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  1. I just don't even know what is happening anymore.
  2. Selena can dance though, she's not the best but she can.
  3. State of Grace + Touch of my hand.
  4. The way she just sits there and lipsyncs those songs while sitting.
  5. Because even if Beyonce uses pre-recorded vocals, people know she CAN sing and she does sing live sometimes: is not like Britney case (that lipsyncs ALL THE TIME and doesn't even sing her ballads live):
  6. I'm still on Season 1.
  7. Blackout 2.0 with a mix of ITZ and Glory Kpop level choreographies Fresh video concepts (i'm tired of 'Hey i am Britney and i look sexy' we know she is sexy, but i feel like she needs to offer more) No More POM Live singing An acoustic session on Youtube Dark themed concept
  8. He was a part of 'The Jonas Brothers' old Disney band.
  9. No, is an american band, by Joe Jonas.
  10. Stop there so you're saying it was okay for her or whatever took the decision to sell an album which is not even her singing?!
  11. Make them whistle like a missile, bomb bomb. Everytime i show up, blow up uh! :brit:

    1. 1999ney


      Stan Blackpink!

  12. Exactly, i'm tired of delusion ffs!