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  1. I will repeat it AGAIN, pop music isn't meant to be always deep, of course there's still deep songs but is NOT what pop music is about. But just because the songs aren't ''deep'' doesn't mean they are exactly bad, there's a lot of good produced songs with good vocals in pop music without ''deep'' lyrics, you gotta appreciate that.
  2. Probably. But for a person with a 20 year old career that people say is 'over' is a good amount.
  3. Her boobs always distract me and i'm a straight woman!
  4. I love her eyes too! The shape, the size and the dark color of it! Gorgeous!
  5. She fucked up with Hello Kitty, i highly doubt she will be sucessful again, but hey i hope i'm wrong!
  6. Are they dumb? POP music isn't meant to be always deep.