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  1. She's throwing to the trash all her reputation more and more, it's little bit painful to watch tbh, I feel bad for her
  2. You should have ran him over with your car.
  3. I agree with everything but the Justin part. Justin Timberlake being the prince of pop isn't recognized as the other three, in fact I've never heard it on any awards show or something important. I think the prince of pop has to emerge yet.
  4. Slumber party is great BUT the feat with Tinashe was stupid too
  5. Because that is a stupid thing to say
  6. I thought you were talking about mya(h) Marie
  7. She should sing this version live, just her singing live with a guitarrist
  8. I want everything
  9. Nobody cares
  10. She looked like primney in this outfit
  11. That's because the slave performance is the most iconic performance of the vma's EVER.