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  1. Clumsy will never fit wherever you put it
  2. I hate how exhale ruined me and every time I see "Pretty Girls" I read it as "Petty Gorillas"
  3. Ewww lips that kissed Thiefonka kissed Godney
  4. Looks like that one friend that distracts the people in the market while you steal sh!t
  5. I can't at the song proposing a foursome sounding so beautiful No, jk, the lyrics are actually about how him, his new girlfriend and his ex and her new boyfriend should all be happy.
  6. I hate when they use mobile phones in music videos, especially in the good and expensive ones. The only thing that looks dated af. Imagine if she texted Justin on her Nokia 3310 in Slave 4 U
  7. You da king of my castle baby And the castle's between my legs You have to ring da doorbell baby It's right above the curtains Ring it good once or twice or thrice And Imma let you cum in for a prize