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  1. Did Make Me mv ruin Glory era?

    What kills me is she looks SOOOOOOO damn good in this video and this era. I loved the style they were going for with her outfits and costumes and it was all kind of wasted because the world didn't get to see it like they would have eras 1-7, only the fans did. Which I guess good for us, but this gif even though the video was ridiculous look at that body and that outfit. Fiyah!
  2. The top with the shorts and hat is everything!!!
  3. Remixes... that are better than original

    I love Slumber Party, it's become my most listened to Britney song. I love the remix ep that was released. This is my fave remix:
  4. Remixes... that are better than original

    They are two different songs to me. I listen to the remix when I'm feeling some type of way and I listen to the original when I am feeling another.