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  1. I just hope the bring a big production
  2. Worst interview look (video)

    Imagine 2013 face with current body
  3. 3rd date in Paris...

    Come to Spain bitch
  4. "We Do Not Deserve Her" - the f**k? Ya jellyfish ass bitches.

    Actually she needs us more than we need her tbh
  5. Look at this floating, squatting, skinny queen

    I think you have a problem with fingering yourself or getting fingered by someone else, like it’s obsessive sis lol
  6. Balletney strikes again

    She lives in a f*cking palace
  7. How come she looked like primeney here?

    She looked literally like a slightly mature primney
  8. No Wonder She Coined The Phrase "It's Britney, Bitch"

    You deserve a free met & greet for this
  9. Do something choreo just like her moves now

    She always loved the “me and my girlfriends” thing lol
  10. Daily Mail: Baby Girl for Brit and Sam

    Yeah she’s gonna tour pregnant this summer
  11. Why do you think she chose not to be a serious singer?

    Guys of course it isn’t a confidence problem, I mean remember something to talk about?? She was like “I know I always lip sync but I have voice for days bitches so shut the f**k up” lol
  12. She’s going to have a “Spanish vibe” on her new album and she dares to not come to Spain on her European tour (including never heard before villages)?!