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  1. BTS has been amazing since the start. 7 talented boys for sure. 



  2. Aww :( Javier, you may NOT remember me but i remember that you were showing me that you were creating Britney-Galaxy, i was one of the first visitors, i still remember it :kidcries: you're one of Kevin's (Visualdreams) friend's, i never knew those fuckers stole your site, i thought you sold it or something because it was weird to see that your name wasn't in the disclaimer , i hope they get what they deserve. 

    1. overprotectedd


      Aw thank you so much. i really don't remember you though :( 

  3. Keep your lies under your sheets.

  4. Like a bullet your love me hit me to the core
    I was flying 'til you knocked me to the floor
    And it's so foolish how you keep me wanting more
    I'm screaming murderer, how could you murder us
    I call it murder, no love allowed.