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  1. She was dancing a little fadedly at the music awards...
  2. his is oviously not live... all of that pitch correct lol
  3. What really brought this back up in my mind after all of these years was this whole NXIVM scandal that has come to light regarding a Hollywood/New York based cult that posted as a self-help group but underneath it all was a ritualistic or occult group that was enslaving young women... and it just seems that Madonna always approached the young, successful women with Kabbalah so the parallels are there in that aspect. It is still so strange how the "religious" text is not so readily available for public.. I am assuming you have to pay for it. Either way, the NXIVM situation is very troubling and it seems that people in multiple countries are involved... it was being funded by the owners of Seagrams alcohol company. **allegedly, according to court documents**
  4. I am sure some of us have heard of the Hollywood/New York sex cult that is being exposed right now regarding the actress from Smallsville.... could Kabballah have been similar and Madonna is the person to initiate people into Kabbalah? We know she introduced Britney, Lindsay, Ariana, one of the Mowry sisters, and at 1 time there was talk of her supposedly helping Melanie C from the Spice Girls with her solo career but then that was deaded all of a sudden (she didn't join Kabbalah).. Check out this particular case that has come to light now and then think about all of the signs of Madonna converting young, ambitions girls who look up to herIV