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  1. La Brinny real papáaaaaa!
  2. Maybe that's the original and the POM Brinny is a clone
  3. Ha team should hire that woman's makeup artist and get those nice weaves
  4. But this is Exhell for you, people will find the dumbest reason to cause drama.
  5. The choreo is not exactly 'hard', but is very hard to look sexy, flawless and effortless like Britney did in the video, i look like a dying whale dancing to it.
  6. This! She focus too much in haters it's ridiculous! it's cringy too.
  7. Same, the song sounds like something from 2009 and not in a good way, so much potential wasted.
  8. Not ''excited'' but curious, i like some of her old songs and her voice is actually great.