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  1. it's like my grandma is trying to work the pole
  2. Every time I see it (also at BBMA's) I cringe it looks so awkward and stiff and not sexy at all ..
  3. except nobody is talking about your song Demi, so sit down
  4. Lazyney back then >>>> > everything she does on a "good" night at POM atm.
  5. don't u EVER come for Primeney
  6. if the vocals aren't pitched I'm here for it
  7. lmao. this autotune mess sounds worse than chipmunkney Maluma though...
  8. yes. Because that album taints her whole discography. It can never be erased. An artist should be ashamed to release an album with lead vocals from someone else
  9. this would be the smart & logical thing 2 do.. ...so it won't happen