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  1. What a shame... she was so pretty before
  2. jordeezy

    rumor This is interesting......

    Will Britney and Mariah be releasing a CHRISTMAS SONG COLLAB?????
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    Green for the win...
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    How do you not be ugly

    The day you become "not ugly" is the day you stop looking at yourself as ugly and stop judging other people around you as "ugly" or "hot" as well... it's internal. Sure, I may be ugly to you but you are only ugly to me if you think I'm ugly. Got it?
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    rumor (RUMOR) IT'S MARIAH! the feature is Mariah!!

    I have a feeling that "Private Show" and "Touch My Body" are going to have a lovechild in the form of a Britriah collab!!! I AM HERE FOR THE SHITS!!!!
  6. Good.... delete it, fat. We want the Mariah collab instead!
  7. Yes, truly her contract could say ANYTHING but I was stating the typical way it works, it's up to each of us if we choose to "sell ourselves out" so to speak and all signs point to Kesha def selling out.
  8. She is channeling her new alterego Cardi Bey, I see
  9. jordeezy

    exhale I can't ...

    but then she couldn't do the hairography that she does nowadays! Honestly, 60% of the choreo os head slinging
  10. Honestly, Mark Anthony means there will be some vocals so we WILL BE GETTING VOCALNEY!!!!
  11. jordeezy

    exhale I can't ...

    Maybe she's allergic to synthetic weave!! THE MESSY BUN MAKES SENSE NOW!!!!
  12. Radio play, physical sales, paid streaming, licensing for television and ads (Kesha recently had a Pepsi ad with one of her new track... pretty much ANYTHING that is paid that is playing that MASTER COPY that you have registered with BMI/ASCAP will bring a certain percentage in.... When licensing, I am sure there are other forms of payment as well but its all in the contract
  13. jordeezy

    music One of Britney's most under-rated Singles!

    Brinny slaying those 2003 vocals in 2015!
  14. So the way the royalty checks work is you register a song with BMI/ASCAP, you tell them what percentage each writer/publisher gets.... if Kesha is listed as a writer then she will automatically get her piece EITHER WAY so she HAS TO HAVE RECEIVED ROYALTIES ON ANY SONG SHE IS CONSIDERED A WRITER BECAUSE YOU SIGN UP WITH YOUR SSN# - so with this in mind, I am guessing there is a publishing portion they have a contract for that she would get a percentage of.... The whole argument of "no royalties" doesn't make sense unless they are referring to an additional percentage she would get of the publishing part UNLESS she isn't listed as a writer....
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    music Alien Lyrics Video

    First of all, the vocal mastering SUCKS! You should not be able to hear the pitch correction and the vabrato smoothing that is done on the track - this is my biggest PET PEEVE about this track
  16. I just want her to MASTER a genre instead of flopping all over the place... I think empowering RnB style songs with elements of other genres is where her strength lies... she can add rock elements, dance elements or country elements here and there but she truly shines in RnB styled songs.
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    music New Britney Demo!

    OMG I was just about to type the same damn thing lol
  18. I always knew it was post-partum depression that brought it all to a head as well.. my cousin's wife suffered from intense PPD and it was amazing how it changed her and I saw a lot of that in Britney.
  19. jordeezy

    other Do you believe Kesha was raped by Dr. Luke?

    No, it's HOEllywood But, no, it isn't acceptable and we should really stop supporting people that do these practices... of course we NEED PROOF but if we demand the change it can be made... it especially worries me when it comes to children. We millenials need to end all of this FVCKSHIT