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  1. half assing 3 nights per week and taking break between these half assed shows certain took their toll on her
  2. at least vegasney bent her knees (kinda) stop
  3. she's been taking a break for 4 years time to get to work bitch
  4. The cure sounds like a cheap version of any of The Chainsmokers songs
  5. The DJ on radio one said that he received news that Britney is only doing this tour as a farewell one, because she's taking a break after it if you think about it it makes a lot of sense, why tour POM when it's gonna be over.. Tour with a new album . I'm starting to think she's taking a break
  6. radar. online .. most probably wendy williams will talk about this on Hot Topics and bring up the mental illness thing, since her source is Radar online
  7. yeah exactly, it seems like " so here you go .. enjoy " , a petty display
  8. I will POM should stay in PH where it belongs when did he confirm this? Was this after the 2 year contract extension? Maybe they changed the contract m did she really say that?
  9. i am not really sure when she said this
  10. Britney: come on philipines help me count to 3 britney : un deux trois philipinos : international queen thinking Canada is overseas
  11. whenever an artist tours, months before the tour they announce the signature logo, the theme, and they even reveal the stage unless britney is going to perform POM but around the world, in that case , i don't want this ' tour' to begin with.