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  1. Songs that give you life

    Post them here Alicia Keys you lyrical genius you
  2. Hello from Spain!

    Aww that’s a cute story, hope you have a lot of fun when you see Brit. and welcome
  3. This one I like when she talks about something that’s difficult to overcome
  4. Britney could be the new Britney...

    Britney can be as lazy as she wants to now, she’s earned it
  5. I get annoyed about Britney Jean.

    The album has no redeeming quality at all
  6. Selena Gomez Hit The Recording Studio Last Night

    I doubt it’s album material, most likely it’s another standalone single so people don’t forget about her Smart girl
  7. Cassette Tapes

    Well I opened the cassette deck and I was trying to put the cassette in upside down...I never used cassettes before but slay though
  8. For anyone who thinks it’s Britney...
  9. Her best look

    What I mean is the Kardashian’s always look glammed up and it looks natural for them. Britney’s look around this time was like that
  10. Her best look

    She’s way too modest
  11. Her best look

    Yes this is what I’m talking about, she went from looking worn out and tired from the femme fatale era and came back looking refreshed and youthful. Primeney 2.0 TBH
  12. Poppy

    Flop thread Maybe it’s because they keep moving our threads to BMN section, threads come here to die. but anyway back to Poppy, I like the sound of the album. Interesting that you mentioned the album is a paradox because it is, I don’t get why she’s still mocking the industry when it’s obvious she wants so badly to be apart of it. Her early interviews were pretty normal:
  13. Poppy

    She’s so cute and her music is fun, it’s too bad she’s sticking to this weird persona outside of YouTube though. So cringe watching her interviews, especially the one on TRL Sis delivers bops though
  14. Senior quote

    “They couldn’t believe I did it, but I was so committed” or if you’re a female: “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”
  15. Her best look

    Right before POM when she was doing promo, she looked like a blonde Kardashian Her hair/makeup was so on point