit she brought back for the revamp? She cut one of the sleeves off, because it was uncomfortable, but then she did it again to the other sleeve, and later to the bottom of the shirt. It was pretty much ruined then, since it was originally a sweater. 
    Fe also explained that A lot of Britney's outfits were placed in storage units across the states where she performed. All of these were scattered across the country until her father built one big storage in Louisiana. It has everything! But Fe, also mentioned that many were donated, too. Some  of them were also sent out to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame to keep them preserved. At that point, I asked about her opening Dream Within A Dream outfit, and if they still have it. They said they had two of them, but one of the capes were stolen. Fe said it was a very heavy cape.  That begun a whole conversation about that tour and the jewelry box. The jewelry box utilized new technology to open it, and weighed about 80 tons. 
    Fe also pulled out Britney's VMA 2016 boots, which was  the only part of the outfit that remains in their possession after the rest of the outfit was donated and a piece was given to a fan (I believe the jacket. I remember that contest.)
    What I told Fe 
    At that point the backstage part was done, and we had to meet back at 8:15pm for the meet and greet. That was when I took a photo with Fe, and told her that she's so sweet and I think one of the best people in Britney's life. She was full of energy, and very touchy feely in the way of giving hugs.

    Meeting Britney
    If I told you that you have a lot of time with Britney, I would be lying to you. It's literally five seconds, if that. As you know, no hugs, kissing, grabbing and so on. There was twenty of us, so they said if they gave us five minutes each, the show would have already started. We lined up, and after waiting a bit, the first person was back in seconds. I was like, "seriously?" And then the next, and the next. It was so fast! All I knew was that I needed to say more than just "I love you, and it was nice meeting you." So out of everyone else, I said a bunch of things that I wanted to say. It was so surreal, I wish I could explain more. She was wearing a pink shirt, she looked beautiful and honestly looks like a doll. I went over and said "Hi Britney!" We shook hands, and she said "what's your name sweetie?" I said "Mike." And she said "it's nice meeting you." We took our picture, and I turned around and said, "Did you hear Will & Grace is coming back? She replied "Oh, yeah, I love that show." I said, "you should come back as Peg, or even yourself!" She replied, Thank you sweetie." And then I started walking away and said "I love your vocals on Just Luv me! They're so raw." She thanked me again. And that was it! I swear it was 30 seconds. My boyfriend came out five seconds after me, and just said "it's nice meeting you." We couldn't even comprehend what just happened, but everyone I talked to said almost the same as what he said. I think after that I started panicking about my picture, how it looked, and if I may have been slightly too talkative. It wasn't until I talked to Fe again, where I found out some interesting stuff.

    Meeting with Fe Again (A Must Read)
    We picked up our pictures, and after stressing how mine looked, it wasn't bad! My boyfriend put his arm around her, but I didn't. I just thought it might upset her, so I left my arm down. I even worried about what I said, but Fe told me it was great what I said to Britney. 
    We then talked to her for 25 minutes. I'm serious! We talked so long, that we ended up leaving with Fe. And for all of us, I brought up Glory, a world tour, and new music in our discussion.
    Interestingly enough, Fe said Britney isn't recording right now. I think I was shocked about that. And she also said that the residency thing is in the air. Piece of Me would come to an end because everyone needs a break and needs something fresh. Sets are starting to slowly deteriorate because of moving them in and out from storage and using them for years now. As we know, POM ends in December, so what does that mean for Britney? Fe said she wants at least a two month break, and then if they did plan for a new show it would take eight months to a year to see something. She said that there are a lot of bids for her to have her residency somewhere else in Vegas, but they haven't figured out if she'll do a world tour or just a new show in Vegas. So I asked, "what about new music?" And she said, she technically doesn't need new music for a show. I don't see how she would do a whole new show with no new material, but I hope she considers the world tour option with a new album. 
    I also stated that Glory is amazing, but should have had more singles. But, she said that it all had to do with sales, Billboard and how music has changed today. 
    We talked so much about how they started working together (20 years now). She even talked to me about Britney being shy and that she's always been like that. She says she just likes to speak through her music. She doesn't want her to seem aloof, but she's just shy. In general, she plays off of energy, and is very humble. Britney doesn't see what everyone else sees in her.
    We briefly spoke about her singing "Something to Talk About." I told her that I loved that she did it, and that I hope we'll see it again. Fe told me that it was her choice to do it, but she only wanted to do it for that night only. So if you're expecting her to do anything like that in the upcoming shows, chances are that it might not happen again. 
    We also talked about documentaries and how they all made me laugh. Fe reminisced about Chaotic (I was surprised!) and said she remembered filming it, and Britney was asking her if it was okay to use her footage. Fe laughed and said yeah, as you all have seen since it made the cut. 
    There were just so many laughs, and I'm so glad I met Fe, because we bounded and had a blast. Fe simply told me she's sticking around to do this because she loves it. She's laughed and said she's the good Will ambassador for Britney. So my advice for all of you is don't just get wrapped up in meeting Britney for those few seconds. Make friends, stick with Fe and just enjoy it for what it is, and you'll love it! 
    This is weird!
    One of her security guards was with me, because I had to leave backstage to use the bathroom, but we talked about meeting her, and he said "what will you say?" I told him I wasn't too sure but I had an idea. He replied, "why don't you ask her about Original Doll?" I was like "that would be a bad idea!" He said "why? You're a Britney fan, right? You know about it." It makes me wonder if I should've asked, but I didn't. It's interesting, but also water under the bridge. 
    The show was great, but also it's been the same from the past two times I saw it. The only difference was this meet and greet and seeing her perform Make Me, Slumber Party and Do you want to come over? Her confidence and her presence keeps getting better and better, but I can finally say I'm done with this show! I wonder how she feels?!