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    I Stan Britney fucking Spears.

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  1. I love clumsy

    i really enjoy clumsy and private show. they’re both so hated, i just don’t understand the slander at all tbqh.
  2. Britney's Outta This World Appreciation!

    imo, probably the 2nd best track on blackout. i tend to prefer the more hidden gems... like ooh ooh baby is my favourite on blackout.
  3. SonOfSun of a bitch , she actually looks insane! It’s proof that it’s down to her panda eyes imo. She looks gorgeous honestly!
  4. anything’s better than the shitty lingerie she wore for pom so i wouldn’t complain honey. saying she looks like jessica simpson is such a reach, could be a compliment because she’s gorgeous so i don’t know what point you’re getting at there. no matter how much work britney has got in the past, you can always tell it’s her. imo, she looks more like herself than she ever did in late 2013/2014. you were probably one of those who judged her for aging, which then resulted to her getting surgery and now she’s stopped she gets more insults. this isn’t fair, and is very mean. leave her tf alone man. btw she’s done nothing wrong, so tell me why she doesn’t deserve praising?
  5. you know i’ve never seen you put one nice comment about britney. why are you even on here if you’re so negative towards britney? she looks gorgeous, photoshop comes with every photoshoot a celebrity does. get over it. i wouldn’t really consider you a fan.
  6. Make Me already sold 2 million copies WW

    I wish this was Glory