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  1. New Britney meme

    this reminds me of Erica
  2. OMG! Did u all realised...

    I never know
  3. OMG! Did u all realised...

    the one she grabbed the crotch is the hottest imo
  4. Britney doesn't follow Sam Asghari on Insta??

    maybe she thought their relationship will last as long as slumber party on the chart but it turns out they have been together for over a year and now it's too weird to follow your bf.
  5. so the fun stuff she did gone wrong or is this the result she expected?? I also notice her teeth changed as well. I think she doesn't wear veneer anymore.
  6. New Britney meme

    well, she likes to put her hands in the back so much
  7. I like this one. the boots make her legs look so freakin long omg
  8. I can't believe how powerful Britney is.

    omg show me the hoodie. once I read somewhere someone got laid because of Fantasy. queen has been helping us get laid
  9. page 1: actual comments page 2-6: fighting I'm just gonna go back to sleep
  10. I love clumsy

    clumsy is meant to be played with speakers/earphones with great bass.