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  1. Why do people not like HIAM MV?

    I don't hate the video at all. When I think of HIAM, I immediately think of the video... unlike for certain other songs that have a video. Having said that, what I don't like about it is the story it tells and the message it sends. Don't get me wrong- the visuals and cinematography etc. are great; but the meaning behind the visuals are what makes me feel uneasy. Of course, one could argue things are always up for interpretation but tbh, HIAM is about as obvious as a music video could get. It tells her story of rising to fame and the subsequent downfall. The scene in her white wedding gown makes me very uncomfortable tbh. There are multiple people underneath her dress and she's hooked on these tubes. As the people witout faces move around underneath her, she starts to rise up; literally but also figuratively (as in rising to fame.) It makes the point that there are all these people behind the scenes (hence no faces) that are responsible for the success, feed her (through tubes) what to do, say and how to act. Through all this, she rises up in the air and becomes successful... Through all this, she's portrayed as this motionless doll, incapable of moving herself.. like a puppet. Then the downfall happens i.e. the scene with the paint. She sprays it all over, ruining the dress of purity and innocence, falling to the ground, reaching a breaking point.. It's as if Akerlund wanted to say, "Look at how she sh!t on everything (hence the dirty dress) and had a "f**k everything attitude" and look where it got her (hitting rock bottom.) Then it goes on to show her inner mental struggle with herself in the breakdown where she fights herself.. only to ultimately be back on stage with a BLACK rather than a WHITE dress (like before) dancing along to the music. Kinda like a "I've seen the dark side and I embrace it (black).. I can't go back to being the innocent girl (white dress). It ends with a question mark. "What was it all for? Is it worth it? What does any of this even mean?" I honestly think Britney herself doesn't like that video at all. It probably was NEVER communicated to her before shooting what the video actually meant to symbolize. I 100% believe that she would have NEVER said yes to this had she known. She probably figured it out when she watched the video though and well, neither the song is anywhere to be found in her Vegas show (despite being one of her No.1s) and she has NEVER discussed this video anywhere.
  2. I'm pissed

    You know.. I thought about it.. but I already saw the show in person, and I had the best time ever with all my friends there... and it was the second night of Brunetteney, back in Feb 2014 and she legit killed it... so, I'm like - it can't get much better than that and spending $1,000 on a flight, hotel room, kinda shitty seats coz most of it is sold out I feel like isn't worth it without the M&G And yeah, I agree.. she most likely won't do anything in 2018 show/tour-wise.. If she doesn't announce a European leg of POM at her last show or something that'll be it until something new comes along in 2019
  3. I'm pissed

    I'm not saying there hasn't been time lol. I've actually been to Vegas before to see her show (both for Circus & POM) but back in early 2014, I couldn't afford the POM M&G ... I was moving, had to put down a $10k deposit etc. so that came first obviously... And then I moved to Europe which made it a lot harder to do for me with a new job etc... I'm not annoyed at Brit or anything, it's not like it's her fault or her team's fault.. it's mine, just annoyed at the situation
  4. I'm pissed

    I know! TBH I was glad there were no M&G tickets left for the NYE show, coz that would have hurt twice as much with them being available at basically double the price If I remember correctly, Femme Fatale was $1,000 ... then they raised the POM ones to $2,500 and then back down to $1,500 ... so hopefully that's where they'll stay for the next show.
  5. I'm pissed

    Haha yeah that was my reaction! I was like "You promised it to me now, theres no way out of it ! If there's a M&G next time, I get to do it!!!" But with my luck her new show will be at Ceasar's with M&Gs starting at $3,500 lol
  6. I'm pissed

    Thanks guys... Uggghhhhh this is annoying AF!!! I was like, "You are SERIOUSLY the best mom ever!" ... I kinda hope she doesn't extend at this point coz I can't just fly there again in 2 months if she does... I'm flying to LA after christmas to see all my friends but she wanted to surprise me with tickets to vegas but didn't book them ahead of time to make sure it would align with my schedule.. Hopefully she'll do a new show late next year or something so those who haven't gotten a chance to meet her can soon!
  7. I'm pissed

    So, I talked to my mom today and she was like I got a surprise for you... and I'm like what.. .and she says "For your Christmas present, you can go and do the Meet and Greet with Britney." I freak out of course, go online check for tickets - sold out I'm sad I wanted to meet her so bad before POM ends
  8. How scared where you in 2007/2008

    I wasn't scared, I was just sad for her. To see the world take pleasure in tearing her apart when she was clearly going through the toughest phase of her life to me was beyond cruel and disgusting. There were WTF moments but I always knew she was a strong person and would not only survive this whole sh!t show but grow and mature from it. To be honest, to this day, I feel like what she did was understandable, given the very different life she was living. She was young, had all the money in the world, yet what she longed for most, she couldn't obtain or at the very least keep. Pair that with being a prisoner in your own home and being mobbed wherever you go and eventually, anyone would lose their mind at some point. The truth of the matter is: Shaving her head was her prerogative. Running around town, partying etc. was too, and ultimately an understandable distraction so many of us use to make us forget at times. The umbrella thing to be honest only reinforced my belief in her; that she's strong and she's not gonna fall victim to all the vultures in her life. It was (granted the wrong) way of saying, "f**k all of you and leave me alone." In any case, I never doubted her. If anything, the whole thing just made me realize how sick, disgustingly voyeuristic and merciless media culture and the world can be. But she got through it and that's what matters.
  9. Next album major smash or artist driven?

    About the "deep" album so many of you crave from her - I'd just like to know what kind of "deep" you are referring to?! If by deep you mean her talking about her life and what's going on in it - I don't know how much you would actually end up liking it. Think about it - she's HAPPY and I'm happy for her that she is. But we all know the best creative stuff usually comes from heartbreak etc. which Britney has even said herself. She doesn't have any new bad experiences that she would have to digest - she has a hot, young boyfriend, her kids are doing great, she is in the best shape of her life, the media is more or less on her side these days.... there's no real issues to talk about.. (excluding 07 etc. which she certainly won't sing about/discuss and rightfully so... it's water under the bridge by now) In the past, she's sung about her kids (My Baby), her relationship with God (Hold On Tight, Brightest Morning Star) etc. But do we really need a full album of that?? And, if not that, then what? Is she supposed to talk about the profundity of her relationship with a 23-year old fitness trainer and model in LA? I certainly don't see that being particularly groundbreaking. If by deep you mean deep from a philosophical perspective - that would be a more interesting case, but again, I don't know how well that would sit with people. She's never really been that type of artist. She's continuously been a breath of fresh air with her music, singing about fun, going out, having a great time with your friends, love, sex, dancing etc., when everyone else kept pandering to the social issues going on on any given day - race, homosexuality, female equality etc. just to name a few. That is the LAST path I want her to take. A lot of you say that she's 36 and no one buys the sexy image anymore. I'd argue quite the opposite. She hasn't done that right in a LONG TIME. I think a lot of you seriously overestimate the GP's level of depth and over-emphasize her career-mishaps aka Pretty Girls etc. If anything, Glory (which I LOVED btw) was different, edgy, moody, melodic, vibey etc. - everything we wanted yet it failed to create hype and impact regardless. Truth is - People want to hear some club bangers from her, some pop masterpieces and the like. I don't see anything wrong with that. Let her talk about what she's comfortable talking about and doing what she does best. But for god's sake, do it RIGHT. Create earworm after earworm, something you can dance to, something you can work out to and party to. Create a promo schedule, film a raunchy vid with some sort of gimmick that will get people talking etc. And then release an album and put some "deep" songs on there, where she sings about how she views life and fame differently now than 10 years ago. Release more than 2 songs and videos, have her perform HER OWN NEW MATERIAL SOLO at an award show rather than some misplaced concerts that aren't even televised, DON'T make any single a feature particularly not with a 20-something year old artist like Gomez, Bieber, Lovato, Grande etc, and for the love of God - If she doesn't write the songs herself, brief her on the content of the lyrics and have her talk about her MUSIC in interviews rather than birhday parties, unicorns and rainbows. Example: Instead of saying "My gay bestie loves MOTM..." say "I was inspired by x and y," "I love this song because it reminds me of...", "This is how the song came about", "This is what the recording process was like", "This happened in my life to inspire this song" or "I have a connection to it because this/that etc." The bottom line is - you can't fake authenticity. You can't turn her into something she's not, i.e. have her be deep simply for the sake of depth, and expect people to buy that. She is first and foremost a POP artist and that's what will feel authentic if she does it right.