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  1. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    Don't forget your glowstick Congratulations though, you're going to be so close to the Queen
  2. I'm so rooting for her, she's talented af and she deserves more recognition
  3. She's spilling some very interesting tea, however she could just be bitter she wasn't invited to comeback. Is she the one who left in the very beginning? I really don't know them except for Nicole, Melody and Ashley.
  4. Would you rather

    Will.I.Am for B10
  5. New Pop Gem

    It's whatever, it's not bad but it's not good either
  6. He needs the new shirt from Target
  7. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    Ooh the #1's, iconic. We're definitely not getting a new album this year, it's already October and there's no sign of new music anywhere, except for the new holiday music. Maybe next year lamb
  8. Compliment Yourself

    I have a great personality
  9. Kids React To Madonna

    Zendaya is the new Madonna
  10. Kids React To Madonna

    I laughed so hard at that part
  11. Kids React To Madonna

    They don't know her I wonder if Britney is this disconnected with today's youth