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    ls1daf reacted to Lilly1234 for a status update, Oh if you just want a sum up here look at this: http://blackbutterflytattoo.tumblr.co   
    Oh if you just want a sum up here look at this:http://blackbutterflytattoo.tumblr.com/post/138040424702/according-to-the-larries
    Hi I'm a fan of one direction since the vary begin and u would like to say that the article you wrote about the Fandom thinking Louis baby is fake is not true only the larries think the baby is fake and they belive Louis and Harry are in a relationship and have been mean manipulative and I'm not sure if you know but to them this is a serious thing and I know your just using them for hit but please stop these group of fans have made a cult out of a cute ship and these "fans" you have been talking to mist of them are oarents spreading hate on a innocent girl and her baby and spread false info on child birth here is some evidence click on links please :
    Oh and FYI these "fans" your about to manipulate and then drop them once your Don believe that build-a-bears are sending message about their Louis and Harry relationship here: http://blackbutterflytattoo.tumblr.com/post/138089734517/bearing-the-truth
    P.s. they have been rude to this Fandom and won't own up and will pull the victim card they aren't here for the band only for Louis and Harry and if you say something bad about Louis and Harry they will send you hate but if you say something bad about Liam they won't bat an eyelash http://blackbutterflytattoo.tumblr.com/post/138221724157/whats-gaslighting-sorry-i-dont-know
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    ls1daf reacted to primrosettes for a status update, 1. 1beachgirlxo is Briana Jungwirth's mom, not cousin. 2. You are using screen caps f   
    1. 1beachgirlxo is Briana Jungwirth's mom, not cousin.
    2. You are using screen caps from a random update account as proof louis was out clubbing the night his son was born. It's pure speculation. There are no photos of him. Don't you think it's a little weird that SO many people would see him out in WeHo and not 1 single picture would surface?
    3. Baby bumps move. Especially during the later months of pregnancy. Babies are active. They move, they kick, they can completely turn around in the womb. Also please show where her bump disappeared? In the pic from Halloween? It's a picture straight on and she is a very slim girl + she's wearing all black.
    4. Private property means absolutely nothing to paparazzi. This is LA. And the lenses they use can capture detailed pictures from 100s of feet away. 
    5. Medical professionals who wish to remain anonymous? Are you serious. Please, please take the time to google 1 week post partum and look at the variety of bodies.
    6. Those two photos are of the same person, at the same time in his life, at the same angle. Of course they are going to look similar. And no they aren't identical. But I guess they just photoshopped in some inconsistencies just to make it seem more believable. How do you explain the photo with his mother? The two photos of the baby with his great grandmother? You do realize what exactly you're implying here correct? That someone (and you know who that someone is) is lending out their child. Their newborns. You are dragging innocent children into this fever dream that that special group of 1D fans have constructed out of nothing.
    Have you ever thought maybe Louis and Briana are keeping things to themselves because there is a certain sect of their fanbase that is certifiable? Louis is well aware of how they treat and harass his family his girlfriends. They believed his last girlfriend was actually a set of triplets that were contractually obligated to date him. What does that tell you about the people you are receiving your information from? I can't believe their BS conspiracy theories have seeped into mainstream media. This isn't journalism. It's not even factually correct.
    Maybe you should ask yourself this. Why are we, random people on the internet, entitled to all of this information? Do I need to know his child's weight, height, etc. No. And neither do you.
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    ls1daf reacted to Lilly1234 for a status update, But I have to applaud you for baiting the larries and if your not please realizethat   
    But I have to applaud you for baiting the larries and if your not please realizethat this Larry shipper stuff is a cult I was in it up until Lours confirmed on gma this one blog on Tumblr http://hiddensymposiarch.tumblr.com
    Used to be a big Larry blog up until a couple of months beforethe pregnancy was announced and once she said she didn't believe all of her friends on Tumblr started to hate on her just ask yourself they started to block her and stop talking to her this other blog http://allegedlymags.tumblr.com/post/138231253625/okay-i-dont-think-there-is-a-way-for-me-to-sum got hate for saying this see look for your self http://popfan4ever.tumblr.com/post/138233409776/saltygoodness-i-cant-believe-what-im-seeing http://bethaboolou.tumblr.com/post/138233884350/legohousedea-some-of-you-have-so-much-influence
    So yeah it may seem fun now but if it's confirmed that the baby is his and you write a article about it and are happy for him prep to be sent hate and to be called names by people your age and younger
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    ls1daf reacted to Lilly1234 for a status update, So last time sorry here is prof she was pregnant http://theygotboxesandnurfguns.tumbl   
    So last time sorry here is prof she was pregnant  http://theygotboxesandnurfguns.tumblr.com/post/138152593681/brianaxjungwirth-if-briana-was-really-pregnant
    Oh and FYI larries have been know to body shame Brianna http://verily-i-say.tumblr.com/post/138145347046/so-tell-me-does-anybody-still-think-this-girl