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  1. Finally a good pop song in 2017!!!!
  2. I wish we could simply replace the single instead of get rid but I hate Slumber Party
  3. Hmmm.... her music there era is just really underwhelming and it really makes me sad.... this new genre does nothing for her characterless voice... I mean, there are certain voices that could rock the experimental pop stuff but Taylor just doesn't have enough character in her voice
  4. I'm surprised that FTBOMBH didn't make the AC chart... such an underrated American single... plus Born To Make You Happy would have if it was released here in USA
  5. I guess that's why I still hear that song on random AC stations... like in shopping malls and such.
  6. AC Chart History for Britney: http://www.billboard.com/music/britney-spears/chart-history/adult-contemporary Sometimes Peaked at 11 Not A Girl at 29
  7. I'm pretty sure she was on the AC charts with her first few albums but since the ITZ era I'm not sure....
  8. AC is very underrated on this forum and songs that make that chart have real longevity. Britney could make that chart by releasing more singer/songwriter-ish songs ala Not A Girl, Someday, Everytime
  9. The slow tempo songs on P!nk's new album are good.... the Eminem collab is awful.. lol but there are some decent songs (song 3 and 4)