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  1. Yes and after the performance of the BBMA I was excited, but after her last performances in awards (since 2011) I learned not to create great expectations, although this is the VMA and she has not acted there since 2007... however I think it was better than any performance at awards from 2011 to 2015.
  2. I also loved this commercial, however I was not disappointed because I did not create great expectations about this performance
  3. I thought you were joking when you said that, only now that I saw on her instagram that she was actually riding a horse
  4. Because she began to focus more on dance and not training her voice often and using playback in most performances made her lose control in her voice
  5. I want that horse too
  7. Do you read the last sentence she posted on instagram? She's starting to do something new, like a new show/new choreography for Asia tour or she's starting to record a new album.
  8. Man on the moon LMD CYM
  9. Radar horse died in 2012
  10. This would be a great gift for the fans but I do not think it would be interesting for GP.
  11. Maybe Mariah Carey's # 1's album came out at the time because it was after 8/9 years of career that she got more than 12 songs in # 1! And Britney in almost 20 years got 5, not bad for an artist who is not taken seriously by most of the GP, but if it took Britney another 20 years to get 5 or 6 songs in # 1, after 40 years of career no one would remember 3, Hold It Against Me or S&M Remix. Baby and Womanizer are iconic. Even today, no one hears 3 or Hold It Against Me, they are songs that worked the time they were released because of fan excitement, but it's not music that people remember when they think of her. That's why you're right.