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  1. Queen of living in the past.
  2. Because we are fans? because we are 'the consumers' of what she puts out there?
  3. No, i'm not saying that she needs to sing live while dancing (and if she wants too she probably would need vocal lessons and hours of practice) it's not impossible but very very hard and yes, she's not a vocalist of course, but it's been LONG years since she sang something.
  4. Because those people you posted there served a way better show than what Britney is serving with POM. So it's not valid, Britney it's not even serving good choreo, so you will automatically expect her to at the least sing live.
  5. And the airing the fart movement with the soccer mom choreo
  6. (if this is real...) Honestly? this is disrespectful for us, she's been lipsyncing her WHOLE life, it's not news that she's still using playback, but to come and have the nerve to say 'i am busting my ass out there and singing at the same time' it's just stupid, has she ever got to see her POM videos? her choreographies are mediocre, her backup dancers very often overshadow her, a lot of times she doesn't even bother to lipsync and when she does LOTS of times is not even in sync (just like her dance). I do appreciate the improvement of the energy and i support her, but POM looks bad and cheap, i don't see the effort, especially when you're ruining your own outfits, when you're using CD vocals from like 20 years ago and even with the fact you lipsynced to ballads (Perfume) while sitting, it seems like you or your team is definitely not caring about what you're selling out there. And yes, there's lots of 'fans' that are delusional as hell and are like sheeps but we aren't all like that, and don't expect us to eat this sh!t. Just because we are fans doesn't mean we are gonna sit, clap like sheeps and say 'YASSSS SLAYY', nah, i'm here to tell how you can improve and the reality of the show.
  7. Ironically, Lara Croft reminds me of Britney, because of her iconic status and because she's fierce! (i also love Lara though)
  8. A veces por encajar, por complacer, por 'vergüenza' de que digan algo, por hacer lo que según 'X' personas es correcto dejamos atrás lo que realmente queremos ser, lo que de verdad deseamos, y eso? son nuestros sueños, nuestra esencia, nuestra verdadera manera de ser, y gracias a eso, nos convertimos en un fruto sin color, sin vida, porque nos convertimos en los títeres de los demás, rellenados de deseos ajenos con un final preestablecido. 

    Padres, hermanos, amigos, conocidos, desconocidos; dejen que las personas SUEÑEN, que tomen sus propias decisiones sobre su futuro y su presente, no corten las alas de un soñador, no les prohíban el deseo de cumplir sus metas, no juzguen, no pongan la presión de cumplir un estándar sólo para complacerlos, no les digan que 'está mal' sólo porque no les gusta, NO TRATEN DE VIVIR SUS SUEÑOS A TRAVÉS DE ELLOS no censuren la belleza de la libertad humana. 

    Vos! si vos! el que quiere ser bailarín clásico: no sos menos hombre, ni sos un 'puto' (y en todo caso que seas homosexual; que tiene que ver tu orientación sexual?) ni sos menos 'capaz'.

    La que quiere estudiar mecánica: no sos una 'sucia', no sos 'poco femenina' ni mucho menos dejás de serlo.

    Todos somos humanos, y todos somos diferentes, claro que hay gente con gustos similares, pero siento que nunca vamos a pensar 100% igual que el otro, y eso es lo que hace que todo sea más interesante. 

    Aprovechen todas las caídas, las lesiones, los errores, porque eso los llevará a VOLAR ALTO (y muy si le pones empeño) disfruten del vuelo, disfruten la vida que es muy corta, sean ustedes mismos, sujétense fuerte! 

  9. Just like Lara Croft have her own street name! So cool!
  10. Honestly i'm already tired of all this mess.