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  1. Amazing Buzzfeed article

    well...at least they took a break from painting with their period blood to praise her ig
  2. Radio ban?

    i thought the ban was bc she was too sexual thats why i thought the ban was stupid and didn't make sense but it still sounds stupid with these other reasons
  3. ehhh....vice is always very questionable i appreciate the praise for TTWE bc it is one of her best songs but i dont think it should have been considered edm, let alone one of the greatest of all time (its like calling tik tik boom a hip hop song) work bitch could have been considered tho since it has electrohouse elements
  4. when my other fave artists release something new or start a new era, i kinda gravitate towards them (only of course if i love the music)
  5. why not make an 80's inspired song? I loved Heaven on Earth and I need another i'd die for something like this maybe not lead single but definitely has to appear somewhere on b10
  6. if outta this world made it as a japanese bonus track, i really dont see why State of Grace couldn't have made it either, both sound kinda similar in production
  7. Britney Confessions

    when do somethin' was released, i thought it was the best song ever...i was like 7 so dont come for me
  8. Awesum! Piece Of Me hits 100 million views

    wonder if any of the proceeds would go to the chicken they used in the intro
  9. I'm still so pissed that i missed the jingle ball when it was here in LA
  10. New IG post: Pinkney Twirls

    i paused at the right second to get her to look almost exactly like she does in this photo
  11. Secret project not about POM?

    didn't they already film the entirety of POM? i remember seeing a video she posted on fb or ig of different clips of POM that looked professionally shot from different angles
  12. Help !

    you're not missing much, just the camera pointed at britney while she's walking around her car, carrying her dog and the cop trying to get the camera guys to stay in the sidewalk but heres the descripton October 5, 2007 - Britney Spears got a flat tire late on a Friday night in Bel Air, and a helpful paparazzo doesn't think twice about getting his hands dirty, changing the pop star's tire! Britney seems confused about what goes in to changing a flat, asking several police officers if everything looks ok.
  13. cheetos factory should be renamed to britney food
  14. Is this Get Back CD single real?

    i feel like Get Back sounds more like Perfect Lover than Gimme More tho