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  1. RUMOR: B10 Coming Out 2018 With A Big Bang?!

    Yea...She did but I kinda think that anything after BJ would've been praised..idk Anyways I don't know how to feel because her label was in control of FF and BJ...one gave very bad performances and just made her unhappy...the other served bad music and just 50% of the fans left.. They even changed Circus' direction too if I remember right But lets hope everything goes well...they gave her a mil for a video after all (and she&her team fucked it up) ..maybe they want the compensation or something Lets hope that was the reason and not Britney being lazy! an insider some doubt him tho
  2. RUMOR: B10 Coming Out 2018 With A Big Bang?!

    Guess who also posted about this
  3. VOTE HERE U have to scroll down tho ( You may have to open it with a different browser Because they have a problem with their site) http://celebmix.com/celebmix-awards-2017-round-one-open/