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  1. 5 hours ago, fucknfurter said:

    I don't know how I feel about this. Pop does seem to be incorporating country more lately as the need for the genre to evolve has risen, and you'd think that me being a huge fan of Kesha's Rainbow/Rainbow era thus far would make me be all over this; but I still am iffy on country overall. I don't know. I still think she needs to do something innovative and not just follow trends this time around. Maybe a few songs would be cool. :yaknow:

    It's blues rock influenced, but most people see it as pop/country.

    THANK YOU. I really DONT want her to try and hop on this heavily country influenced wagon the girls are all hitching a ride on now. I'm afraid if she does, her and her team will be too late & miss the prime time. 


    On on that note, do I think she could pull of an album in this sound? HELL YES. 

  2. Okay so I'm LIVING for the STTA cover from POM last night! But it made me wonder... the sound gave me the twangy pop vibe girls are going for now & I wonder if Brit was testing those waters a bit while also serving her army everything we want & more?  :letitburn: (Reach? Probably...)

    After hearing how Brit's vocals sound in that style LIVE, what would y'all think if B10 was in this style... :ponderney:

  3. So one of my all time favorite pictures of Britney is from her 2000 shoot with George Holz. So the other day when she posted her Thailand video the still for it reminded me of the 2000 shoot & then I compared the two - does anyone else see the similarities? I wish the pose was more spot on with the one from 2000 but I still love how our queen is still jumping around on beaches 17 years later :D Idon't know how to embed an IG post, but the comparison is below!  :dorkney:



  4. 12 hours ago, PerfumeLotion said:

    She's def nowhere near her original performance ability but it's great to see her happy, healthy and more comfortable on stage. Plus, I personally like some of her on-stage quirkiness. It's not the reason I originally fell in love with her but it's who she is now and I've loved being able to see that change. She has more of a personality on stage now and it's not so much about being fierce or sexy (or, to be brutally honest, hitting her marks lol). But I love it. 

    "Glory" was one of her best albums and proves she still has it in her to create strong work — both radio-friendly hits and more eclectic, oh-so-Britney deep cuts. As long as the GP still enjoys her performances, I don't mind what she does touring-wise as long as she keeps releasing music because it keepsgettingbetter.mp3.

    That being said, I do think it would be cool for her to try to take things a little more seriously — whether that's trying to take back her crown as one of the best performers in the game or shifting gears and releasing more experimental music. But I don't need her to do that to enjoy her career. I love almost everything she's done. Though I side-eye the Myah Marie influence, I even LOVED some Britney Jean tracks soooo. lol.

    I couldn't have said it better myself sis! 

  5. Haha no overreaction here :) Just making a light joke sis. :cutesybrit:

    6 minutes ago, Million Billion said:

    Do not overreact, it's just an Instagram short clip made just for fun. If I were a singer and I posted this 10 sec vids I wouldnt use my own music either if theres other music I like too. :brityes:


  6. 1 hour ago, coke4dinner said:

    nobody cared for her game.

    A game is a lot different than an iconic set of emojis that her fans can use though. The game got dull, emojis are "in" though. 

    Honeslty, her team could build a full keyboard app to entice more people & have it include custom keyboards, gifs, stickers, and her set of emojis. Granted, idk how many people outside of her stanbase would consider buying it :( 

  7. While I totally agree with the OP, I do think they're quite odd and out of place. They just don't seem to match her aesthetic to me. (But that's just me, if she loves em them great!)

    I get it if she's wearing them for dancing as support or to wipe sweat or something, but like... all the time girl? M&Gs, at tour airbnb, and on the beach?! Like, HELLO tan lines!! 

    This part is a bit dark and I'm sure it's not true in the slightest, but when I was younger and depressed, if I was cutting and had scabs/scars I'd feel self conscious some days and wear wristbands to cover it. Im sure that this didn't the reason but just my two cents! :cutesybrit: