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  1. USA's Hockey team goal has a Britney Spears nickname

    She's getting promo and half of it isn't even on purpose
  2. Senior quote

    All of my Instagram captions revolve around these lyrics
  3. top most random rumors

    Male spine
  4. Much needed appreciation thread for....

    I LOVE light years we need more trance pop
  5. Songs where you like Britney s singing styLe

    And then We Kiss will always win for singing style for lyrics for music I just can't deal with how good it is
  6. Much needed appreciation thread for....

    the line that always gets me "Palest green I've never seen, the color of your eyes " i was walking around campus one day and i saw a gorgeous guy with beautiful green eyes and i instantly thought of that line of the song but anyways, its such a fun song to dance to, its not too fast or two slow and sounds even better in a club
  7. Work Bitch in a Pink Limousine - TRISHA PAYTAS

    i mean he has two kids and is divorced...and doesn't everyone dream of being with the "hot" guy or girl?
  8. Kensworthy talks Blackout!

    does he make his boyfriend scream gimme more when they get naked, does he have a plan?
  9. Will they ever make a Britney pop figure?

    the only singer/artist I've seen is Gerard Way from MCR, didn't know this was a thing for actual celebrities and not cartoons/characters
  10. Britney's Insta "Made Fun of" on a Podcast

    i mean, its nothing worse than what y'all say here
  11. This GIF (Vegas opening ceremony)

    you mean
  12. she was so excited for her music tho
  13. Britney's most underrated song from each era?

    BOMT: Deep in my Heart OIDIA: Where Are You Now Britney: I Run Away ITZ: Dont Hang Up Blackout: i dont think anyone of the songs are underrated, i see praise for all of them Circus: Trouble FF: BFB (like i dont get the hate for the song, can someone explain it to me?) BJ: Til Its Gone Glory: Coupure Electrique