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  1. 10 hours ago, Lilith SHIITTOOOOO said:

    loooooooool you can't even show me WHERE EXACTLY DID I BASH BRITNEY LOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Bye loser. don't quote me again unless you get the links/quotes of my exact posts :tiffcackle: How do I BASH britney when i stated that KENSHITTO photoshopped her so much she doesn't look like herself? You know what that even means??? That they DIDNT NEED to photoshop her THAT MUCH. I get that many photoshoots have some retouching to fix some 'imperfections' but its absolutely horrendous to photoshop them SO much they are completely different and fake. HOW.IS.THAT.NEGATIVE? looooooooooooool :tiffcackle:

    i can’t give an example because you’ve commented so much s--t you’re literally chatting out of your arse. shut up & stop repeating yourself. literally make urself look like a fool

  2. Just now, Lilith SHIITTOOOOO said:

    how about you stop getting so pressed over what I post and go enjoy your beloved KENSHITTO Caitlyney photoshoot? :rlynow: and show me bitch where did i bash britney? I drag KENSHITTO for their horrible work :cackling: go learn how to properly read or smth :cackling:

    i will go and enjoy my britneyxkenzo photoshoot. you’ve clearly been bashing her by putting one of the photos into every single comment of yours. you overreact to heck and it makes you look stupid. you also bash britney in every other thread you’re in. loooool

  3. 9 minutes ago, Lilith SHIITTOOOOO said:

    bitch how do u ignore us when u keep checking the posts and downvoting them? :weusay:@cheri SHIITTOOOOO bum buddy look look! billycunt ignore us boohooo! :tiffcackle:

    wow, you’re still on here a couple hours later too? wow, you haven’t stopped at it either. shows you have nothing better to do than diss britney. harsh if you ask me... :rlynow: just give it a rest now, we’re all bored of you. go do each other’s make up or smth

  4. 3 minutes ago, Lilith said:

    See, thing is I haven't complained for her looks before nor do I have an issue with her facial features, what i dislike is bad makeup (which she usually has) and LOTS of photoshop work. And the candies was an example to explain the fact that most people only "like" kenshitto bc it's expensive, had it been candies with the same designs or any other brand then ppl would hate it. Nah, I pointed out clearly what the problem is with this photoshoot, they photoshopped her so much she doesn't even look like herself. Britney doesnt look like that in real life. Even in her old photoshoots from her prime where there was again some photoshop work they didn't make her look like a different person. She was still Britney. "bitter af" lmfao nah the only bitter queens i saw are the ones complaining for my posts eventho they themselves agreed too that britney is photoshopped to death. The hypocrisy is hilarious to say the least :cackling:

    it’s evident that you’re the bitter one here honey. you needa get your ass off of this website clearly if u r not happy with any decisions britney makes. u know of her past yet you’re still SO hard on the girl, she looks great, the clothes looks great. she did f**k all wrong. leave her alone.

  5. 16 hours ago, Lilith said:

    I never judged her for aging tho :rlynow:
    How is it a reach when it's perfectly clear how MUCH they photoshopped her she doesn't even look like herself at ALL? They edited her so much she looks like Jessica Simpsoney instead, why do you think other people noticed it too hmmm?  :rlynow:
    KENSHITTO's fugly atrocious outfits just because they are "expensive" doesn't make them any better. You know well if those very same fugly kenzo outfits were under a different cheap brand, example Candies, then everyone would bash them. People only "care" because they see "kenzo whoohooo expensiveeeee brand" and they turn a blind eye to the fugly designs. And btw kenzo actually is not that popular brand. It's only popular in France. Hence why kenzo had to pay celebrities to wear their fugly sweaters for some promo and now they reached to Britney too for help with that campaign. :rlynow:
    I would ignore the fugly atrocious tropical couch outfit if they didn't photoshop her like that. Britney doesn't even look like that in real life at all :tiffcackle: How would anyone think its a compliment to say she looks like jessica simpson and NOT like her actual self? :tiffcackle: Try tell that to Britney LMAO "Hey Britney you don't look like yourself but Jessica instead! isn't it an amazing compliment?" and watch her reaction :tiffcackle: That woman in the picture doesn't look like britney at ALL. period :tiffcackle:

    sweetie, i didn’t say you judged her for aging at all. what i mean by that is now she has surgery, you’re still complaining when you were probably one to complain about her looks before. i have never once bashed candies so that’s already irrelevant to what we’re talking about. you just seem to be a negative nancy constantly, the outfit is far from atrocious. you’re just bitter af. period.

  6. 8 minutes ago, SonOfSun said:

    Flawless :ohdear::wontcry:

    This is photoshopped we all can see that, but it's a good editing. And c'mon guys she is always flawless with good make-up, good lightening, self-confidence and attitude:







    SonOfSun of a bitch ;), she actually looks insane! It’s proof that it’s down to her panda eyes imo. She looks gorgeous honestly! 

  7. 7 minutes ago, Lilith said:

    I don't care what you consider me though :ohreallylol: I praise Britney when she deserves praising. I'm not going to praise a photoshopped to death picture. KENZSHITTO not only they altered COMPLETELY her entire face but they gave her to wear that fugly ass tropical couch fabric :ohreallylol:
    DYrAR0eVMAATtyx.jpg So apparently they wanted to make her look like Jessica Simpson in a fugly tropical outfit :tiffcackle: Like.... okay the outfit may not be the best apparently but why photoshopping her SO MUCH she doesn't even LOOK like herself at all? :tiffcackle: People won't even recognize her LMFAO

    anything’s better than the shitty lingerie she wore for pom so i wouldn’t complain honey. saying she looks like jessica simpson is such a reach, could be a compliment because she’s gorgeous so i don’t know what point you’re getting at there. no matter how much work britney has got in the past, you can always tell it’s her. imo, she looks more like herself than she ever did in late 2013/2014. you were probably one of those who judged her for aging, which then resulted to her getting surgery and now she’s stopped she gets more insults. this isn’t fair, and is very mean. leave her tf alone man. btw she’s done nothing wrong, so tell me why she doesn’t deserve praising? 

  8. 4 hours ago, Lilith said:

    I'm dyingggg.So first they "tease" two pictures where she doesn't show her face and next they give us a picture where she doesn't even look like herself. God bless photoshop :ohreallylol::ohreallylol:

    you know i’ve never seen you put one nice comment about britney. why are you even on here if you’re so negative towards britney? she looks gorgeous, photoshop comes with every photoshoot a celebrity does. get over it. i wouldn’t really consider you a fan. :staysalty:

  9. So, my tickets are yet to arrive but next to my separate tour club membership as part of the subtotal, it says 27th Aug? Does that mean my exclusive Piece of Me 2018 Tour will not arrive till then or? Because that'd be extremely annoying seeing as I paid £55.00 extra and want to go to the concert in my hoodie. Also it'd be very stupid.