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  1. Lonely could be a hit in 2018

    One of her BEST songs, I love it. My pu$$y pops and my wig hops.
  2. Rihanna's "Anti" her best or worst album?

    My order from best to worst: Loud Unapologetic Talk That Talk Anti Rated R Good Girl Gone Bad A Girl Like Me Music of The Sun
  3. Unpopular opinions

    Joanne is better than The Fame Monster Everytime > Toxic Britney (2001) is Britney's best album Adele is SO overrated.
  4. Tour Club Membership...

    So, my tickets are yet to arrive but next to my separate tour club membership as part of the subtotal, it says 27th Aug? Does that mean my exclusive Piece of Me 2018 Tour will not arrive till then or? Because that'd be extremely annoying seeing as I paid £55.00 extra and want to go to the concert in my hoodie. Also it'd be very stupid.
  5. Worst song from each album

    I'll Never Stop Loving You. You Got It All. Let Me Be. Early Mornin'. Everybody. Rock Boy. Don't Keep Me Waiting. Chillin' With You - 'Her' worst song. What You Need.
  6. Britney mentioned on Dynasty (TV Series)

    omg she's from victorious, i suppose the joke was scripted. it's not funny ofc, but i think because we're so used to this now... i 'm kinda learning to brush the jokes off. not worth getting pissed off about... - not saying anybody is getting pissed off btw.
  7. Britney - MEGARATE (Deadline: 19/03)

    I will do it ASAP!