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  1. Britney is a loner (my realisation)

    you older than me
  2. Britney is a loner (my realisation)

    How old are you ? It's probably hard for younger people to understand that
  3. Britney is a loner (my realisation)

    I see my best friend once a year, but I know she will always be there for me I don't know for my other friends that I see every week
  4. Britney is a loner (my realisation)

    Well you usually make friends between the age of 16 and 25. That's a huge period of socialization But for Britney, she was on top of the world, the biggest star on the planet, with no time to do that kind of stuff. All she could do was to keep her 3 best friends from childhood.
  5. How have I been sleeping on this track?!

    Don't hang up is underrated, it's a pop masterpiece
  6. Y'a aucun truc purement Français si on va dans ton sens, tout a une origine étrangère plus ou moins lointaine Halloween c'est comme la danse country ou les fast food, c'est une américanisation de la société, lié à la mondialisation et non à l'appropriation culturelle - ceci dit Halloween est à l'origine une fête celtique européenne -
  7. Non mais dans ce cas rien n'est Français. Pratiquemment toutes nos traditions ont une origine étrangère, nos fêtes, nos plats traditionnels, notre langue etc. Tu vas me dire que la St Valentin et Halloween c'est encore de l'appropriation ? Personne a jamais dit que les air max faisaient parti de la culture française A la rigueur ça fait partie de la culture mondiale, mais ça reste une marque américaine
  8. Was Britney a lesbian at one point?

    This And women are naturally close to each other, that doesn't mean they f**k
  9. But then again, what does that mean, "French" ? The boundaries changed over the centuries, so I may not have been French 300 years ago That's the same for every country
  10. It's also globalization... Basically everything that has been popular in France for at least 30 years, is now considered as a part of our culture And sometimes, when it's been long enough, we don't know the original source anymore.. Like croissant, everyone thinks it's French but apparently it was created in Austria
  11. Interesting. We claim tons of things like pizza and pastas while it's Italian Sometimes, not including immigrants culture in our culture, is seen as being selfish and not open to them So yeah, our mentality is the opposite of French canadians and Americans
  12. It's like two different people..

    She said her 20's were the worst period of her life... I kinda understand why she doesn't talk about it.. even more if she is tired of being a popstar
  13. I don't think it's even possible to just stay in your own culture. Living in france, my culture has been influenced by invasions, immigration etc...now, who am I to say what french culture is ? I don't know, every person living in the country has their own definition. Manga are almost part of our culture now, as well as American culture
  14. Them too ? I honestly can't It's not a subject we discuss in Europe, but I've been talking about it a few times on internet, and everytime people give very different definitions of cultural appropriation, even the poc
  15. And Eminem ? He is white, doing a music genre created by blacks. Does that count ? And Amy Winehouse ? Her music was jazz, soul, r&b, and hugely influenced by black jazz singers
  16. That doesn't make sense. None of them is borrowing something -except the moonwalk-, they take influence. I paint, and sometimes I take influence from black artists, african art, asian art, even aboriginal art.
  17. Every artist is kinda a mashup of different older artists. Lady Gaga is a mix between Madonna and Britney, Britney is a mix between Madonna and Janet. Justin was inspired by Janet and MJ, and MJ himself was inspired by black jazz singers. The moonwalk was created by a black artist, and I don't think MJ ever talked about him.
  18. I mean, it's basic in pop / youth culture nowadays.