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  1. it was my mistake, I already corrected
  2. I like Sam more and it's not because he has muscles, but I like defined men with no hair on the chest and I find him the most handsome and cute and in general he looks healthier. Every time I look at the G-eazy come to my head the word weed.
  3. Britney's body when she was the age Kylie had now was so HOT! But times have changed, 15 years ago it was fashionable to have a muscled body with abs, belly button piercing and platinum hair and now fashion are more "natural hair" (even though they are wigs), thicker and natural eyebrows and a big ass!
  4. It's now in E! Entertainment a top hot body Selfies of Instagram ranked and Britney has entered the list! 11 - Liam Payne 10 - Nicki Minaj 9 - Jessica Simpson 8 - Khloe Kardashian 7 - Joe Jonas 6 - Britney Spears 5 - Drake 4 - Kim Kardashian West 3 - Chris Pratt 2 - JLo 1 - Kylie Jenner
  5. No. Don't let me be the last to know and Till the world ends on top 10? No.
  6. Yes
  7. I think I've never seen this one, the only one I've seen is her with the same hair as performance day.
  8. With the long ponytail?
  9. It's this interview that I'm talking about
  10. At that time yes. And I think nowadays she still tries but does not set her goals so high.
  11. I remembered that too.
  12. I already researched and did not find it. The only thing I saw was a little interview in which she is dressed in the clothing of the video Overprotected (in which she is dancing in the warehouse), but does not show the behind the scenes.
  13. No. The MTV Diary was made in the summer of 2001 and shows the rehearsals for VMA 2001 and the early stuff of that era.