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  1. I always love her award show speeches, AT LEAST she's not complimenting herself for 30 minutes straight about all the hardships she's had to overcome, like so many other popstars today... her's are always short and sweet I like it :) 

    *A 2 minute introduction about how she's the most iconic human being on the planet. Everybody claps, she gets up :clap:  goes up on stage smiling....*

    "Wow, this is amazing! Hi! ....:blol:...................  Thank you to GLAAD and all my amazing fans out there for this amazing award, it really means a lot to me. First, I'd like to thank God, just for blessing me like this. My beautiful family,  Jayden Preston, Mommy loves you boys. My boyfriend Sam, my best gay friend Cade, who's like a dear girlfriend to me. And last but definitely not least to all of my gay boys. Throughout my career, I've learned that it's important to be who you are and not let the haters bring you down. Keep your head held high and always be proud!"

     :messbye:*runs off stage like she's got a bus to catch in 2 minutes*

  2. 2 hours ago, sibode said:

    She's never really done anything deep... maybe Everytime... Trip to your heart... 
    But as I see this "deep song" thing, I think Piece of Me is the deepest... like the most personal one and a song of denunciation of the music industry...

    I think her deepest released songs are probably Everytime, Someday (I Will Understand), Piece of Me and Why Should I Be Sad?

    Alsooo TBH I think Circus, the album, isn't given enough credit when it comes to lyrical content... Pretty much the entire first half of the album basically described what she was going through. Womanizer, Circus, Out From Under, Shattered Glass, If You Seek Amy, Unusual You... all those songs showcased some level of personality and depth if you knew her background. I also loved that her uptempos on Circus had just as much meaning as the slow tracks. 

    I think we have to put 'deep' in context tbh. Britney isn't the kind of artist who talks about overarching life concepts like Marina and the Diamonds does. Britney's depth comes more from her own personal experiences than a grand realization about life or relationships.  

  3. 3 hours ago, thelondonluxe said:

    I got Meet and Greet for Blackpool too. I also bought the standard Golden Circle Tickets.


    Does anybody know what the capacity is in the Golden Circle? I didn't bother getting VIP Golden Circle tickets because I don't know what time the meet and greet will finish.

    Haha nice.... see you in line ;) This is gonna be my first time meeting fellow Exhalers haha. I have no idea regarding the capacity of the golden circle, sorry. 

  4. 2 hours ago, DownAndUp said:

    I’ve got Golden Circle for Blackpool,

    and im also going to Manchester 

    I did everything I could to get meet and greets for both but just didn’t happen 

    Awe that sucks I'm sorry! But yeah, I know. ... it really was a crapshoot... there are plenty of people on here who tried for M&Gs and I feel like it was just down to luck at the end of the day coz everyone tried to get those M&Gs right away. 

  5. 3 hours ago, JustLoveBritney said:

    Scarborough is definitely least well known lol.

    Yes, but  Scarborough was one of the original dates. And as I said, the first time around, I focused on London which is clearly the most popular which is why I couldn't get tickets even tho I logged on at 10 sharp. By the time I got to Scarborough, M&Gs were sold out for that one as well. Therefore, when it came to the second round of dates, I had never even heard of Blackpool hence why I chose that one rather than the others such as Paris etc. 

  6. On 2/11/2018 at 8:24 PM, NotAPassenger said:

    I’m screaming at the thought of someone flying to the UK to go to Blackpool of all places. Queen of tourism. 

    To be honest, I've learned from my mistakes. Last round, I tried to get a M&G for London, and they were sold out in seconds. This time around, I was like I'm gonna choose the place that's the least well known coz I'll have the highest chance of scoring a M&G that way. Secondly, it was the only UK date from the second round that was on the weekend, which was the only option for me. Also, I looked into the festival and it actually looks REALLY fun. Not to mention, the stage by the beach with the ocean and the pier in the back is something I really look forward to! :) It wasn't an obvious choice, but for now, I'm happy I chose it - because chances are I wouldn't just go on a random trip to Blackpool otherwise... 

  7. On 2/11/2018 at 6:26 AM, SlayOut said:

    You better share your iconic pic!! :hibebe:

    Will do of course! :)

    On 2/11/2018 at 6:30 AM, Chaoscontrol said:

    Yay!! Congrats! Very happy for you! :yasqueen:

    Thank you :bigkiss:

    On 2/11/2018 at 1:07 PM, If U Seek Me said:

    Well... maybe you should look into that. 2qk6mgi.gif

    The last thing you want is to miss your Britney concert because of a failed transport connection. 712owo.jpg

    All settled bb! :) I did that right after I got the tickets ;) fairly simple connection tbh! 

    On 2/11/2018 at 3:24 PM, David Rose said:

    wtf lol why are your M&g prices sooooo much cheaper than in the US :anxiety:

    You know... I've wondered about that myself ... I think it really just has to do with the fact that management knows that Europeans just don't shell out that kind of money for a M&G. Of course this is subjective and depends on the individual, but overall I feel like adults here don't have the same fascination for celebrities that Americans do. None of my friends here would shell out $1,000 to meet their favorite celebrity, let alone $2,500 ... in the US, I know plenty who went to meet Brit, JLo, Demi, Katy etc. so I guess it's a cultural thing and management is aware of it. 

    On 2/11/2018 at 6:48 PM, Mr_Steven_Spears said:

    I really want a m&g but I can’t even afford an actual ticket till pay day :yasqueen:

    Im really getting myself down about it all lol because I just want to see her:yasqueen:

    Awe... I feel for you bb! Maybe the M&G isn't in the cards this time, but I'm sure regular tickets will still be available when pay day comes along! For your M&G, I guess there's always the next Vegas residency ;) 

    On 2/11/2018 at 7:18 PM, JustLoveBritney said:

    I'm seeing Britney in Manchester on August 18th but the M&G has sold out... Still grateful ofc! But I really want to meet the queen. Anyways... congrats to you, and others who are getting the chance to meet her! Share your experiences in depth, your iconic photos & I can't wait to read what you have to say about the experience overall. :sendinglove:

    Thank you! :bigkiss: Yeah, I'll definitely report in detail, especially because the whole backstage tour should be different from Vegas, given that it's a different location and all. 

    On 2/11/2018 at 7:39 PM, Catalin said:


    The general manager for Blackpool Tower said "Britney Spears is gonna be on stage entertaining 20 thousand people"

    I looked into it and I'm actually really excited. The stage is literally right by the beach. You have the stage, behind you can see the beach, the ocean and a pier. Not to mention that there's an entire festival going on with rides etc. I'm really looking forward to checking it out! :) And yeah, 20,000 sounds crazy amazing haaha.


  8. 1 hour ago, kdub87 said:

    How much was it?

    475 pounds which I guess is something like $600 :)


    1 hour ago, Wouszz said:

    see you in line babe! :groovin:

    Are you meeting her as well there? :)


    33 minutes ago, balmainxcx said:

    If you live in Manchester get the train to Preston and then change to the blackpool train, it’s about £16 :imok:

    Nice, thanks for the info! Yeah, I figured the best way was to fly into Manchester but now I got confirmation so thanks for that :) 

    11 minutes ago, abbiesbanned. said:

    so happy for you!!

    thank you .. FINALLY I was so sad when the Vegas M&G sold out a month in advance and now I get to do it for like a 1/3 of the price  :unreal:

  9. Look.. If you ask me, the fact that Glory didn't get the recognition and success it deserved in no way has to do with the 2 singles they chose. Instead, IMO, it comes down to two factors:

    1) Lack of the right kind of promotion: At the end of the day, she could release the best single/second single ever. If no one knows about it, it's still gonna flop. Both MM and SP are great songs and solid single choices. But the truth is, while she did promote, none of it was catered to Glory or her singles. She did random interviews talking about anything BUT Glory, did (an amazing) performance at the BBMAs, yet really only performing her old stuff rather than new material. She then returns to the VMAs with a decent performance of MM, performs one minute of it and goes into G-Eazy's 1-year old track. Don't get me wrong, again, I liked the performance - but they could seriously have made it EPIC with not much effort.  Lastly, she performed a mini-Vegas set throughout all these Jingle Balls etc., yet again, no one heard or knew about it coz it wasn't televised. She NEEDS to do interviews people actually are going to watch rather than these random 2 minute hello-howareyous. She NEEDS to do one or two epic award show performances. Go on Ellen etc. and talk about YOUR MUSIC, not about random trivia and family life.

    2) 2 singles: I get they're rationale... The label is like, "Well..... Single 2 didn't perform well.. There's no point in releasing a single 3." But I wonder whether they actually take a moment and wonder WHY it didn't perform well. Not because the music isn't great. It didn't perform well coz no one even knew it existed. If they ever want her to do well again, she needs EXPOSURE. And she would have at least gotten more exposure with 2 more singles. 2 more singles = 2 more videos = potential extra performances = more exposure. It's really not rocket science. This whole 2 singles thing doesn't work anymore. I'm glad they only did 2 with BJ because there was no material worthy of single 3 or 4 but Glory had ample worthy tracks.

    I like your Slumber Party feat. Rihanna idea. Having said that, I'm tired of these collabs. She needs to stand on her own two feet, walk into that performance with a face that says "Bitch.. I'ma kill it and you're gonna love it." For the first 10 years of her career, she barely did any collabs and if she did, they were the songs that did worst, i.e. MATM ... and we're talking Madonna here, not Tinashe or Miley Cyrus. She needs to stop working with other artists and instead figure out who she is as an artist herself, end of story.

    My ideal single choices would have been: 1) Make Me 2) Slumber Party 3) Just Luv Me 4) Change Your Mind 


  10. 1 minute ago, Pickle Rick said:

    I tried with cuffe Taylor, livenation and Ticketmaster and nothing :kyliecry:

    Same... I tried with all 3 for the Ultimate Package. NADA. What kind of fuckery is this tbh?!

    First, LiveNation crashes completely ... the moment it works "currently no tickets available" .... 3 minutes later "no tickets match your search" 

    I'm over this tbh... trying one more time tomorrow and that's it. 

  11. 11 minutes ago, armokid77 said:

    dude this sh!t is literally a scam the same thing happened to me for like the first 3 minutes then once i finally got thru all the seats SUCKED and were only for single seating. i’m gonna contact someone & try & get a refund cuz this is unacceptable. 


    I emailed them and asked for a refund. 

  12. 1 minute ago, rockNroLL227 said:

    this is so frustrating. something is up. i don't think it sold out so quickly!

    apparently the atlantic city one is working, but that's because it's not through ticketmaster, it's through the borgata website. i was going to try it but i want to save my code for the NY shows if it ever works....

    it's not like you have to "save your code" ... I've literally typed my code in for 10 different shows at this point.