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  1. so that UO Britney Vinyl...

    You're probably right about this, I only have one album on picture vinyl (Lana Del Rey's Ultraviolence Boxset) has hydrangeas all over the vinyl and it's pretty but it's my only record that skips
  2. Anyone ever caught an STD?

    No, I'm usually always safe when it comes to sex except for one time there was this one guy that was irresistibly hot that I didn't care Afterwards I was paranoid for no reason at all and went to get tested. Everything was okay, I just let my mind get to me but anyway what did your friend catch?
  3. Am I the only one that doesn't care for

    I knew about it and I didn't even bother to look up I noticed it got a bit shadier for a moment in the afternoon but that was it
  4. My meet and greet experience

    What does she smell like? Are her lips bigger in person?
  5. Surprise drop B10 lead

    Britney's not spontaneous like that at all, she's very old school
  6. Tinashe's sample of Blur is REALLY good

    She deserves more exposure, writing/producing her own music, dancing her ass off and everyone's sleeping on her
  7. Gretchen really raised the bar on that one
  8. Queen Mariah slaying that cover TBH
  9. BH mentioned on Daily Mail

    It's the gift that keeps on giving
  10. Lana Del Rey Announces World Tour

    Her show in Santa Barbra has completely sold out I want to go because it's the closest city to where I live, I'm considering buying an overpriced resale ticket through StubHub right now https://www.axs.com/events/340952/lana-del-rey-tickets
  11. Her live cover last night was giving me "What You Need" teas, vocally they're quite similar.
  12. BH mentioned on Daily Mail

    Remembering that tip about the desert performance, that never gets old
  13. The earliest review on that costume goes back to February of this year, when did Britney start wearing this? Also a lot of their other items are themed like this, maybe she did get it from aliexpress
  14. They're used as part of a harness in bondage, you can see a lot of examples here: She's a freaky girl