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  1. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    Same, it was so short lived though
  2. I want to have babies with Joseph Gordon-Levitt :mhm: 

    1. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      for some reason I saw Neil Patrick Harris in my head instead of Joseph.. did a Google search and got shook.. :unbothered:

      Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ryan Gosling - I can't seem to find them attractive because they look WAY TOO MUCH like their teenage selves. I swear to god, when I look at them I just see teenage boys.. but slightly bigger.. does that make sense? :ohdear:

  3. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    Track 5 is better though
  4. Did we time travel back to 1999 They do look alike though
  5. This is so accurate
  6. Your FÄV song?

    ATM Dreamlover, but the live version from MSG
  7. Song lyrics

    Lana Del Rey is shaking
  8. Fifth Harmony Announce Indefinite Hiatus

    I mean all their songs were about taking d*ck
  9. Hey Exhale! I'm Edward!

    Hi Eddie
  10. Hello Exhale!

    Welcome Riko
  11. Hi Guys & Gals

    Hi Jake

    Siri Jean deserves to be overlooked
  13. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    It would’ve been epic, the world isn’t ready for that slayage
  14. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    Does anyone know what happened to Mariah’s rumored 20th anniversary tour for Butterfly. It doesn’t look like it’s happening