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  1. desire i feel your touch i want it super sensual, i can’t take it in the room what you desire your taste gettin’ me higher and higher top 20 on billboard hot 100, perform on vma’s 2nd week sustaining top 10 for 2 weeks music video is released 3 weeks into release / 12+ million in 24 hours idek, i’m tired lmfao
  2. Britney: Name That Song (Game)

    omg, i’m very sorry. i’m slightly busy with school so i just come online when i can! and nope, no U.
  3. Britney: Name That Song (Game)

    nope to all of you. clumsy is a good guess though
  4. What do you guys think of the 3 music video?

    she looks more beautiful than she did in Toxic imo. 27 and looked like a 20 year old, after two kids, 2 divorces and a breakdown. not a flaw in that music video.
  5. Butler says Britney lives sad existence

    that’s so fucking sad omg
  6. Britney: Name That Song (Game)

    _ _ _ _ _ _.
  7. if this is true, then it'll bring a positive outcome of somewhat. whether it's better sales, a world tour or just blackout 2.0.
  8. okay, wow she looks at least 5 years younger IMO. it’s definitely the lips and a little bit to do with the eye lift too.
  9. thanks for the positive reputation on this but why? i only praised the work.
  10. Self titled and Blackout deserve more omfg.
  11. well if you listen to bomt then oops, then yeah. i just look at her vocal transition like that, and it changed within months. unless @Alex_1991 means smth different.