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  1. I keep having this issue too...and when I download it downloads different ones and then I just drag into the original folder and replace what currently is there. I am currently at 66 files...almost there!
  2. I was just happy to have most the stems so I didn't say anything. haha! Thanks so much for this!
  3. But you just stated that you would get in trouble for leaking...yet in this statement you said you would have shared if one person was nice. Not sure what to believe Plus, I'm sure most people here are just tired of being played and what not. If you got them and want to share, then please do. But if you aren't, then don't even bring it up.
  4. It looks like a mockup or something a designer would put together to showcase for their portfolio. I don't believe it honestly
  5. Why not just share with everyone instead of throwing it in people faces?
  6. I'm crying. I design Sears signage