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  1. Britney Thanksgiving thread.

    im thankful for ATWK, OTYN, and Before the Goodbye
  2. i mean if she'll re-record them in different styles than what they already are like the cabaret style of BOMT for OHT then that'll be cool but probably won't happen
  3. Timeline for Britney

    we'll be lucky if she even performs at more festivals while she's not taking a break we can't expect her to do anything on a break
  4. What Do You Want For B10’s lead single

    i want her to bring back electro-pop for B10's lead single with some powerful/strong vocals of course
  5. i always bump this in my car letting people know that i know a place, but its still a secret
  6. Most flawless she's ever looked in a music video?

    can't believe you guys are leaving out toxic look at her!! second place i would give to and third i know its a commercial but it was a video with music in it
  7. So... Charlie Ebersol is married now

    I'm still fucking dying that this happened
  8. So... Charlie Ebersol is married now

    awww, he was really cute
  9. Britney should get a song like HAVANA

    about a year ago, she did a song called Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) it has latin influences, and some spanish, its really cool and interesting but IA, its one of the songs on the radio that i dont hate or find annoying
  10. Making A New Britney Game Called...

    i like britney royale, sounds very ITZney for some reason
  11. best of POM

    awww i love her hair in this but what are her dancers wearing here?
  12. Making A New Britney Game Called...

    oh, so like the +/- games but with pics, right?