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  1. Is it? or it's the other way around? I guess people who'll read this thead will be the judge.
  2. Poor you. I wish less people will see this thread because
  3. because she keep gushing about how xtina is her hero and not the fact that she's a stan of britney.
  4. http://www.lipstickalley.com/showthread.php/1085364-Tinashe-explains-why-her-biggest-influences-in-Pop-music-are-Britney-amp-Janet-Jackson
  5. In my country, they know britney more than shakira. I do know those 4 songs they mentioned. but way back when i was younger, i didn't know who sang it. I came to know when I was introduced to the internet
  6. Oh, not at all. I think everyone here knows Britney is a bigger influence to her than xtina
  7. Really? That's not what people are saying in the comments when she sang signed sealed delivered
  8. Your delusion is showing. It's quite evident
  9. the point is, you said miley is "talentless" when she can sing circles around your fave. Yeah, she's not on mimi's level (of course) but she can actually belt which is decent enough to take.
  10. oh ok i see the point. she have massive hits since 2002. good for her
  11. Miley Cyrus? talentless? she has more vocal talent than your fave could ever wish.
  12. define mega star because i believe a "mega star" is not just defined by thier hits
  13. No, no, nothing's sadder than what your doing right now