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  1. 1 hour ago, Spearsfan said:


     She has bad anxiety so the best thing for her is interaction with other ppl but they seclude everyone. 

    Not to mention 2011 where ppl couldn't look her in the eye or face her. That is so crazy. How are they benefiting Britney by doing that?

    Also the fact they think she has such a weak mind that random ppl can't be around her. We don't know her maybe she does give into peer pressure easy but it's just all bizarre. 

    I cannot overstate how much I agree with this. Here's the thing - I have pretty bad social anxiety at times too. Like, there's moments where I'm at the grocery store standing in line and all I want to do is leave the line and go because the anxiety is getting so bad. I start thinking that everyone is staring at me, that there's something wrong with me etc. Two minutes later, when I'm done, it's all gone again.

    What I've noticed is that if I have a couple of days where I don't interact very much with friends, family and other people, for instance, when I'm preparing for a huge exam, my anxiety is ten times what it is if I'm just busy running errands all day, talking to people left and right. Not while I'm alone, but the moment I have to interact all of a sudden again. The busier you are, the more people you have to talk to, the more it goes away with time. You could argue it depends on the individual circumstances, but everyone I've talked to with social anxiety says the same thing - seclusion makes it 10x worse.

    I understand that they need to protect her and her privacy after everything that happened with people who didn't sign NDAs like Sam Lutfi or Adnan Ghalib. But unless you know her very personally (like family/boyfriends etc.), I'm sure most people feel extremely awkward around her as well, worried what they're allowed to say, do, how to react. And given that Britney seems to mirror the emotions of everyone around her, it's no wonder that she seems awkward and anxious whenever there's a highly controlled setting. She's detached to the point where she can't even have a normal conversation with someone - it's literally like "Hi.. how's it going? Oh cool, thank you, I'm great. Bye." In the public eye, every move she makes is watched and carefully controlled. There can never be a flow to a conversation, bonds strengthened or relationships built because there's not enough time or personal space to do so. I get that it's to protect her in a way; but it's no surprise at all to me how awkward she must feel whenever she's meeting someone new. If I was inside my house all day, surrounded by the same 5 people, anxiety would peak if I all of a sudden had to go to an event where 1,000 people stare at me. She's not used to it, and how could she be?!

  2. 36 minutes ago, On the Scene said:

    It was so weird how Britney always seemed oblivious (or pretended to be) to the fact that her image was sexy and that it was part of her appeal. 

    I think the journalist was onto something when he said that she never confirms or denies anything related to her image, because as long as she doesn't acknowledge it, she is more of a blank canvas that provides room for everyone's interpretation. The moment she would have defined herself as a sex symbol, the 7 year old girl wouldn't find her relatable anymore. The moment she would have defined herself as the hardworking, ever-clean good girl who doesn't have a naughty thought in her head and doesn't like guys, the teenage boys/men would have lost interest in her. The way she did it, it kept everyone's interest and eyes on her. It was a brilliant move from a business strategy POV.

    Granted, I don't think Britney knew all that at the time or was even aware of it. I think when she was younger and a bit more naive, she was probably just told by management what to say and what not to say and how to react in uncomfortable interview situations . Having said that, she was definitely aware that she wasn't as innocent as they made her out to be, nor was she the whore the media portrayed her as sometimes. She knew who she was and just played along, and she did a brilliant job at, as you said, "seeming oblivious."

    Also I think her management, in part at least, wanted to protect her from these disgusting vultures. I mean think about having a 16 year old daughter in the public eye. She'll go to a press conference to promote her music and then you have 50 year olds asking her whether she's still a virgin. They had to come up with a plan on how to walk that fine line between innocent and anything but; Innocent enough to shame these 50 year olds for their questions saying "She's 16, how dare you ask something like that?" and anything but innocent to give the boys/men something to dream about... and they did a damn good job at it.

  3. 6 minutes ago, In Britney's Zone said:

    Yes, it's completely hilarious how unintelligent she comes off. Very attractive. No wonder she can't keep her a man in her life. 

    That was not my intention to paint her as unintelligent and I don't think she is - if anything I meant to say the opposite, which I think is also the conclusion the author of the article came to. What I meant by what I wrote is that she is THE expert when it comes to not acknowledging the pink elephant in the room. She'll sit there and pretend like she has no clue what you're talking about and she does it damn well every time - whether it's the lip synching, her sexuality etc. But I think she sure as hell knows what is going on and how she comes across. Otherwise you simply can't pull this sort of thing off for years on end.

    Also what you said regarding her not keeping a man in her life is really mean.

  4. OMG this article made me laugh so fucking much :haha: You can see how damn frustrated the interviewer was with what she was saying haha. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE how at the end (s)he really didn't know and couldn't figure out whether Britney was a genius existentialist or a hopeless case.

    Imagine you're sitting in a room with Britney and the walls are bright red.

    You: Britney, why did you paint the walls red?

    Britney: I didn't paint them red. They're not red. :ehno:

    You: Yes, they're red. I mean, look at them, they're freaking bright red.

    Britney: You know, it's cool. I know people will think the wall is red but I just see it as this inspirational thing, you know. :soyeah:

    You: Huh?

    Britney: It's like they WANT the wall to be red, but it's not?! I mean I get it but I also don't get it - why does the wall HAVE to be red? It's not all that serious, you know? The wall is just there to inspire people. Like, empower them in a way when they come through the door. :mhm:

    You: That's great, but just admit it's red.

    Britney: That's your perception of it. You have a perception, I have one. Everybody has one, it's cool, you know what I'm saying? :yeaok:

    You: No, not at all.

    Britney: That's cool. :imcute:

    I can't help myself ... I just love her too damn much :oknolol:

  5. Also I remember when BJ came out and everyone was going crazy saying "OMGGGGG why doesn't she understand that midtempos are the way to go??? No one listens to EDM anymore! Look at Diamonds by Rihanna.... Look at Lana Del Rey.... Those are the type of songs she should be going for... MIDTEMPOS."

    Then there were others arguing "PLEASEEEEE just don't give us another generic Max Martin/Dr. Luke. Give us a ballad, something deep, something midtempo....."

    Then she releases Glory which is literally FULL of midtempos a and everyone's like "OMMMMMGGG she JUST doesn't get it. She needs a hit!!! Why doesn't she go with the two most generic tracks on the album, i.e. Better and DYWCO?"

    I'm sorry, but this is all shades of fucking crazy at this point.

  6. 5 hours ago, toy soldier. said:

    No babe. GP is deffo not here for Britney's ballads and midtempos.

    Make Me was a perfect lead, but it should've been followed my something more upbeat.

    "Make Me..."  in April, Better in July, Change Your Mind October and Just Luv Me/Slumber Party december

    I think if the last couple of years have taught us anything, it's that trying to figure out what the GP wants is NOT the way to go.

    The GP loved EDM in 2012. Britney tried it with Britney Jean in 2013. Did they eat it up? Not so much.

    The GP loved Iggy Izealea and Fancy in 2014. Britney tried it with Pretty Girls in 2015. Did they eat it up? Not so much.

    The GP loved Purpose and Revival in 2015. Britney tried it with Glory in 2016. Did they eat it up? Not so much.

    You see a pattern here?! A trend comes and her team jumps on the bandwagon when it's already happening, which is too late. "Better" sounds extremely alike to so many other songs that were already on the charts and popular when Glory was released. Given that even as a second single it would have been at least 2-3 months after Make Me, what makes you think it would have charted ANY better than Slumber Party or, say, Just Luv Me??

    The way I see it, the only way to go at this point is to just go with HER OWN gut and release what feels right artistically and works cohesively with the body of work she's released.

    The only thing she can do is put the best work forward that she can and hope people are gonna like it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But to release a Bonus Track because there are similar songs on the radio at the same time for a better chance at success is ridiculous. Probably none of these songs would have hit the top 3. I'm not trying to say that "Better" isn't a good song. But at least JLM would have been an accurate representation of  the album she released at the time. And then - when she DOES land that No.1 again in the future with another track (and she will) at least she can look back and be proud of the fact that she walked her own path instead of following everyone else's.


  7. Some of you really need to take a moment and think about yourselves and your own progression as human beings. People change, we all do. It doesn't matter if it's six months, a year or 10 years.

    In 'For The Record,' she said that many times, she felt like she didn't have the time to stop and think and realize what was going on. One minute she was on a flight to Paris, then she's recording, then she's on tour. Now, what happened to her in 2007 was clearly traumatic on so many levels - and her dad said, "She's best when she's busy." So Britney just picked herself back up and kept on going. Circus was released, Circus Tour, Circus Tour extension.

    Then all of a sudden, the era is over and she has time to sit still and think. In "I am BJ" she said, "The paparazzi finally left me alone after me not leaving the house for two years." Just let that sink in for a moment. So, that was at least a year clearly involving a lot of quietness, sitting at home and thinking about her life, the choices she's made, where she was and where she wants to be. I think all this was the moment where she decided to stop just going through the motions and allow her feelings to come up and actually deal with them. And obviously, it threw her for a loop - growing up and the process of maturing involves a lot of pain, self-doubting and ultimately self-actualization for all of us and given the fact that Britney is only human herself she's not an exception. Maybe she just wasn't quite there yet when Femme Fatale was released. Maybe she wanted to do something, release new music, get back out there but somehow it didn't feel quite right. And with her being as hard on herself as everyone claims, I'm sure she didn't take it lightly.

    Most importantly, all of this was 5-10 years ago. There comes a point where it's time to let it go - Britney certainly has. She's matured tremendously as a human being, gained a lot of insight, is a great mother and a very giving philanthropist. At this point in time, especially as fans, we should find that empowering and celebrate the fact that she came out on the other side and is happy again, rather than constantly speculating and complaining about something as trivial as a hair do or an outfit you disapprove of.

    There are way more important things in life, and I for one am glad, she no longer gives a f**k about any of it. She knows who she is, what she's capable of and has no need to please anyone anymore. She knows she's a good mother, daughter and sister and ultimately that's what's most important. She's filthy rich and she doesn't need to make music or release anything - but she does coz she likes it. And I'm sure, in her head, she's like "If you like it - great. If not - there's the door." And that's exactly the attitude a 30-something year old, successful woman with confidence should have. Good for her.

  8. 19 minutes ago, Chaoscontrol said:

    On Brit's defense though, all artists do this I feel like. Whenever anyone releease sa new album, they always say they feel it's their best on to date, even though public opinion speaks otherwise. 

    It would be weird if they said 'it's good, but not my best'. People would wondering why they released it if they felt that way lol

    I agree to a certain extent. Of course, she's not gonna go on record saying, "Hey! I've done better before, but I really needed to put something out coz of my contract, so here it is.. and it's nice.. I like it but I don't love it either." Having said that, when you hear her say stuff like, "It's like my baby" or "I've put everything I have into this album" you kind of expect her to give us some insight as to WHY said album is like her baby and what that everything that she's put into it actually is. What did she think about when recording Man On the Moon? What made her write Just Luv Me? The problem is - it all feels a bit contrived and inauthentic when all she ever says is "It's cool. It's very different from anything I've ever done before. It's fresh, moody, vibey, very melodic and interesting." None of these words actually MEAN anything. A song that's melodic - wow, that's groundbreaking. It all feels like she doesn't even take the time to actually think about her own body of work. Now, I'm pretty sure that's not the case but I think it would be in her best interest to really sit down when her next record is finished and figure out what makes every song on the record special, what it is about, why it's on that record and what she felt while recording/writing/listening to it. That's the stuff that's gonna make her feel like an artist again. 

  9. Why is Rebellion not listed? If you end up listing it, it'll be my No.1. Otherwise,

    1. Strangest Love [I still have absolutely no fucking clue what her team was thinking not putting this on an album and/or making it a single immediately with a video similar to her original Fantasy commercial... the production/vocals are haunting, mysterious, inviting and otherworldly all at the same time... not to mention the lyrics are just flawless]:bigtime:

    2. To Love Let Go [Extremely personal and raw - love her vocals]

    3. Untitled Lullaby (Baby Boy) [That conversation is probably taken verbatim from one she's had with K-Fed... also, the song shows both strength and vulnerability at the same time]

    4. State Of Grace [love this song when I'm driving especially]

    5. Hooked On (Sugarfall) [lyrics are hot and Pharrell's beat is perfection]