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  1. I don't think there's anything (semi-realistic) that she could do for me to turn on her. I think over the last couple of years, I've started seeing her more as a regular person rather than an artist/icon etc. I love her music, listen to it daily and check out news about her (albeit not daily) but I'm by far not as obsessed anymore as I used to be - maybe that comes with me getting older and a little bit more mature as well. At the end of the day - yes, she's an artist. But I don't see the point in melting down over something as silly as wardrobe, makeup, lips, a bad performance etc. If that happens, I'll maybe think to myself "girl get it together." But I understand that she's a person who wants to live her life, do as she pleases (which btw she has every right to). She has made over $200m and she'd be stupid to devote her life to travelling the globe, stressing herself out about one no.1 after the next. In fact, I'd probably do the same thing - Cash in where I can and enjoy my $200m going on trips with my family and friends and somewhat keep my legacy alive while I can....
  2. Look, there's plenty evidence out there that the entire show has a playback running through. It's a tape. She may or may not sing along to it, it really doesn't matter. If she does, her mic feed is off and why should people give her credit for her actually singing when no one can hear it. The more realistic option is that it's simply another "I always sing live." And she certainly pleaded her case convincingly lol. I don't care either way, whether she's live or playback - but I'm not stupid and I certainly ain't buyin what she's saying about her busting her ass singing live and dancing at the same time. But nicely played Brit, good for you - marketing wise she said exactly what she supposed to say.