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  1. nice song. definitely can see britney singing this bit maybe with different instrument.
  2. Ideas for B10

    I want Danja and Max Martin.
  3. Kids React To Madonna

    ofc they know britney
  4. "She's 35!!!!! She's not 19 anymore!!!"

    she's not into it anymore. there. I said it.
  5. Billboard shades DaVinciney

    lexie was painting the flowers and britney was like "could you play somewhere, i wanna make this viral"
  6. What is Britney's best performance...

    BOM and TOMH from BBMA 2016 is flawless
  7. Promo for Picassoney on Ellen’s Instagram

    what software she used to do this? I really want to make one
  8. Fitney effect on Mariah

    mariah's boobs look bigger than britney's head wtf
  9. Does Britney bleach her hair 3 times a month?

    definitely a bottom. primeney was a versatile who only wanted to bottom after a bottomless mimosas
  10. Tbh i want an angry britney album

    didn't she say that glory would be an I-hate-men album?
  11. New outtake from... Peggy Sirotta?

    I thought Peggy Sirotta was a new name y'all gave to Pretty Gorilla
  12. wow she looks like monica again. hope the same thing will happen to her