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  1. I cannot overstate how much I agree with this. Here's the thing - I have pretty bad social anxiety at times too. Like, there's moments where I'm at the grocery store standing in line and all I want to do is leave the line and go because the anxiety is getting so bad. I start thinking that everyone is staring at me, that there's something wrong with me etc. Two minutes later, when I'm done, it's all gone again. What I've noticed is that if I have a couple of days where I don't interact very much with friends, family and other people, for instance, when I'm preparing for a huge exam, my anxiety is ten times what it is if I'm just busy running errands all day, talking to people left and right. Not while I'm alone, but the moment I have to interact all of a sudden again. The busier you are, the more people you have to talk to, the more it goes away with time. You could argue it depends on the individual circumstances, but everyone I've talked to with social anxiety says the same thing - seclusion makes it 10x worse. I understand that they need to protect her and her privacy after everything that happened with people who didn't sign NDAs like Sam Lutfi or Adnan Ghalib. But unless you know her very personally (like family/boyfriends etc.), I'm sure most people feel extremely awkward around her as well, worried what they're allowed to say, do, how to react. And given that Britney seems to mirror the emotions of everyone around her, it's no wonder that she seems awkward and anxious whenever there's a highly controlled setting. She's detached to the point where she can't even have a normal conversation with someone - it's literally like "Hi.. how's it going? Oh cool, thank you, I'm great. Bye." In the public eye, every move she makes is watched and carefully controlled. There can never be a flow to a conversation, bonds strengthened or relationships built because there's not enough time or personal space to do so. I get that it's to protect her in a way; but it's no surprise at all to me how awkward she must feel whenever she's meeting someone new. If I was inside my house all day, surrounded by the same 5 people, anxiety would peak if I all of a sudden had to go to an event where 1,000 people stare at me. She's not used to it, and how could she be?!