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  1. 5 hours ago, Alexanda said:

    You are right, it's more like a worldwide problem

    and people are not a little bit thankful for anything.

    like i had this situation with a girlfriend, she was way too early and kinda often like "open the door i'm in my car" without any signs, like totally spontaneous, and i was like it's my freetime and i want to spend it how i like at least a conversation before you drive to me would be nice, no? :rlynow: strange behavior, which makes me totally nervous and stressed out. So i said i don't have time because she didn't get that it's my time and i want to decide, not the other way around.

    I don't have to write down that she thinks she helped me a lot... but in reality nope "this and that is not possible"

    i guess i have to better watch out with the people i hang around, because lately i don't have any luck :selena:

    I need more details :ohdear:

  2. 4 hours ago, Chaoscontrol said:

    I went to UO today because I was gonna treat myself to the Britney hoodie with the Asian writing on it. 

    They didn't have it :( I don't think my location ever carried it because I showed them a picture and they didn't seem to recognize it. They're out of my size online too. 

    They have Larges left, but idk if it's gonna run small. I don't know if it's worth even bothering. I'm a sad panda :/ 

    Large runs kind of small for UO, I bought it and it didn’t fit me right...I felt fat :indulge:

    I ended up returning it but it looked so good good in person :kyliecry:

  3. I was watching videos from JLO’s All I Have show and I’m shook, her show looks amazing. She’s made her older music sound modern, the production is great and is serving sick visuals. When will Britney :yasqueen:

    Britney could take a few notes for her next residency :sassybrit: